Something Sweet

The best times of my life are occurring right in front off my eyes and it feels like I am in full grasp of my life in a sense, yet still being free and open to what the world will offer. The blueprints will come in handy but if I need to make additions along the way then nothing is wrong with changing things up.

I am learning to balance these important components of my life. And I think the real joy of being in control is utilizing your abilities to let those around you fuel the adventure.

I am getting older but still feel like a younger me in my prime. Reflecting that inner glimmer passing glory sharing a story of a shine.

So I have been doing this blog thang for over a year now. The mind frame that has built into who and what I am now is threaded into these posts. I have been able really understand myself better because of the blog as well.  The blog was and still is a food blog, and for this post I wanted to share a recipe-philosophy for life. Maybe something you’d like to try at home.

It’s like those stores that sell things in bulk and give out free samples of upcoming products along the aisle. Just imagine I am handing out samples of this new way of thinking. Try it out and if you like it then you can buy it in bulk.

As beings we have the ability to grow and change.  I can attain information tomorrow and my whole perspective could morph into something grand. And I see the influence of time but regardless of this new information I still need to maintain this original essence of thought. A mental recipe to start the day, you have decisions right from the beginning. So I thought of a three option scenario to help structure the day.

Recipe for Life (Choose Wisely) 

  1. Start Something New
  2. Destroy Something So You Can Rebuild It 
  3. Continue Working On Something Ongoing

In this dream, nothings as it seems. I map out schemes, trying to turn this life into my dream.

I spoke about this topic in a pervious post, where in life there are decisions you make about the individuals you get involved with romantically, spiritually, and friend wise too. Those decisions are your own and to be comfortable about where your life is at; it just feels good to connect and share excitement for a bond.

These relationships are like winter scarfs for the soul keeping you warm in the cold climate. In this dream state I am trying to create, I make wise decisions so I can enjoy the shake.

We wanted something sweet….


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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