Something Sweet Pt.2 (Remix)

“I wonder if they’ll make me a root beer float if I asked them?”

Pulling up to the drive thru trying to satisfy this sweet tooth. Sitting next to something sweet.

Root beer float was not on the menu.  But it never hurts to ask.

I met Frances back when I was riding the shuttle to school and back to the Rez earlier last year (The College Years). She would be on the bus headed to work or home. And we would have brief conversations as our paths crossed. Just positive exchanges every time we got a chance to speak.

Fast forward to the story of the post, the story from my stomach. Frances and I are on a fun road trip to get ice cream at this burger joint. She is the one asking about the root beer float. Wondering if they can make something not even offered. It was a brave move on her part to even ask.

As we place our order Frances very nicely says, “could I have a vanilla shake but could you mix root beer with it, like a root beer float.” The request seemed very doable but I wasn’t too sure if the person on the other end would understand the request. The voice on the intercom seemed a little caught off guard but really she just accepted the challenge.

We get to the window and the cashier right away gets more assurance about adding the root beer to the shake. The customer is always right, right.

Frances was the champion of the day.  Not only did she attain the root beer float she wanted, she trusted this person, a total stranger to make this special treat.  This never tasted dessert was a fresh idea right off the top of her head. And with the will of the need for a root beer float she made it come true.

So impressed.

Just by how you can believe in something so much and with the correct actions anything is possible. There is the possibility of things not going your way although you will never find out by not actually trying.

Frances is always fun to be around and the times we share are uplifting. I talked about this in the previous blog about clearly framing your thought process. Making the decisions about what you want in life.  Working toward something meaningful and attaining what you desire.

Spending time with Frances and building all these wonderful memories. I understand that this relationship is something I want to continue working on.  I feel very open to sharing my ideas and barriers with her.  I guess in life individually we want to improve our positions and gain a certain kind of reward. But at the end of the day it feels so good to have her support.

The kindest soul deserves a root beer float.

We drive off into the sunset like royalty; inventing new treats and ordering delicious memories to take home.

Frances takes a drink of the mix.


Root beer floats up. Hell yeah.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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