Money & Bitches; Rap Drama…

Did someone order a large carne asada burro, because damn there is a lot of beef around now, I guess there always was, but this is nothing I’ve ever seen before. I never thought Lil Wayne would leave Cash Money, that’s a possibility brewing because Wayne has been frustrated with his business partner/father/mentor for a while now, and it’s gotten to the point where Wayne is holding his Masterpiece hostage (Tha Cater V) until Birdman pays him his cash owed. I think their were points in time when they were handling the business part, yet lately Wayne has been really serious about the departure from that relationship. He’s done with being the son.

The Game and Meek Mill are suddenly beefing, and of course the internet is everyone’s platform for opinions, people be saying that it’s only a publicity stunt. How convenient that both rappers have new projects to promote when the beef gets cooking. Apparently it has something to do with Game being questioned by the cops involving an incident with pop star Sean Kingston and his stolen jewelry. Meek was questioned as well and Games claims that Mills was being some kind of a snitch. Meek Mills has been a target all year, his beef was reportedly squashed with Drake, but the Game situation, seems just like free promotion because this happened a few months ago, the chain robbing and police getting involved. Game waited on it, they do say gangsters move in silence.

I think we even have beef within ourselves and beef towards ideals of society. The way things are, compared to how they were, depending on your time spent on earth. Frank Ocean released his new album called Blonde and it has a guest verses from Andre 3000 from Outkast. The song is called a reprise, and it was a verse that he had written some time ago, but the content is so key to what hip-hop is becoming in this moment. Rappers not writing their own rhymes and getting recognition for being  popular with little effort. Females having surgery and getting enhancements done to their body only to feel like they deserve an equal quality in a partner. Rappers having issues with other rappers because it will only be free publicity to their craft.

Will Wayne leave Cash Money? Will Meek and Game squash their beef? Will any one survive the consequences of their actions and be able to speak on it?

I am not defeated, I am only tired. Maybe more nasaus from the change of season; there are more challenges than their are successes. What does it mean to win, what does it mean to lose? 

I think maturity means your tired.

We feed our dead later on in the year, when things settle down, when the cold nights are full, we invite them to eat. 

When Monday Is A Holiday…


Incoming Call;

Hey lets go to the dance!

Come pick me up.

Your the one with the ride.

Okay, but who’s playing? Are they any good?

Come pick me me up and we can figure all that out.


Just one dance.

Your going to dance?

Just one Cumbia, I’ll dance with you.

Well where you at?

Just call me when you get closer.

You can’t tell me where you’re at?

Hey the Batcave is a unknown place.

Yeah, but your not Batman.

It’s a metaphor or a mindstate, something like that.

That doesn’t make sense.

Just text me or call if your coming!


Call ended.

Incoming Call

Hey Mom,

I forgot to get some of your fruit salad.


Was there any left?

There was a lot, I’ll bring you some tomorrow.

And you can take back that cheese, you gave us too much. We won’t finish it.

I bought a bulk block of cheese. Trying to give it away.

We don’t need that much.

Eat nachos for a week.

Just pick up the cheese when you bring the salad.

Okay, I will.

Call ended.

Growing Pains

The responsibilities of being a twenty first century gentlemen in a society so beauty driven and self-judgemental seems like a more harder task than slaying a dragon. I’d rather kill a dragon then think of a clever tweet to get my followers to be really engaged. Not giving a boring a tweet, I hope a dragon would attemp to eat me when I tweeted something lame. A ferocious fire spitting beast would come out of the mountains and chase you down for a day because you tweeted about being in love with the weekend.

We all love the weekends, get over it. Monday will still come.

Time Travel Me To Love

We drive around lost, still in good spirits, thinking about summer nights with past lovers. Old flames, losing sight, trying to remember how this all began. Love is so influential that it causes you to forget the new opportunities of the present moment. The delicate construction of time will not allow me to be frozen in one space. We evolve with the moments given, the concepts of life and love become another mystery unsolved.

Never a good time 

Already in September 

Late nights out back.