What Is In Your Future…

The purple scarf danced around her neck and shoulders as she patiently waited for someone to become curious, along the street where the neon “fortune teller” sign dangled for the people to gaze as they walked by. Most wouldn’t want to believe that a person could read a hand or palm and pull out a storyline. What would a fortune teller tell me?

Is it cheating to know the actual future?

It’s like when there is a puzzle in a magazine of some sort and they have a quiz, in the back upside down the answers are provided. That’s what seeing a fortune teller seems like, reading the answers on the back as I am trying to figure out the quiz. The information is unable to be unheard, regardless if you try to change or enhance the outcome, the experience was altered. 

Shared Vision

The things some of us can see may never be seen by others, we have to be able to imagine about what’s possible in this world and not be blinded by the sight of others. There might be just handful of individuals that may understand your vision or get the full concept of the message you hold. Recognize those around you that see the things that you are striving for and continue to thank them for believing in you.

Weekend Poem

The world was once cold 

In the darkness I find lights

Our time is precious 

Hennessy with my brother

I find a balance, bullshit.

No Locked Doors Has Consequences 

What’s more embarrassing? Walking in on someone in the bathroom using the toilet, or being walked in on while your trying to release some tension, also known as doing a number two. I guess it’s like don’t hate the player, hate the game. It happens to the best of us type of deal. Maybe our alone time is so scared (taking a shit) in this day and age requires solitude and you want to respect everyone else’s deuce dropping sessions too. But, (no pun intended) there are certain times when your privacy isn’t safe. Someone can just see you on the can letting it all out, literally.