All Talk No Meat

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Taste these words. They been mirnading in honey just for this moment.

This is the post where I concentrate on the mouth. The tongue & teeth, the voice, and lips.

I was always aware of my words. Even at a young age I saw my words spark joy with the people I was interacting with. I could tell a story, captivate everyone in the room, and the story doesn’t even need to be true. People will still be entertained.

Although, I also saw how much hurt my words could be to another. I could think I’m telling a joke but be easily offending a person without me knowing it. I could do so much with just my words alone. Be aware of it.

The power of my mouth.

 It is this resource you must feed. It is this apparatus I use to communicate. It’s how I operate the sound coming from within. It’s how I get things done. Articulating things from the soul. Debating. Analyzing. Rhyming. Kissing. It’s my enemy and best friend all in the same sentence.

It will slice you in half, it will sing you to sleep.

My words can save the day, do the impossible. But my words can cause stress and get me into a lot of trouble. I decide how it gets explained. Only me.

If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

But don’t say your going to be in the kitchen, and then not really be in the kitchen. I guess that’s the challenge when using your mouth,  you must be able to do what you say. Otherwise your just making noise.

It’s more than saying but actually doing that matters.

My words, my story, my truth, only I can control that. Live your truth and be the voice that gets heard.

Ya heard.


Nevermind The Brine & Vinegar

I’m going straight in; all in like I’m playing to win. So juicy, so dill is how I should feel with this difficult situation I am in. But I ain’t fickle. Greatness in my future. No pickle.

I heard the term “pickle” a lot when a baseball player on base attempts to leave their base and advance to the next higher base. Stealing. It’s like a sacrifice for your team. Facing an inevitable possibility that you could be taken out. Taking on that risk puts you in a pickle. I’m not even a baseball fanatic but this analogy is making me think of what a pickle is in real life?

Baseball is not my forte but Basketball is home.

Jordan played baseball. He even stopped playing basketball professionally to play baseball professionally. The man is incredible but baseball?

Michael Jordan didn’t play baseball professionally long. He returned to the NBA within a year or two. I just remember being excited to see Jordan touch the ball again. Reuniting with the Bulls. Things made sense again.

Michael Jordan being one of the greatest basketball players of all time, you have to imagine all the expectations from the basketball world, for him to be playing basketball. Considered the best basketball player ever to play the game and now he wanted to play a sport that required you to wear a glove. People were disappointed and felt let down when they heard he was not playing Basketball that particular season.

Would that be a pickle Michael Jordan was in, deciding to play baseball, leaving behind this arena of people in discontent expecting him to play Basketball?

In this lifetime I will make choices that won’t always please everyone. But how important is approval?

We all have a challenges on our plate and can get ourselves into difficult situations. And I think your attitude and determination plays a role in the whole outcome of everything occurring in life.

Positivity versus negativity and you determine who prevails.

Cool as cucumber with this pickle I am in. Tongue sticking out, like you know who I want to be like.

“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”

-Michael Jordan

Indulging In Humble Pie

Things may be gravy

Facing humility with content

Grateful for what I got

The topics I want to cover on the blog may not always be food related but still using these food idioms, and catch phrases keeps food relevant in the context. The last post was my 60th and it got me thinking about how when I first started out doing the blog, I was very determined to always having a new food idiom in every post. And it helped me stay focused but once I got to the 50th, I was more open to re-using ones in older posts. More open to whatever happens rather than needing things to be one certain way. There are so many idioms and phrases out there, so why be so picky.

The first time my professor threw out the phrase, “I date myself.” He was sharing special information and giving details about a certain topic. The knowledge he was lending only seemed to please himself; the class was filled with students and yet it was just the instructor absorbing this history. Hence the phrase was being used correctly. I date myself.

Had another professor use the phrase, “smoke beer,” to explain her expectations of us as students. It’s like I know I can date someone else, but how do I date myself? I can drink beer, but how do you smoke it? Kidding of course, but the phrases do paint an odd picture.

The “I date myself” phrase is referencing the awareness of the speaker’s age when in conversation. Showing your age by what you say. The passion is almost isolated because no one can relate to the topic besides the person speaking. Different generations.

I’m imagining myself, taking out myself, probably out for coffee, talking about Seinfeld or the Office. I guess you can be so involved in a conversation and completely leave out who you are talking to only because they don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about. Due to your age, you are now the old guy that dates himself.

I must enjoy the humble pie. The main ingredient is humility. Regardless of how foolish you look, the best way to embrace embarrassment is to have a slice of humble pie. And I must admit it takes a humble person to date themselves.

This reminds me of a story my family will not ever forget. Constantly reminding me about this time I had to catch the bus.

I think I need to go back a little into my elementary years. I was probably in 3rd grade and my brother was in kindergarten. We would catch the bus every morning for school when we lived in Tucson. So I remember the school was still new to me. I had never heard of snack time. It was when the teacher allowed the student to bring in their own snack to eat during this recess hour famously known as snack time. But it took me a while to catch on at the beginning and I was always without a snack during snack hour. I would always forget.  Always.

I probably would get home and be like forget snack hour.

I eventually got tired of not having my own snack during snack hour. But how would I remember to bring my snack? I got the bright idea that in order for me not to forget, I would have to pre-pack my pockets the night before. It seemed so brilliant. My dreams of having my own snack during snack hour was in my hands.

My mom would leave to school just as soon as we left to catch the bus. The bus would pick us up at the front of our apartments. My brother and I walked to the bus stop and met some of our friends. And what was so funny was that even our bus stop conversations were about snack hour. This snack hour was a big deal to a kid.

My friend’s first words out of his mouth were, “did you bring a snack.” I remember that vividly because I knew one hundred percent that I had my snack for that day. I was so confident that I was going to pull it out and show everybody. I get ready to dig in that pre-packed pocket to show my snack, but something ain’t right. I can’t find the snack. I can barley find the pockets. Then I notice where my snack went. The snack is still in my pocket. It is just my pants that are on wrong.

Putting on my pants on backwards, just genius.

I panic. I didn’t want to go to school with my pants on the wrong way. So I try to run back to our apartment but my mom has already left to school. And the bus is moments away. The door is locked. What do I do? You do what you got to do. I undress out in the open, and fix my pants. The bus comes and I’m off to school. Hey but I got my snack.

Apple Love

A fool thinks himself to be wise,

but a wise man knows, himself to be a fool


Everything is going to be apples.

The dream is almost occurring but nothing is what it seems. This point in life I’m dealing with the things I been talking about since the college years. Having a job. A boss. Responsibilities. Just this complex big apple of a world in my head. All in my head because all these assumptions are not anything like how they are in real life. I mean there are challenges I must face but how they were in my head was almost a parody.

The expectations and possible consequences can be what influences you to make certain decisions for yourself in life. Although I want to dive deeper into these assumptions I make about the future. Even at my best, there could be still a few bad apples that could potentially ruin the batch. Very easy to use assumptions to justify the choices I make, but how justified are my assumptions.

One of my favorite individuals of all times is Tupac Shakur. He had a very successful music career but what intrigued me growing up was how he could articulate his frustrations and ideas. A very open person not shy to gives his two cents. Wither you agreed or not. Pac said how he felt.

Although his mouth and openness is what got him into a lot of trouble. Once fame and fortune arrived he became a target for attention in so many different forms. Good and bad.

In a interview just after being incarcerated Pac said that “fear is greater than love.” 2pac was a poet and sometimes as poets we need to lie in order to paint a truth. So when I hear Pac say fear is greater than love, I interpret it has Pac saying the senserity of one’s love shows when fear comes around the corner.

How does fear play a part in your life?

I agree to a certain extent with what Pac was saying and to riff off of his fear is greater than love statment. Fear is a great challenge. It manipulates how we think. How we feel. But if the love is real then the fear is worth facing.

How do you like them apples?

Life Is A Bowl Of Cereal

 I get a call.

I had gotten up early this morning. My niece determines how early or late we embrace the day. Some days she will be wide awake at 6:30am ready to find something for me to do. Other mornings she’s sleeping past 9:00. But once she is up, we need to get this kid some food. All I know.

So this morning we’re up watching cartoons when the phone goes off. E girl is already on her second bowl of cereal. She’s usually asking me about other things to eat by the second  bowl, yet on this day everything is all good. This has become a routine interaction. Making sure the food is good, because when it’s not hitting the spot, my little baby bubba is asking for other things to eat. Or she still hungry.


We watch a lot Scooby-Doo and when the phone rings, E girl is already lost in the mystery that the gang is trying to solve. I find myself getting more drawn into the cartoons as the days go on. It definitely helps take away from other things I’m pondering about in this time.  Being on the job hunt, putting yourself on the market, and applying for specific positions, does put me in a anxious state.


Although when I’m around Elexis, it’s like nothing else matters, the time is ours. We have our own dilemmas to work through. Homemade drama. Not too complicated and easy to follow, the universe we created.  I work for her; filling juice cups, peeling fruit, dispensing vitamins, and making sure we get some sunlight on a daily basis. Spending time with my niece has become my employment over the months. And I love my job.

I answer the phone.

 It’s someone from the human resource department. I had applied for a few jobs and interviewed for a couple. This is what I mentioned about being in an anxious state. I left both interviews with confidence and when you don’t hear nothing the next day, it’s like maybe I didn’t do that well. Second guessing the swagger.

She asks if I’m still interested in the positions I had applied for. Of course I’m interested. Although they offer me both positions I interviewed in. And the decision on what job I wanted was mine own.  I had to choose in the end.


At the end of each Scooby-Doo episode they unmask the villain, solve the mystery, and the plot is resolved.  I guess having two job offers is better than none. And what I learned from Scooby and the gang was that certain things in life will always be a mystery for you, but so much of the future, I can just unveil myself.

Life is a bowl of cherries.