Feed Me Something Worth My Hunger…

Do you eat to live or live to eat? That is the question of the meal shall we say…

Great question

Thank you, now please answer it.

I know whatever meal I receive, I must be greatful for the oppertunity to be fed. I eat to live, to survive. 

You do enjoy food, right? 

Oh, I enjoy food very much so. I feel that by isolating one particular food or meal, I can lose sight of the concepts of hunger. I want to eat more than only craving one single type of food prepared a certain way. You could argue I love food the most because I regard it like a relative of mine. 

First off, no one likes, loves food more than me. You can take that to the bank. I know I must eat to survive and I know life itself is rich when I take the time plan a epic meal with my best company. Maybe you just have weird relatives?

I know life is precious. You think I don’t know life is precious? Regardless of how weird anyone is, they still get hungry.

So I was right? Honestly though, them weird ones can cook. A chef is an artist and artist are weird.

The weirder the better.

Delivering The Eulogy VS. Laying In The Coffin

I can handle my own when it comes to public speaking, I took a class, got a B-. There are so many types of audiences, each speaker has their own individual voice and style. Everyone has their preferences and ears for sounds, right? I think a crowd can be “not in the mood” for a certain style or voice, it’s not so much that the speaker is terrible, it’s just that at times you may not get the reaction you want. 

I actually did a public speaking contest back in my college years, I didn’t win but it was  something that got me to jump right infront of an audience. It was a chilling experience, looking back at the time I was really into the content of the speech. I enjoyed being able to get the people to laugh, the speech made sense, it just wasn’t in the right category of the contest. The speech itself, I’ve never had a doubt that it wasn’t good, I just didn’t care to follow the rules. 

The fear of public speaking is temporary and once it’s over there is really nothing to be worried about. You can’t take things personal for so long, there will be another chance to give another speech. If you are passionate about what you are talking about then you really shouldn’t be scared of talking to a crowd of people. 

Just Playing, Didn’t Realize I Was Winning…

Is a picture more meaningful if you put a frame on it? 

I wish for a moment where we can be safe in that rectangle. Unable to leave the border, safe with four sides around us. The photo is in my head hanging next to my mantle, I originally had it placed in the library. It was distracting me from my reading, so I had it placed in the living room where I reflect best.

Daydreams reminding me of a nightmare I could be living. I’m thankful to be breathing and greatful to have anything else coming my way.

One Month Down!

If the year was a twelve-slice pizza, we would only have eleven slices left. February is on my skin and then it will be gone with the wind in no time. March madness follows me into Aires season and then May. 

After May, we have seven slices waiting to be enjoyed still. I remember being a little one and finding out that everyone else loved pizza as much as I did. It would disappear in minutes and when I would try to get my next round, the pizza would be all gone. I was competing with my older cousins and they appetites as well. We would eat pizza and watch the game. Pizza and I been through some things over the years. 

I think because this month is so short I need to be fully embracing those flavors of this one greasy slice. Day to day, bite after bite, I want to remember this one February slice of life. 

Judgement Be The Eighth Deadly Sin

The world is never figured out and each day is another opportunity to know more and approach the situations with a positive mind frame. Easier said than done because it is easier to blame others and find excuses to reasons why we are not satisfied then admit to something bothering us about life. 

    Don’t get caught up in the fuckery of others and focus on what really makes you happy in this world.  The business of others has nothing to do with our own individual journey to our own happiness. Storiesfrommystomach 1:2