Cruisin For A Brusin Riding On Memory Lane

Taking it all in…

You know I had this thought floating in my head and it was brought up in one of the posts. What will I be saying in ten years from now?

I guess in this life we live there are those strong moments, those hard to deal with kind of moments that eventually morph into important memories. I want to be still writing the blog and I just wonder what that will sound like? How will it look?


One of my favorite kind of post are the ones with my niece and myself, in the beginning of the blog I was babysitting and now at this point Elexis is my partner in crime. Sweet crimes running to town, looking for Christmas gifts. E-girl has become a strong character in the blog and in ten years I would want to ride the same size bikes and go on amazing trails together. 



Those memories are always going to be there for us. The idea of a moment is not quite a constructed process. There are times when you feel unprepared but you deal with what’s at hand. Then there are times when you know what’s coming and its different from what you expected. All in all, they become mental bookmarks for future reads. 

At the end of the day I write the blog for myself. Although I am talking to anyone willing to listen once it gets posted. These are only funky ideas I’m pulling out of my noodle. Food for thought, I would eat any food you brought. 

Who will be reading me in a decade?

Everything Starts To Spin Hakius

Flash through the lobby

I want to be just like him

Stunting like a boss.

Premonitions bloom
Taking on what is unknown
Who confirms the truth?
Equations unsolved
I did not give up; I fold
Answers go unheard.
A song bird comes in
We wrote this by the fire
Teamwork is needed.
Online shopping kills
At the touch of a button
Feeling like Young Thug.
If I lose my cool
I hope I’m near someone cool
To help me cool off.
Speed up the tempo
The guitars need distortion
Imagine that one touch.