If you could create a sequel to one of your favorite movies, what flick would it be?

I was always into the movie Rounders with Matt Damon in it, (Mike) is a poker player that has gambling woes but also these other commitments to consider when it comes to him just living life. A close childhood friend that really was always a bad seed to be near. Bringing trouble to his life by putting him in these dangerous situations. So caught up in resolving his friend’s debt that Mike puts aside the girl and the career.

I pick Rounders because the movie ends to with him leaving to Vegas. Mike on cloud nine from the victorious win is pursing a poker dream to play the best. I would want to see this sequel because it seemed that Mike was still going to be facing challenges on the road to come. Either developing a deeper connection to the game of poker, facing defeat or realizing that the game was nothing what he really wanted.

The love interest too for the sequel could also be more of what interferes with who he is as a person. I think in Rounders, Mike is so loyal to his childhood friend that he puts his own wellbeing at stake. That loyalty and care for someone was a strong way to pull Mike into gambling. Although in a sequel where he already has the thrive to play poker I feel there should be another individual not so much telling him to play, but someone who is stroking is ego. Of course allowing him to process his priorities and maybe that could mean him losing a game but not losing the girl “love interest.”

I wanted there to be a part two because it was like he had this restored confidence. Nearly beaten to death days prior, he was headed to his next adventure. I guess with all this confidence there is still new challenges and growth for Mike to deal with. He is not complete but very much battered at the end and I think there was still more to that tale of him playing cards in Vegas healthy.

The ending of one story is the intro to another.


Whistling While I Save Mayberry

I am supposed to be doing these writing prompts/challenges through www.wordpress.com and I tried a couple out. But not really. This is my first attempt to try to reply to the dialogue about this side-kick/partner in crime idea. And I started to think about duos that I enjoyed watching solve cases and crimes. The main example was that Batman did not do it all by himself, Robin was right by his side complementing or balancing out the team for the greater good.

Of course everyone wants to be Batman…

I think one of the coolest duos of all time was Andy Griffith and Barney Fife. I thought they we’re awesome together. I mean Andy Griffith was very cool and manly. He had that intellect about handling things in the town, and maybe it was his fatherly protection mojo but he just held it down as Sheriff. Now Barney was goofy, he had no mojo. Although he was smart or dumb enough to keep Andy moving. The duo made it through every episode and it was Barney that brought silliness to the show.

One of the prompt questions was asking about what you offered as a side-kick? I thought about my friendships as duos where I’m the side-kick. And I am crime fighting first type of guy. I think if I were applying to be someone’s side-kick, the only word on my resume would be Accommodating. I mean if there is someone wanting to be the main act and they need some support. I’m the comedic relief guy. Tell you a good story while we’re stuck in traffic. After a long day of fighting crime, I’ll buy the first round of beers. Lighten up the mood while we deal with trouble. Really talk story. Share great music always.

Talking about the Andy Griffith Show it reminds me of a time when I was just a boy and there was this parade for our pre-school. It was this “Dress-Up-Like-What-You’ll-Be-When-You-Grow-Up” day. I don’t remember if it was my choice or if it was my parents. But I was a Cop that day, I had the uniform and badge. Everything. It was fun thinking that one day you could be a Police Officer protecting the people.

It’s funny because I was just this skinny kid and my dad said that I looked like Barney Fife. Goofy Loud Deputy ready to take on the world. I may have looked like Barney but I felt like Andy.

I think about it now and it seems you need to be able to play both parts. Adjusting to what your partner in crime is giving you. Although, also finding a balance so that your still able to assist in saving the town from the bad guys.

Right Aunt Bee.

Waking Up From A Dream Within A Dream, Nah Mean

I remember a conversation I was having with a good friend of mine and he was talking about always having these dreams where in the dream he was falling. When he would be close to the end of course he would awake. I was fascinated because I have never had such a dream. But what I picture is being in a plane and you are forced to jump out with no a parachute. Free falling among the atmosphere at the speed of forever. The whole point of him explaining the dream was that no matter how hard you fall, you need to get back up. The pains and falls grow bigger yet nothing is stopping you from continuing on. The recovery time can only be so long before you need to be strong enough to deal with even a bigger crash.

What would cross your mind if you had to jump out of a plane not knowing where you’ll land?


I guess the whole way of my thinking is that reality is somewhat of a dream, meaning that I can create something to be real that I had envisioned in a dream state (the dome). Now the trick or logic to the statement is that an individual must admit the tasks and responsibilities that consequently follow a dream. The road to creating a dream is nothing like the actual dream. And that’s why I think it’s ok to know that even if you fall or wake up scared the dream continues in a symbolic sense. The long road continues because we all have that option to be great every day. The fall and challenges can only be short moments compared to the time you spend perusing what your dream truly is. And real hardships provide the most rewarding gifts.

Sometimes it is just the self not wanting the self to recognize the potential within only because the responsibilities are almost like incredible drops from a plane only to hit the ground and be flat as pancake. Splat. Storiesfrommystomach.

Human Nutrients

Z is one of the good homies. I enjoy collaborating with the dude because deep down inside there is this perfectionist being waiting to be let it out. Z in the blog, Isiah in real life. Z and I have been working on some recording projects for his solo career. Although when we first met up to record music it was for a hip-hop- group called Visual Doom that he is also an influential member in. We are in the kitchen cooking something up.

I guess being able to collaborate with other people you tend to spend more time with them too and the topic of conversations can get insanely silly but also prolific and meaningful. Recording music all day and night can get tiring. And even trying to force yourself to stay working can put a funk on a creative element in the mind. Sometimes it’s just best to call it and have a rest. Smoke break and some fresh air.

We sit outside and contrive understandings of the world under a radiant moon coming through the blanket of clouds before us.

SFMS: Hey Z if I was a Zombie and I was attacking you, would you shoot and kill me?

Z: Yeah, I would shoot you. No hesitation. Right dead center.

SFMS: Wow, just like that?

Z: Well, it wouldn’t be the “you” I know. It would be this crazed Zombie that had to be dealt with.

SFMS: I appreciate the honesty though.

Z: It’s not like I would be happy. I might say a prayer. Before or after. Depending on the situation. I mean if you’re a Zombie then I’m pretty sure there would be other Zombies I had to get rid of that were individuals I knew. Don’t go thinking I’m just trying to single you out as Zombie. They all need to be taken down.

SFMS: I don’t know if I should feel closer or distant to you right now.

Z: This is just a hypothetical Zombie apocalypse were talking about. Well, what about you? Would you kill me if I was a Zombie?

SFMS: No, I wouldn’t. I would capture you.

Z: What? You would keep me as a pet like Caliban.

SFMS: I would keep you in a cell and make it my life’s work to find a cure. Turning you human will be everything to me. I’m going to find a way dammit.

Z: I didn’t think of that. I just wanted to protect myself from these crazy Zombies. I’m trying to save a legacy and you are trying to eat me or whatever me.

SFMS: What do Zombies do actually? Do they just like flesh and meat? It’s not a Vampire thing where they drink the blood. I just saw Zombies as human creatures lost and hungry. Usually traveling in packs.

Z: That’s the thing! They just want you to be miserable like them. It’s almost like a threatening cult, creeping on you saying, “Do join us!”

SFMS: You know what to do when in the encounter of a mob of Zombies right? You just pretend to be one of them. Just mimic their stance and they’ll just think you’re like them. Really sell the role and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Z: Maybe, I’ll give it a try.

SFMS: Yes please do.








Hot Potato With Greatness

Tough stuff. You know with food being this staple for me being alive; I have these food memories and food experiences that I wanted to be documenting. These treats of mind. Multiple servings. Food I grew for thought.

There was one memory I had already shared in a post. It was one of the first post I did about my Uncle “gin-gin.” We were all at my Grandma’s and it was early in the morning. Probably the weekend. And there was of course chores to be done, and no one had started on breakfast. I was just a kid. My chores were to watch cartoons and wait for breakfast.

My Uncle and Mom were talking about what all needed to be done that morning. And my Uncle pretty much said “Let Sky do it. He needs to learn.” He was talking about peeling the potatoes. This moment always comes to me, it’s one that stays with me. It was huge of my Uncle to put me in front of responsibility, and be like “dig in.”

It wasn’t so much “if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen,” it was more like learn to adjust to the heat in the kitchen now when your young. Symbolically it was like permission from My Uncle “gin-gin” to grow up.

Fast forward to the present.

I am not in the cooking mood. After a long day away from my bed, I just want the cooking to be on the back burner. Family is a beautiful thing. I was always the older brother.  I had my brother beat by about three years and it was always that way. Things change, for the better always. My niece comes into our life. She’s four now and her existing really put a new focus on family and how that dynamic still offers lessons later in life.

No longer just the older brother and son. I was the Uncle. Oh so powerful and it redefined what sharing a meal could mean. It was my little niece, as young as she is, she taught me so much when it came to eating meals. I laugh because regardless of not feeling in the mood or not being hungry. Elexis must get feed.

She’s not quite at that age to be peeling potatoes.  Although I do know she would love to help if I asked. She’s been practicing on her plastic grill for years.

My brother was dealing with an a/c problem and he came to me and said, “Those potatoes, start peeling and cutting them“

It was strange for my younger brother to be my younger brother after Elexis was born. He was a mature young man and I recognized this growth in him right away. It takes me back to the moment when my uncle handed me that task to peel potatoes for breakfast decades ago.

Good food and I was a piece of the recipe to a peaceful dinner with good stories. My niece teaches me how to be an uncle by me allowing myself to step up and take on those responsibilities that teach her the importance of good food. How to set the table. When to know when our manners are secondary. How to tell a wonderful fib for stories’ sake. Our meals when were all enjoying the flavors and sharing the day I am a part of something spectacular occurring.

I guess being at the beginning of a long process or having difficult situations to deal with in life can leave you feeling flustered. But sometimes you just need to peel potatoes.


Weird Flavors & Crazy Tastes; Makes Me Full

Food for thought and I thought this was all edible. Meaning content, it is to a certain extent. Although I can choke on something or worst get my own foot stuck. The sacred mouth, honestly aware of what goes in and comes out. Aw the taste of chemicals and hospitality.

Unsure of what any of this means; food you though was, wasn’t what you thought. Thinking from scratch. At least know the secret ingredients. Eat it.

What are you eating on? Who are you eating with? What are you bringing to the table? Fables from my stomach. This may be too much to stomach, when deep down in my stomach there is a hunger like no other. Dishes on the other side of the table, can they taste amazing without me knowing. Mouth waters.

Are flavors overrated? What do our taste buds have a common if they experience the flavors differently. The bowl is orange and inside green. They do say what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. Storiesfrommystomach.

Kids Want The Cherry On Top; Adults Are Cherry To Be On Top

As kids we play tic-tac-toe to fill time and think of greater times. Not feeling quite able to call ourselves bosses. I was just the wild child without a cause running lawless needing to grow up, asking to show up and be in full control of the man I was supposed to be. Regardless of the task at hand I was in demand that the grass be greener. Expectations get the best of you in the end if you begin to lose sight of who you truly are. In the moment as a youth I discovered a certain truth that my presence was needed. So I treated the future of a time where I could truly understand my eternal shine. Conveying from what’s within is the hardest treasure to find. I will spend my years reliving younger years because after they are over and I am a little older with the ability to grasp a better vision of the past. I find only struggles that had compromises that could have been made. Growing is admitting faults and moving pass clauses in reality. Stronger because of it. I made sure of it. No excuses and reasons to blame anybody but me. I see things clearer but with this new understanding I am able to be grown and hold my own