Weird Stuff

The lights seem dimmer then they did just a minuet ago, over the strings and reverb, there is a ghost dancing to the snare. Tying the treads to our clothing pulling us into a distorted volcano. Patience is the unending force to be honest and sincere. Goodwill in the negativity will get you to the promise land and back. Trust misleads because there may be greed in the dark spaces. Guilt I carried from the old place. Congratulations you deserve nothing.

Ease into a gentle flood. Use humor to impress our kin under the bends of the guitar strings. That one note held for slow moments within, the song continues yet the note rings in to eternity. The stress of the voice requires a sweet tale of sounds and noises. In the moment I am not prepared, not paying attention.

Falling in the pace of what comes is the best advice I can give you. Recollections ponder at the park of my mental state. Waiting for the right kind of clarity to come with the right beat. Tones rippling, reflecting wall to wall, down the hall, cover the room with shades of sound. Acoustic string ring when we meet at the park.

Ripetide Was The Love

Fear lives close because it influences the brain to be me. The voices whisper and the light within sparks choices in the dark. The closest ones to us, become lost in the game. This magic requires a gullible imagination.

Fear is funny like that because it can become unstuck.

The idea of love, is it glamorized in pop culture to a fault for setting unrealistic standards for the way people should act?

Throwing my coat over a puddle of mud so she don’t get her feet wet. I mean even though my nice jacket is ruined and we come across other puddles on the trail. These moments where I lose sight of the force and become something like my father. Love like he felt.

I made you a mixtape that defines how I feel about our souls being together. Each track has a similar storyline to how we should be, so please get the script right when your part comes up. Sometimes the roles switch for cinematic spice. Be ready.

There is a great film you must see. Batman himself decides to settle down and let the love save the city by setting an example for everyone to be. Man versus man was the death of the cast. The leading lady must break away.

We should do drunk karaoke and forget the tribulations of the past for the moment. Kisses end the dispute so we should spend our times making out.


Remember The Storm 2

Shoken up by the hurricanes, admiring the damages it did to my concentration. Unexpected, yet when was a better time. Wonderings in my head getting lost upstairs.

The hurricanes in my mind, reminds me of the first time it came and conquered the will of everything.

Submit to will and be willing to daydream about seeing forever.

How far will you go to prove the strength of your soul.

Sucha Cliche

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

The truth hurts like no other; ain’t that the truth. As things progress, the shifting of the universe does cause pain or suffering. For instance my Dad who died when I was 12. It is a very sad moment for me, true. Now in my mid-twenties, that sadness has had to evolve. I couldn’t be sad about it forever. I couldn’t be dwelling for too long. The grieving process is different for everyone I bet, although what I’m talking about is the fact that I “myself” was very much still alive. Wither I choose to honor my father through living my life to the fullest or using his words and life as a guide to get me through mine. Besides even after you lose someone close the chance of injury is still a great possibility. Life is a wonderful harsh time to enjoy.

I get things twisted at times by the world in general although I can’t forget about by own imprint on the planet. The thoughts are sometimes light years away and they interrupt the importance of the moment being created now.

The efforts of our own actions matter and to be able to build something that represents who you are. Channeling a greatness to inspire the surrounding canvas, to influence the spirit of good for the earth to replenish. Live like home sweet home is around the corner and in my present state, this moment greatness can occur by my own actions.

It comes with the sun and leaves with the moon. Forever and one way, within the soil of the soul. The pains of man are just souvenirs of the time. Facing anguish and learning from the attempt.  Using the content to build brighter days and having to focus on what’s important within.

Each day on earth is a gift. Celebrate the inner light and be happy. You are not dead.


You’re Good At Being Bad

There on the beach where the people are enjoying the day, walks a man in a red hat. The man in the red hat is selling mangos. Up and down the shore he sells his mangos to all enjoying the sun and water.

He is far from where I am standing, I patently wait for the mango dude to come this way. There are certain ways to get this mango served. It could be chopped up and given to you in a cup. Maybe you want it spicy, add some chili to the fruit. Then there’s the stick option, you just skewer the thing and you pretty much have a mango popsicle. Nothing wrong with just having the mango peeled and squeezing the meat for a secure hold. It can get messy so the cup or stick option would be best with all this sand around.

The currents suddenly changes and now the water is coming to my feet. Orange sunlight coming from the air or was it the wind that brought the warm chills.

The seas calm with the slow beat of the ending day. At least the waves in my soul have settled down enough to feel safe with the body of water nearly drowning us.

I never did get my mango.

The Cold Case Of The Toy Gun

Fall has been, summer was here, and winter will come over later. Joy springs with the time and I am just adjusting season by season. Searching for reason but the weather keeps me breathing. In these separate timeframes I’m influenced differently. Summer rocks but it can’t rock the whole year. The certain aspects of the winter or the summer give you those calendars of possibilities. Warm or cool, just stay living.

My four year old Niece is a bundle of surprises, the things that she says or comes up with is timeless. After a long day at work she is waiting for the adults to come home. This particular evening she has a pondering attitude and is asking a string of questions I can’t quite understand.

My Brother was sharing his childhood memories with E Girl that weekend. There was this time when we were kids sitting in the back seat of our car. There was this toy gun that we kept fighting over. Both claiming sole ownership for the plastic apparatus. The argument got pretty heated and my mom had enough, she said “give me that toy.” Rolling down the window she throws the gun out as were on the road. It was gone forever but there was nothing to fight over. We just kept driving.

My Niece is asking about this moment when I get home. It slipped my mind, I forgot that I was still holding onto that toy this whole time. Elexis is retelling the story for me to get the Uncle’s conformation of the tale.

You and my Daddy were fighting and Grandma threw the toy out the window. Why?

It’s coming around full circle and it’s neat to have her bring up these old milestones from our childhood. Her approach to life is unique and something different from mine, I tell my side of the story, and try to get her to understand my name in it. Elexis sees her place in the family tree and when we show her old photos of us as kids, she just wants to know: Where am I?

We were fighting over the toy and grandma didn’t want us to fight over it anymore so she threw it out the window. Can you believe that?

No I don’t, I can’t even remember that.


Sore Winners

The lucky shot is in us all. That once of a lifetime opportunity that will present itself in the most casual outfit. What makes a champion? Sometimes I feel there is nothing to truly solidify a true champion. I mean we all do what we do to deserve a fair chance at greatness.

Over the years growing up I started to see what I needed to work on in order to be better. And also notice my potential in certain aspects that maybe I didn’t feel were even a possibility. Me being me but with a hint of everyone else because regardless of the differences I still know there is a deeper connection that binds us. It just needs to be found. It needs to harnessed and replanted for years to come. Greatness.

I was played in YMCA basketball leagues in my younger years. The games were on the weekend and it was where I learned a lot of the fundamentals of the game. I guess it’s where I learned that winning wasn’t everything. Even though we worked towards winning, but when victory came around there was this shared sense of accomplishment. The teammates and the coach could hold that “W” up for the day.

There was this one summer season when the team I was playing on wasn’t doing too well. We hadn’t won any games and a lot of the players had other commitments. This one particular Saturday morning my Grandma took me to our game. That day a few players did not show, so the bench was nearly empty. Yet we still had a competitive game with the opponents. A nail bitter.

They had a two point lead. Nearly the end of the game.

You know with the few no shows that day, it really opened up the playing time for me. I wasn’t sharing that much playing time so I played most of the game. I was the me I never knew I could be.

Back and forth up and down the court. Rebounding their misses. It came down to twenty seconds already counting and us bringing it in. They pass the ball to me and I start to dribble up the sidelines, then I cut up the center of the court. And as the seconds are coming. I knew this was going to be the last shot of the game.

Although I did not know it would go in. This was our first victory that season. When the shot went in, it was like a basketball miracle. It was the Sportscenter top ten moment of my life. After that game when we gathered with our team, someone’s parents would bring us juice or some kind of snack, everyone at the gym was praising me and telling me that it was a “good shot.”

It was just one game when that happened and yet it still can play on the court. I look back at where my life is at and in that moment I’m running out of time and I need to not win but just try to give it my all. When I’m the kid that takes a half-court shot with seconds lefts on the clock and makes it; being able to grasp who I was in that game and now looking back it just gives me a championship feeling.

We did not win the Championship that year. It was the efforts of our playing that made us more than winners though. We all got the skill, it just needs to be channeled within. Greatness is a one on one game but basketball is a team sport. The composure of the player almost decides the draw of that particular match.

Who’s keeping score any way?

100 Word Stories: Flippin The Bird To Expectations

Is this the life I want to be living?

When I am gone from the world. Was this the place where my nest truly kept my little ones and myself safe?

I want better but it’s myself not knowing all that will come. How far can we see into what is yet to come? Will my youth be saved by the child counting on me to be old?

This is where I will be the bird I always wanted to be. Surviving like how I want my young to survive once they reach that level of maturity.

Grow into you.



Remember The Storm

I slept through the hurricane. They always told me I was a deep sleeper but I didn’t think tired old me could sleep through a storm of that caliber. This was the storm of the century, the hurricane that took our individual worlds and combined them into one big mess of home.

I was always a math nerd. The weatherman was pretty much giving you a probable prediction. A well proven suggestion was what I was getting. I had a long day so I was just in the mood to rest.

Stuck in a parallel universe.

The sailor out at sea

On the outskirts of reality

Searching for the vison

I envision memories

Honoring humanity

Mother-Father mentoring

Me in their own way

This was the

Storm of the Cause