John Fogerty Was My Homie…

I think my parents gave me a strange sense of music, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean their taste in music gave me inspiration to find other things when I could. I was really into metal and hip-hop/rap stuff, r&b jams. But growing up I remember driving around with my dad blasting Credence Clearwater Revival.

He listened to Bob Seger and Ted Nugent, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner. My Mom was into Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart, John Mellencanp, Journey. I have grown to appreciate all these artists and even rock with some. My older cousins introduced me the Snoop, and Dr. Dre, Jodeci.

Wither we wanted to hear it or not, this is what was playing. You know one of my biggest musical memories growing up was my Aunt Heidi. She had a wooden box in her house,it was a treasure chest of music. It was full of CDs, Sade, Mary J Blige, Brandy and Monica, R Kelly. It was everything I wanted, and seeing her relationship to this music, that just was an inspiration for me to fill my own box of music.

All these taste buds from my family, gave me the confidence to find new music and rediscover old.

Guitar Heros… Part 3…

(Near closing hour and finishing their discussion)

Rob: Hey hey we can talk about this all night and still be in the same place. It’s almost closing time and I want to purpose a question to end this discussion for now. 

Clayton: Wow, talk about stepping up. I’ll drink to that. 

Felix: Well what’s this question that will end all questions and bring closure to our award ceremony. 

Jess: I am going to have to go through my music collection when I get home. I won’t be able to sleep with out hearing them now. 

Rob: Alright, I know we talked about solos but this has more to do with the storytelling. I mean which guitar player was just a excellent storyteller or performer. It’s more about what they represented and how they contributed to the guitar for their band.

Jess: I’m going to step it up now, just kidding but very easily say Randy Rhoads playing for Ozzy Osborne. I mean Ozzy doesn’t shred but Rhoads definitely could and he held Ozzy down for that timeframe they jammed together. He could stand up on his own with his abilities, aw those screams. Ozzy is just awesome. 

Rob: It takes a strong guitar player to rock with Ozzy. 

You know I am going to not follow my own question. But Ozzy got me thinking about how much I enjoy an artist finding other artist to rock with. And I’ve been a Rolling Stone fan forever, all their music reminds me of growing up. I love their guitars, and songwriting. I like them way more than the Beatles. Yeah I said it, sue me but I rather get down to some Brown Sugar thank you.

Clayton: Funny you bring up the Beatles, their not my choice but I am saying Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is a top contender. And Kurt actually was inspired by the Beatles. He loved John and wanted to make music like the Beatles. Of course he made a his own sound but he was screaming his lungs out while strumming power chords. He wrote and performed, I’ve never seen Paul, or George jump into Ringo’s drum set. So Kurt just has that “X” factor, I mean he was screaming about something and doing it with a Fender that might be broken at the end of the night. How awesome is that?

Felix: I got another Fender man, of course I don’t think he would smash his, but I could be wrong. Bruce Springsteen, the boss, come on. He could tell a story like no other. And he always had a guitar strapped, I mean he has leads but the boss knows what he’s doing. His voice too, it just sounds so boss. He’s the boss…

(Closing time)

Tales From The Gut: A True Taste

The theme I’m using now is the second, the one I had before was cool, but I was having font color issues. Sometimes the font color made it hard to read with the black background. And I think that’s why I’m digging the current theme, the whiteness, the darkness comes from the front (black).

You know that first theme, it was during the time when I was using food idioms and memories related to food for posts. That was a wonderful recipe for posts and I will always keep it in my back pocket, yet the blog has other avenues for post ideas. So I think the change in theme was perfect for the blog’s transformation. It’s not just food, it’s poetry, hip-hop, sports analysis, short stories, and whatever else I want it to be. 

I always thought I was bringing something different to the blog world, I wanted to share my writing but I really didn’t ask for blog advice from anyone. It evolves all the time because I’m not setting it to be one thing. Maybe that’s what fuels it too, because I’m writing about things that interest me. I post poems on days I feel like writing poems. 

The name Storiesfrommystomach just came to me because I needed a domain name and it sounded smooth, it wasn’t taken. It worked for what I was going to be talking about, stories about my food accounts. Past or present, it still works and glad no one thought of it on WordPress before I did. Score.

You know each post is different and I guess it can depend on my mood, although I have been using writing prompts too. I think I’m so close to writer’s block that I’ll do whatever to come up with an idea. In my real life things can seem to be all over the place, day by day I take it on, but having the blog supports this artistic outlet in me.

A simplistic complicated mind working to understand life’s fruit. 

Ode To Aunty’s House In Little Tucson

The red brick shields our arms in winter. Little Tucson, where my Father lived and now rest. At the house, Aunty Racheal made cemait for dinner. My home away from home, I am not a guest. 

In the summers it was cool enough to sleep outside. The dogs protecting the house when we’re away, sometimes. We need to get back to Aunty’s, tonight she is making tacos and cinnamon tea.

I remember sitting around the table, laughing with cousins all night. The place where I learned how to ride a bike, play ball, such great times. I would sleep in the backroom, so safe by the Mesquite trees.

Come Find Me In The Future

I thought it was a scam, I had money to blow, I didn’t care. I thought it was some amusement park. I never thought this was possible, but fuck, here I am on earth centuries after the millennium.

I am in the year 2208, on the planet earth. Do they still consider this earth, eventhough half the planet is gone.  And cement debri is holding our weight as we lose touch with the Sun. It’s a more darker time, most rarely sleep and if they do its just for a few minutes. 

The people have computers installed into them once they are ready to enter the job force. As infants the have chips planted in their head. They are just cameras that can be manipulated at anytime. 

When the planet exploded, a group of Aliens helped stabilize the Earth’s orbit. We are drifting from the sun but the spacecraft the Aliens engineered keeps Earth semi intact. In return the Aliens demanded that they also help govern the humans. This only meant that they could turn us to slaves if pervoked. They dump their old robots and strange creatures on earth to deal with. It’s not what it was.

Time travel is possible but this isn’t our future, this is our demise.

I need to get back to the present and warn somebody. I need to warn everyone. How the hell do I get back. I know I’m on a time limit but how will I get back in contact with the machine. 

They told me that they would contact me in the future. I didn’t want to see earth like this, an aliens dumpster, pretty much. If I’m able to get to the present can I do anything to stop this from happening. 

This time traveling business is no joke, so because I’ve seen my future, does that now mean I’m bound to it. Can it be fixed or improved, what could have prevented this state. Is it invitable, these things I see and know. Was I better off in the dark because this is something I feel is my problem.

I just need to stay quiet and not bring any attention my way. They give the people updates every month like a check up and if they find out I’m not in the system, there might be trouble. 

To be continued…

What Do You Feel Like Eating?

Such an everyday concept, what will I eat today?

It becomes a different story when your driving to the city and your with your Mom. It was a Sunday morning and my Mom and I drove to Tucson to do some shopping and take care of a few errands. We left our house without breakfast, we needed food, so that was our first destination.

Where do you want to eat?

I could go for anything

Well, what do you feel like eating?

What do you feel like eating?

I asked you first

But I said I could go for anything.

Well, pick something 

You pick something 



I could eat anything 

I already said that

We eventually decided to eat at this Mexican place that has a buffet. Their food is the bomb and I would always eat here with my mom when I was still in college. It would be usually during the week so this might have been our first time eating there on a Sunday. I guess this is one of our mother-son places to eat.

When we arrive to restaurant the parking lot is full and we almost changed our mind because it might be too packed. It’s steady when we usually go but I’ve never had to wait for a table. We still get down, I open the door and it’s music. It was not too packed, maybe all the cars were the Marachi band members all individually showing up to the restaurant.

The Marachi band plays every Sunday and we caught the show. I was on cloud nine, great food plus these musicians are serenading our souls. This was a treat to stumble upon this band, and then I look towards my Mom and she’s crying.

Me all robotic, I was questioning my Mom about her tears. The song they were playing was De Colores I remember the song from elementary school, every first of the month our school would have an assembly and they would end it with the song De Colores. That’s what I remembered when the band started to play the song.

My Mom may have had another interpretion of the song. Music has powers and can take you to places in a instant. Tears of joy maybe, we enjoy our meal and pay the bill.

Taking Candy From A Baby Is Wrong?

You know growing up being the older sibling came with some pressure. I only have one younger brother  but he was always a handful. I mean he was a Gemini roaring growing up, never really following trends. He was always off doing his own thing, so maybe it wasn’t such a tough job being the older brother.

Thinking back of a similpler time and it was actually like my brother and I were good friends rather than siblings. Although I can also argue that in my lifetime my brother takes on the “older” brother role. I don’t pull the older brother card anymore, it’s invalid because eventhough I may not agree with him on everything, I still respect and honor his opinion because we’re so close. Brothers.

I remember this one time when me, my brother, and our friend Kurtis went to this huge arcade place. We were given the trust of going on our own to go play games while our parents went shopping. And since I was the oldest, I was the one in charge. My brother and Kurtis were told to follow my directions, responsibilities just handed out like tokens to the arcade. 

Maybe I didn’t expect it to be such a big deal. It was my little brother and our friend Kurtis, what could go wrong? 

We walk into the arcade and these guys just go crazy, their so excited and hyped, I need to be the one to tell them to calm down and don’t be climbing on that. It all worked out and we played a lot of video games, yet it was a bizzare wake up call. It was like I could feel the responsibility growing on my skin that day.

My brotherly instincts tell me that eventhough we are able to enter this magical aracde, the behavior and the decisions we make determine the overall outcome of the experience. Just play smart bro.