No Bones To Pick, Yet

Art is never finished, only abandoned.
Leonardo da Vinci

So fast things can happen in your life and change they way you perceived everything. I mean last year I was in a totally different place and so much has morphed in that time frame to where I am now.

I guess I’m recognizing this time in my life where I see change happening but I keep reflecting on older experiences of how the way things were. I’m trying to be able to maintain an original sense of me that can deal with change outside of my own universe.

It’s an art, this life stuff.

Although having your roots present everywhere you go does help. How can you incorporated the past, if you don’t embrace it? Having it as a reference in your journey to the future.

So I know things are changing and I’m learning to adjust, but in the grand scheme of things, I also need to remember that I’m chasing after my goals. And these new experiences may be difficult at times, yet I can not forget that they are somehow apart of me achieving the things I want in life.

Bon appetite.


Love At First Bite

Taco Night was like a family tradition. Tacos are just the food that “hits the spot” for me. I mean I could be having the worst day, and having tacos later that night almost saves the day. It will turn the entire day’s mood around with one bite.

During Taco Night growing up, we would all have different tasks. Someone will need to cut the tomatoes. Another person will need to slice the lettuce. Everyone wants to shred the cheese. All the cheese lovers trying to steal a pinch of the pyramid of cheese.

These Taco Nights had reason. My fascination with this family tradition grew in my belly. Although, I will never turn down a taco, but there is one particular taco that surpasses all tacos in my book.

My Aunt Rachael makes the greatest tacos ever.

Her tacos are like none other. They didn’t taste like my mom’s, or my grandma’s. They had a crunch to it, like your heart was breaking bite after bite. They were so good, after you took the first bite, you feel your soul smiling.

Each bite was love at first sight.

My Aunties tacos were like an edible message:

Reminding us that we’re able to create heaven at the table.

Reminding us to stay calm, and to take our time in the chaos occurring.

Reminding us that hard work pays off, but there’s still more to come.

Reminding us to be thankful for the people we have around in our lives.

Kudos to taco night.

Deep Fried Noodle

Good actions give strength to ourselves, and inspires good actions in others.


The distance from the last moment where you took measurements. The gps in my soul, pin points these markers in time. In love with the moment, cause I own it.

Losing the signal but I stay roaming.

I was very energized making it to the 50th post and I still feel the momentum in my spirit but since getting a job, I’ve been flooded with all these different thoughts.

More like junk food for thought.

I think that’s always been my curse, overthinking.

I guess I could argue that overthinking does benefit me in some cases. But it can get to the point to where all your doing is thinking.

Overthinking about overthinking.

How all of this is related to the blog really is the reason why the posts aren’t pouring out of me at the moment. I have so many thoughts and new ways of thinking that I want to apply in my day to day life, but when it comes to writing these posts. It’s not knowing where to begin all over again.

It’s more than thinking great, it’s living great that determines real value. What does greatness look like to you?

We create the world with our words and actions. The language is a part of the structure. The key to everything is in what we choose to say.

Everyday we have challenges and obstacles to overcome. Although, with the words I choose, I can still have a good time.

Crying over spilled milk.

Some things are just better left unsaid.

The Lemonade Stand


I want to grow. I want to be better. You grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear.

-Tupac Shakur

I’ve been doing a lot of talking. Just about a whole year’s worth. Doing my thang on the internet. Spilling the beans from my mind, onto the internet soil. It’s been one crazy year for me and having the blog constantly going allows me to be consistent in this long strand of thought, but also provides a place of comfort for my words and thoughts to breathe via the internet.

The blog manifested into this island where people can be entertained. I’ve been getting use to the blogging neighborhood. But since day one, I’ve been all about holding down the fork.

Last post I mentioned the responsibilities and consequences of my own words and actions. Our words are power. Although, if the words are articulated perfect and have strong values attached to them, then they can last forever.

The mouth is a very powerful tool.

I can use my words to build monuments. However, I can also use my words to cause destruction and havoc. I choose the words but so much can depend on my attitude toward the way things are going. It’s a very tricky concept to explain. The words I use determine everything regardless if I have control or not. My actions and words are a part of me. So I need to be mindful of what I’m doing; I need to be doing everything I’m saying.

Somehow we are accountable for the way things are. The choices we make hold value. Don’t suppress that value by using negativity to describe it.

  All this talk reminds me of all the things I said as a child.

Admitting arrogance, bittersweet.