You know this blog is coming onto new territory and I’m really open to what I could do next with it. I always felt like every post was a new skit, and I never wanted to lose that creative hand. So as I progress and grow with the blog, I want the feel of the blog to be always connected to food and the way we as people deal with life.

I think I’ve kept a consistent narrative voice for the blog. You know growing up I always was a fan of Saturday Night Live. For many reason, I got to see many comedians grow and become Saturday legends. But what always intrigued me was that I knew there was a group of writer and performers all collaborating on one scene. I just imagined everyone throwing down ideas and funny situations.

But we got to see the final project late on Saturday night. All the scenes that made the cut and all the writers work coming to life on television.

It’s a beautiful production and because it’s still on the air to this day, it just feels like living history being re-creating every season.

So for this blog entry I’m trying to channel my inner tv host and make this post a fun top ten list like you would see on the late show.

Getting my Letterman on.

Since the beginning the food idiom, or food saying was always a part of the posts. And I find it very relieving when I can relate the content of the blog to a food phrase. So it’s been over a year and I still use food idioms to describe things I’m dealing with.

They really get my noodle cooking.

And in this post we will be doing a Top Ten list entitled.

Top 10 Food Idioms that I live by:

10. Food For Thought

Food for thought is what makes the world go around. We always need new ideas and different ways of thinking to prepare for whatever’s next. Food for thought can be like the brain digesting and chewing on these brand new ways of thinking. Brewing and pondering over these thoughts, we as brains can actually generate better understandings of things, when you take to time to think about a situation in the most open way.

9. Not My Cup Of Tea

What is your cup of tea? It’s just like saying different strokes for different folks.  We all have preferences, likes, and dislike, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t get along. Regardless of what your cup of tea is, you as an individual can choose, but you also can just acknowledge that not everyone is the same. We all bring something unique to the table, no matter what kind of tea were sipping on.

8. Bringing Home The Beacon

This phrase wasn’t as popular to me; until I actually started bring home beacon. Beacon meaning money or finances. It can symbolize this security being taken home for stability.  Funny how a greasy pig fat can make you rich in this saying? I like it though, because the beacon is still being taken home, and usually home means family, or personal goals. The pigs are what make the world go round.  And by bringing them home were investing in our own greasy lives.

7. The Apple Of His Eye

What is your eye on? The apple is such an iconic fruit, that it has developed all these layers of meaning. So many different sayings with apples in them, and I can see this particular saying always, applying to the relationship of my brother and my niece Elexis. My brother see’s Elexis on a completely different level, and she is the apple of his eye.  In life you can either create the apple of our eye or chase after the apple of your eye.

6. Crying Over Spilled Milk

I’ve lived this one. My niece is like a main character on the blog and there was a post where she spilled milk on the carpet. We handled that situation with suave and elegance. You know Elexis was very young when that happened, and she’s grown so much since then, that the milk spills are other things to fuss about. And to each is own, but crying or complaining does delay the time for resolving the conflict. This is one to kind of reflect about because there are things in life that you don’t want to deal with and by whining your just adding to the problem.

5. If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Then Get Out Of The Kitchen

This one hits home, because wither the kitchen is a metaphor or not, you still need to produce something in the fricken’ kitchen. Quit standing around and get cooking. To take it a step further, in life we have goals and desires, but to some degree you need to be accountable for those things and actually make them happened. Our hunger, our taste, you need to actually make those things real in that world we call a kitchen.

4. Getting The Rough End Of The Pineapple

This was a saying that I had never heard of, until I started writing the blog. I like it very much. And we always tend to notice when someone gets the raw end of a deal. People get mistreated every day. I just imagined someone bringing a pineapple to a dinner party and as they slice up the pineapple and pass out all the slices to everyone in the room. There is that one person who does get a bad part. We can all get that rough piece but at least the world isn’t being taken over by zombies. That would just be a bad pineapple to serve at any party.

3. It’s Like Comparing Apples To Oranges

Here we go again with the apples. It’s like we always want to compare and judge things. But there are just those arguments where you can’t ever come to an answer. I think this definitely is a clever way to end a dispute. A popular debate on the blog was always the Kobe vs. Jordan conversation. Who was the better ball player? Which one is greater? And so brilliantly Kobe used the idiom comparing apples and oranges to describe the debate. We always want to know who the best is, but when were splitting hairs trying to find an answer. The real answer is that you will never get an accurate answer because apples aren’t anything like oranges.

2. That Is How The Cookie Crumbles

I think these idioms fall perfect into our bellies when things in life unexpectedly happen. The certain things in life you have no control over. The way things just turn out. These food dilemmas that are perfectly describing my life, this abstract cookie, that fell apart in a certain kind of way. The crumbling of this sweet thing, that’s just the way it goes. 

1. Let’s Put It On The Back Burner

The mind is an oven. As a chef you have the option to do something that has  never been done before. But I also think that timing can play apart in it all. I think the reason why this is the number one food idiom because I have new ideas everyday and even though they may be unrealistic or odd; they still have potential to be good. And that is why the back burner is so cool to use. We all can be creative, but sometimes ideas or thoughts just need to be on the back burner a little longer. Can’t rush art, so you need to utilize that stove properly.  Let’s think this over some more.  Food for thought.


What Is Good Taste?

I get closer and yet farther from the things I want in this life. And I have come to notice  that often my happiness in life is all in my head.

I’m going to jump right in with the food idiom to describe where my head is at in this the moment. The metaphor or saying, “ If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”  A favorite idiom of mine because it can really be used to explain situations we face in our everyday life. I like to think that I can justify the saying, that I can take the heat when it comes to being in the kitchen.

The pressure and fire, all of the smoke, the mess you need to clean up after.

The build up.

 All of the heat, I want to take. I can handle that, but the part where I get lost or confused about is; what are the correct steps to completing something from scratch? Although I must remind myself that we are all individually unique chefs in this big kitchen of a world. We all do things differently and our ways of thinking may be different but when it comes down to it all, we are just people feeding people.

How do I create the prefect meal?


I been slow cooking stories to share and I hope you can stay late for dinner.