Everything On The Plate – Good & Bad – Digesting All

I always say, “I’m still adjusting,” when people ask how my new job is going. I been going at it for over two months now and still calling it new is getting old.

This past weekend my brother went on a mini road trip and left my mother and I to watch Elexis. E-girl is three now and gets wiser by the minuet. With a mind of her own, we always manage to have an adventure when we watch her. She enjoys hanging out with her grandma and uncle, but only under certain conditions. One slight difference or disagreement and Elexis is unhappy.

The party was supposed to be starting some time in the afternoon, so we took our time getting ready.

Even though she’s three E-girl still has thoughts and opinions. Clothing and appearance matters to this kid. When I was the babysitter, I usually let her pick out her own cloths but we just stayed at the house those times. My mom wanted her to wear a nice dress to the party. And that’s when the dispute started…

Elexis and my mom agreed on the dress to wear. The socks, shoes, and tights were a different story. They were not to E-girl’s liking or something was wrong them. She got ready, although not happy at all Elexis started complaining the scandals my mom picked out couldn’t fit. No matter what we told her about her outfit and how nice she looked. She wouldn’t listen though.Pouting.

Very particular.

But who hasn’t done something they didn’t want to do.
20131102-080907.jpgIn these moments where you have an upset three year old to deal with, you almost need to distract her from the dilemma she’s so focused on.

So I start to tell her that there’s a playground where we’re going and that she’ll be able to play. I explain that by her not getting ready maybe was a sign that we should just stay home. And last thing I mention is that bedsides the playground being there we’re also getting cake.

E-girl instantly drops the argument and is ready to party.

You almost need to phrase it in the right kind of way in order for it to be accepted as valid through the eyes of my niece.

We finally finish getting ready and head to the celebration.

20131102-093337.jpgIn life there will be things you might not want to do or wear but you must also remember that your role in everything that happens does make a difference.

“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”
-Gary Snyder