Waiting For Coffee Breath

You know with the summer burning us up I have to question myself on certain hot beverages. Hot coffee or hot tea. Both drinks I do enjoy but they have their circumstances. I really don’t crave the coffee although if it is winter and I need a pick-me-up, pour me a hot cup of joe. Warm my soul. In summer my soul wants to chill under the shade. I guess this is why I brought up the topic.

It is reaching to the burning days and I still want my daily hot peppermint tea because I like the taste that much. Maybe it is a routine I’m following; hot tea in the hot summer is still a super chill thought. Coffee. I don’t feel like that for coffee. I’m trying to grasp my relationship to coffee. It comes down to the feel and mood when coffee time is around. It’s nice to enjoy coffee when it’s cold in the morning. Warm up to the day with my coffee.

My brother and I sit outside. I ask

Do you like coffee?


Some people need their coffee in the morning like they can’t function without it. It is a part of them. You think it’s because of the taste or is it the feeling that coffee gives them.

I guess it depends on the person

I’ll see it and I’m not tempted to drink it but it will still be an option. I don’t choose coffee of course but it was out there. If the setting was right I might have made a cup but I wasn’t feeling it. I don’t see why coffee is so up there with all the top choices.

Like it discovered North America

Although that coffee can come in handy. I mean if I had a rough night or it’s cold or I just need a nice shock to the brain for circulation in my body. I wouldn’t want to entirely bash the coffee name. I still drink the stuff when I can.

I don’t drink the stuff, it upsets my stomach

 I understand. You know coffee really transitioned for me. The meaning of it. The taste of it. It was what sponsored the college years. And back then I was claiming I didn’t drink it but still was drinking it. Meeting friends for coffee. Getting coffee in-between my study breaks. It was the drink fashion. I just let the taste fill up my brain and the stress would float lighter in my head.

Why all the coffee talk? Why are you asking me this?

No reason. I just was wondering why these people that require coffee to think straight enjoy it so much. Is it just the flavor they need in order to be in the correct mind set? Will I somewhere down the line become one of these coffee-fiends that need it to think? Is it capable of doing this to me?

 I don’t like coffee but I’ll usually have mine with some hazelnut creamer. Extra sugar.

You’re a coffee nut  

You mean a bean

A bean? No that doesn’t make sense. You’re a coffee nut.

Coffee is a bean

I mean your looney for coffee. Wow, for someone who doesn’t drink coffee you sure know a lot about it. You coffee bean.

That’s what I just said

We get it you go nuts for coffee.


Have An Apple Ale As I Tell You The Tale Of Everything Being Apples


A wonderful summer night is among us in these wishing for a rain in the humidity of summer days. I get a text for my good old friend Benjamin earlier in the week. Benji, Bob, Bra, broseph, brospeh jr, brotha-man, Bnji-Won-Kanobe, whatever name comes out Benjamin is one of my friends for life. He’s seen the best of me and the worst. Nice to have people in your life that will still want to have fun and appreciate the company around you like Bob does. Bro texts me that he and his girlfriend Sarah are going out for karaoke and that I was welcomed to join them later on in the week.

I rarely go out to bars for karaoke, if ever. But I knew Bob was the brave one to grab the mic and get his “Mariah Carey” on. I already knew it would be a cool night, so I sign on to karoke night with Benji and Sarah.  I have hung with the couple numerous times and every time is more delightful than the previous. Although going out to 4th ave in Downtown Tucson was different. I really never been out with Bob either. So it was like a first time feeling all the way around.

We take a cab to the bar.

Ordering drinks and one of Bob and Sarah’s friend, Chris joins us. I had never met the dude but honestly this could have been the kid I went to middle school with. I mean you share a beer with someone and tell stories to one another about how you came to be and suddenly you are connected. Very funny to meet Chris and hear his story over beers. I was very confident that Bob would get up and sing.

We grab a table to enjoy music and the thirst.

Benji comes back to the table and breaks us the bad news. There’s no Karaoke tonight. Our mouths drop for an instant, but then we forget because we are out on 4th ave and we are already having too much fun to be anything but mad. We hang out there for a bit before we visit another bar up the road. The night was already a success because everyone in our group had this carefree spirit and was already excited just to be out on the town.

The DJ spinning records, his toolbox is filled with these songs that can get you to move and feel. The music took over Bob and Sarah and I can tell you most definitely that Sarah is the apple of Benjamin’s eye. Michael Jackson need to be in their soundtrack for sure. We play drunk Jenga until the cab comes to pick us up and take us back.

A night with no karaoke and yet still we are able to make it a memorable night. How do you like them apples?

This was exactly what I needed. Hanging out with good people that just want to make it home safely. I look forward to actually seeing Bob do karaoke and when the time comes he’ll do a damn good job.

It will be apples.

Lemons R Lemons

The consistent element of the blog in the beginning was the food idiom. When I had the idea to do a blog I wanted to undress and use these idioms that incorporated food in them. Food for thought famously was what I wanted to do with the posts. Using the food idiom was like a writing exercise to inspire content to back up these phrases and their meaning. I kept it up at the beginning and it was really helpful because there are so many common food idioms that people could relate to. Over time I let the food idioms take the back burner and now I want re-taste them.

Food for blog.

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade. There are many interpretations to this lemon situation. It reminds me of this one time when we were living in Tucson with my Grandma. My Mom was still at the UofA and our Grandma feed us and told us what to do when my Mom was at work. My Grandma was making this big pot of stew. She had different kinds of vegetables and stew meat all brewing up in this big blue pot.

The first night we ask our Grandma:

Grandma, Grandma what’s for dinner?

She says: STEW!

My Grandma had made so much that it was what we ate for the whole week. It seemed like it. Being a kid we had to eat whatever our Grandma prepared. So every time during that week when we would ask about the meal or about what we could eat when we got home from school, she just gave the simple answer: STEW!

I guess variety in the meals for the week was something we always paid attention to. Maybe because our Grandma spoiled us with so many different dishes and then only being subjected to one was like an odd surprise. She was an amazing cook, still to this day. You know over a certain time a person masters a recipe. They perfect it as they critique themselves in the process. Trial and error but honestly we were the lucky ones because our Grandma had already mastered so many recipes for us to feast over.

Stew again.

How when life gives you lemons you make lemonade is very similar to the situation of having an abundance of STEW! that needs to be eaten. Complaining or worst letting it go to waste won’t do any good. The things in life I need to deal with are not always pleasing or fun, although the lemonade will probably satisfy a symbolic thirst in the end. I think the idiom is like making do with what you got and having an optimistic spirit. Something unfamiliar or not preferred can still offer a taste of something great.

How do you like them lemons? Bittersweet my treat. When life hands you lemons you learn how to juggle them gaining enough confidence to join to circus. When life hands you lemons you make lemonade and add a shot of vodka because you’ve had a long day. Stories from my stomach.

Verses Versus III

The clouds tell a story
For those who paying attention
The truth I mention
For those about
To get schooled
You gonna need
An extension
And let me begin
Class is in session
No end in sight
Live what you write
I take might
And ownership
Hit you with class
And good sportsmanship
Greatness I’m making
Love I’m taking
Working around the clock
Doing justice justice
As the world
I rock