Pigs In The Blanket

How would things be if I were a substitute teacher? There is an opportunity to be a sub for the school district here on the Rez. I do have my concerns or worries about the position, they do make their own schedule and go where they’re needed. It seems fun and the teachers leave instructions for the class. I am a little scared to be alone with the students, but I’ll just say, “You can call me Mr. A, and I don’t play.”

This premises or scenario got me wondering about what kind of sub I’ll be? Will I be a strict sub? Will I yell to get my point across if nobody is listening? How will I know if their even paying attention? Are they playing a joke or prank on me? Do they even take me seriously? Am I boring? A lot to think about.

It’s a demanding job to be a full-time teacher always planning for upcoming lessons, but even they need a break or time off. They will need someone to cover their class. That person might be me.

In high school, I remember there was this sub in school, who had been way past his retirement stage, would just take attendance and turn on a movie. The movie was relevant to the class but the sub would be dozing off the entire class. Fun times.

Being a substitute was not exactly what I wanted  to do, and now that I’m entertaining the possibility of being a sub, I don’t want to be the boring one that just shows movies and takes naps. And it’s really such a waste of time to leave the students unchallenged.

It’s a different time for schools in this generation and sometimes kids can become bored or uninterested. The test score can be pointless to the extent that the kids are no longer engaged in what their learning. I want to be the sub that offers engaging conversations to the students. Not just be the guy in the room that’s in charge.

The food expression was one I had not heard in ages. “To egg on,” which means to encourage someone, but my aunt Heidi always said it when she was talking about when my brother and I would be constantly fighting each other. Egging each other on.

We fought like brothers do.

My Aunt Heidi would say, “don’t egg your brother on.” And that just usually meant don’t make him cry or don’t discourage him.

We didn’t meet Heidi until we were in elementary school. She watched over us while my mom was in school. She shared so much of the world with us and made things fun, definitely leaving an impressionable mark on our childhood.

She took us to meet her friends and introduced us to films for her childhood. She was the first person to ever pay us for cursing; giving us a quarter every time she let a bad word slip. She told us to use our words wisely and expected us to be respectful well-behaved boys.

But even when we did get out of hand she never really got mad at us. My Aunt Heidi is a very unpredictable individual and to have lived those moments with her, still influences who I am today.

Egg me on and I’ll egg you on more.


Chicken Was The Egg


Seems as though I’m constantly adjusting, just being home, still seeing how things work. Trying to see where I fit in. There is just so many options at the moment that I rather be lost, than actually making any life-changing decisions. I probably sound like a broken record. But I just want to do something that will make me happy.

Tall order.

And what does the even mean? Happiness, such an abstract concept to explain to my future employer. I guess the word “happy,” means something different to every individual. But what makes me happy?

There is all these other questions that need to be answered, and this might have something to do with me not feeling adjusted. Out of place.

I’m working on it.

The journey continues but where do we go from here?

Every day is a battle and everyday is a continuation of a journey to the greatest battle of your life.

I have been networking with people, and sending emails to individuals that might have a better grasp on reality. Visiting friends and family; so I’m getting out there.

I even went to Mexico with one of my mentor-instructor to attend a conference in Magdalena. I also sat on a panel at this other conference in Tucson at the Desert Museum.  So I’m not doing nothing, I do get around.


Life is like improvisation.

I mean you could have your entire day planned out hour for hour, but when it actually comes down to the real day and time and nothing goes as planned. That seems more believable than everything going as planned. Setting expectations that might make you miserable especially when time has a mind of its own.

I got my everything is up in the air attitude on and I am delivering the days performance. How do you live in the moment better?

The food expression of the post “to lay an egg,” which means to give a bad performance or show, was an expression I had never heard anyone use before. I get it though.

Honestly musician, chefs, athletics and anyone that has to perform has given a bad performance somewhere in their life. It just happens for whatever reasons we as people fall. We’re all capable of laying an egg. But it’s how we get better.

Laying an egg has consequences and can be like taking a shot of reality. It reminds you that your human and not perfect. That your mistakes and struggles serve a purpose in life. The experiences of our hardships are just as important as the experiences of successes. In both situations it’s really how an individual learns from these times and continues to want to improve.

If each day is a performance, then I must do my best on every stage. However, if I do lay an egg; it still will be golden. Go break a chicken leg.

“He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.”


Go Nutz

“Grab the broom of anger and drive off the beast of fear.”

-Zora Neale Hurston

The food saying “tough nut to crack,” is a expression said when something or someone is difficult to understand. It could be used to describe a person’s personality if they won’t cooperate or is the distant type.One tough nut to crack still holds up and aren’t we all nuts that need to be cracked.

Probably know a few people that would say I was a tough nut to crack,and I guess I agree. I am a nut.

I’m not saying I intentionally try to be difficult or distant, but it is easy to hold back in situations maybe because you are uncomfortable. New situations bring out a nervousness in me and sometimes I can come off as this tough nut to crack.

What does success bring?

As I’m entering the workforce with my head held high; this adult world requires you to have credentials. Not only credentials, I must provide reference letters of people saying my credentials are significant. They’ll probably do a background check. I must fill out a application providing all this information about myself. The same information that I provide on my résumé, the résumé they will want a copy of as well. Then there’s paperwork processing, sounds complicated but what it all boils down to is really my attitude and perception that will get me through it.

I guess sometimes you need to realize that frustration is brought out by yourself. I mean there so many reasons to be confused, mad, or frustrated, but there’s a difference between your level of frustration and how you react and what you say to display your anger.

Again there are a lot of reasons to be angry in the world but still that doesn’t mean you yourself need to be angry. I think those frustrations are apart of who you are. It is apart of your development and hopefully it can become something you can recognize as your own.

Our lives get difficult and fear can take you to and away from a certain direction. We often avoid it. But usually the things we want or desire in life are right next to it. Embrace it if there is something to learn.

Being the tough nut to crack is not always a bad thing, but there will be people that will say and think your nuts.

I must not let people’s words and opinions bust my balls. Life in a nutshell.


Hungry For Greatness Vs. Cooking Up Greatnesss

stories from my stomach

“I am Plato to Biggie’s Socrates.” – Jay-Z

 I see the time slowing down even though I am in this tornado of things occurring. I can’t help but feel the time caressing this experience I am having with my last semester here on campus. I can see all those old buildings just pumping out knowledge and I can taste hints of what has yet to come. Like I can smell something being cooked in the kitchen.

 The food idiom of the post is to be “toast.” Which means to be in serious trouble. I got a e-mail from one of my advisor saying that I was set to graduate and that I only needed to pass the classes I’m taking now. Easier said than done. No pressure, which is never the case. The pressure is what makes things interesting. It’s what makes you who you are. How do you deal…

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Apples Vs. Oranges = Fruit For Discussion

A few months ago I did this blog post that was about the comparison of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and the dispute over who was the greater player in their prime and how their influence changed the game of basketball. This on-going argument of this question of who is a better player? Kobe or Michael. This topic was actually in the media recently and I wanted to commentate on the topic because it related to the blog.

It was coach Phil Jackson, and he was on Leno promoting his new book. He definitely would have a valid and significant opinion. Phil did coach both players and won championship rings graciously. His thoughts would definitely bring some new information to the debate. Phil himself the “Zen Master,” is respected in the basketball community and is very knowledgeable about the game.

Phil did say both players were championship players, but he did describe the difference between them. Although they are very alike and had this competitive zeal he describes, but they had some differences in their approach to the game. Jordan’s competitive spirit didn’t end on the court, Michael wanted to beat you at everything. Kobe on the other hand stopped his competitive streak once he wasn’t on the court.

Phil talks about how he has always gets asked the question we are discussing and how Jordan had benefited from attending North Carolina to play college ball that Kobe missed on by going straight to the league. Jordan had a natural hand on the game and was passionate about the team system. He let the game come to him, in which Kobe would chase after the game regardless even if it wasn’t coming to him.

Phil did not give a direct answer on the question but he did provide some good points about the two individuals. Maybe Jordan is a little bit better than Kobe. Phil did work and get to personally know both players.

So the interview airs of Phil Jackson giving his analysis on this better championship players debate.

 Kobe saw the interview or he heard about it somehow, and responded on twitter.

So interesting the way technology and social media influences basketball these days. It’s awesome because there is still some kind of platform for the players and fans to somehow be a part of a dialogue. Not always a big fan of social media, but sites like twitter come in handy for times like this.

Kobe’s exact words were “The comparisons are apples to oranges.”

It was this very reason why I wanted to do this post, Kobe was making a great point and used a food idiom to explain where he was coming from.

Kobe also pointed out that their career paths were different and that Jordan’s style might have not been the same if Shaq was his teammate.

You can’t compare apples and oranges can you?

To each their own or agree to disagree.

I’m just an apple standing in front an orange asking you not to compare us anymore.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is not one certain recipe to greatness. Individually we attain greatness different. Although the comparisons will always be there, that doesn’t mean they need any attention.

And I think this can be an on-going discussion for years to come because Kobe is still playing and has an active career still undefined. He still could possibly attain more rings in the future but remember there is a king in Miami.

It is competition that drives the dialogue in all of this discussion.

Not knowing or a having a definite answer on the topic really saves humanity. Nothing wrong with friendly competition and discussions like these endless are fabric we call feel and relate to. Everyone has an opinion and we can talk all night.

Bring the apples and I’ll supply the oranges; we can compare them forever. Kobe will always need to prove his greatness.

I Have Not A Fig To Give

I don’t give a fig is an idiom I had not heard before but I am glad I did. I don’t give a fig is like saying I don’t care or I could care less with assurance and determination in the delivery.

I’m not saying to have this, “I don’t care attitude,” but it is a skill you can work on and will help you in the long run.

And it goes back to this concept of living for individuals to choose. To strive not for scucces but rather greatness. Not giving a fig is a part of the gig. I think in order to be great you must be willing to try new things and tackle with the impossible. Although there is more to being great than touching unconquered territory.  

There will always be critism. Always room for doubt. And expectations of others become something you must deal with, judgement of course is in the audience.

This is why I like the food idiom, “I don’t give a fig;” It is a mantra for negativity. Sometimes negativity from others is tolerable but when it’s coming from within, then there is a problem. Know you and what you are suppose to be doing, and the rest? Just don’t give a fig.

When there is a challenge or some hardship you will be facing it is very easy to go to a negative place. It is very easy to say negative things. It’s easy to be influenced by others and what they say but the power of your own words is triumphant.

That is why not giving a fig works.

Someone great see’s the same challenge and hardship, rather than commentating on the outcome or consequences. Someone great ignores the negative assumption of others and just gets through it. Not giving a fig.

In life i’ve learned that there are things that I can control and there thing I cannot. Although any negativity other than my own can eat my dust, I don’t give a fig. The obstacles in life are the content of a wonderful story.

Go after a dream, chase your goals, and overcome everything  in-between. Greatness is already in your vocabulary and it just needs life.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”



Graphing Desserts

For all the blog post I have been including these food idioms, and actually getting a concept for an idiom and somehow working into a post is what keeps the blog consistent.  It’s a nice element and it’s a reliable thing to look out for but I am starting to find it hard to work certain ones into what I’m thinking. Maybe I just choose the really fun and easy ones first, but there are some that I never heard of, so I went straight to ones I was familiar with, and ones I was comfortable using. I come across some wacky food idioms and I’m just like thinking to myself, “how can I work this into the blog?”

My laptop and I do this funny dance and I find a way to slip it in there somewhere. I want the blog to stay fresh and the food idiom is still there to help explain certain things about my life. I think I’m on my 34th post, somewhere in that range and I find it more challenging to the find ways to use these idioms in a post. If you can’t find an idiom, than it is probably in the title.

Easy as pie? Not really, but I just see it as a writing challenge and I am only more excited for the outcome of these future posts. And I do enjoy pie.

Pumpkin of course is the holiday pie. Whip cream that pumpkin pie because it’s a festive time of the year. I like pecan pie but that’s like a once in a great while kind of pie. Only because it is so sweet, too sweet at times, not a big cherry pie fan. I’ll eat it if it’s there; banana cream pie is pie I’ll chase after, I’ll go look for that pie. Apple is a classic kind of pie. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream goes oh so well with each other. Coconut cream pie is one I like but its one I need to be in the mood for. I’ve never tried a blueberry pie.

Although what I have not done is make a pie from scratch. It’s on the bucket list.

It’s easy to eat but not easy to make. I really don’t know where I’m going with this pie rant; maybe I’m just not pie smart.

Enough with the pie talk and let me take your mind off the sweets.

Being home, I been spending more time with Elexis and there are things that we actually have time to do that we never did before. Our village has a church and near the church there is a playground with a basketball court. In the evening before the sun goes down, I ask E girl if she want to go to the playground. Of course she says yes.

I load up her tricycle in the trunk and we drive to the church.

I brought her bike because I thought she would ride on the court while I shot the ball around. Work on my fade-away jumper. Brick.

Right next to the basketball courts there is this huge slide. It’s not a small slide, and one that would be a high fall for everyone. I just assume E girl is going to ignore the massive slide and do something else. I take a few shots. And in an instant, I see E girl starting to climb those tall stairs to the slide. This ladder that has to be ten steps up, and she’s climbing it like it’s a step stool.

She slowly goes up, taking her time, one foot after the other, no rush. When she finally gets to the top she screams, “I did it.” Sliding down is not as scary because she goes down very slowly. I was scared watching her take that risk but in the end I had to let her at least try.

We will definitely go back.

Being home in the village and making that time to visit these old places, has me really thinking about the good old times. When my uncle took me to the basketball courts. All those times we walked from Grandma’s house to the playground and later we would get water at the church. But I do have these vivid memories of my uncle Kenny, “Gin-Gin” taking me to the courts. I would play all over the playground and he would be playing twenty-one with his friends. It would get dark too, but they’d still be trying to play.

All the good times I had there and even though I was visiting the same playground it still felt distant to me. Much as changed from that moment when I was just a kid watching my uncle take jump shots in the dark. But the church and playground are still there. It was me that wasn’t.

What did my uncle teach me from those late nights? What am I teaching Elexis in this one?