Grind Your Own Beans

No one ever said that change would be easy. Although Sam Cooke did say change would come.

So I need to know that there are challenges still ongoing. But also much to be experienced in this life we create. The actual work and positive thinking that will make this dream concrete. Actually practice what I preach and realizing that there is new territory needed to be experienced before there can be any new higher understanding felt.

I guess we arrive to times in our life where we can get discouraged and even become negative, but by staying focused, still moving forward with what’s important.

Recognizing what truly matters, seeing the obstacles that will come. Sometimes we can create excuses and even distractions very easily in our head. The test or task, that actual work can scare you. And I think change is coming and that the reality of how things were and they way things will be just might scare someone not to follow through on their dream.

The things in life do require an honest effort and commitment. The willingness to grow and learn from this new territory we get ourselves in is a must.  But as always strive towards greatness and take into account for your own thoughts and actions in life.

We all want great things for ourselves and that’s accepting the tasks that follow when working toward something you truly want. When it’s something your passionate about, when it’s something you love, it’s worth those challenges you face and the responsibility that accompany our goals. It has to be worth it and not only that you need to treat it great. It’s very easy to say you will do things, but action is what’s always at stake. And this is where I must be always willing to improve.

Everyday is another opportunity to grow so then I must be willing to accept challenges with a positive mind frame and be open to experiencing new territory in this dream I am in.


Trails To Paths Leading You Home


The weekends are my time away from time.

My niece Elexis and I always had adventures during the afternoon when I wasn’t working. Get our photosynthesis on in the middle of the day.

We would take small walks around the neighborhood. But what we enjoyed most was when we would ride the bike. It was this beach cruiser I had bought at a yard sale a while back. E-girl would sit sideways on the frame while I peddled up and down the roads. She would sit there and look out at all the desert around us. It was always a scenic route for her.


Since I started working we hadn’t went on any of our old trails. Elexis is busy herself, off playing in her imaginary world. She has other things to do as well. I understand. So we play it by ear. This particular Saturday morning E-girl wants to go for a walk. A manageable request.

“We need to get ready first.”

Still in our pj’s, but it’s the weekend. So we take our time before we go for that walk.

Elexis got a red tricycle for Christmas two years back. It was very entertaining watching her learn to ride that tricycle over the year. The first night she cried because it was hard to peddle. Now she’s a pro with that bike. E-girl wanted to take her red tricycle with us as we took our afternoon walk.

It would be a long way for her to ride but if she was up for the challenge then I couldn’t stop her. I start walking and Elexis followed riding her tricycle up the road.

I always mention how my niece impacted my life by just painting a vivid picture of the family structure. I was the uncle, but it’s more about what I want to bring to the term.  What kind of uncle am I? I use to think that I was going to be the fun/cool uncle. And I still want to be that cool individual for her, although, I also know she needs guidance and examples. Good or bad, I am an example for her to learn from. It’s hard to see yourself in that way. Besides being a role model for my three-year old niece, I’m also a sample for anyone looking. I guess what I’m saying is that our actions impact family and friends but what we do and say can change the world and the people around us.

baby 2

Being the uncle for Elexis does have its challenges but as I start to see the time grow and suddenly my generation is no longer the upcoming one. It puts things into perspective when I think about the possibilities of what my niece will do when she grows up. In the mean time she has me to watch and I’ll explain it the best way I can.

What happened to my generation?

We get half way through our trail and Elexis stops peddling and says, “Uncle can you carry my bike, I want to run now.”

I carry the bike back and she skips the rest of the trail home.

Back in the day when we would get half way E girl would be asking to be carried. She has grown so much over the past few months.

A simple walk means the world to E-girl and I. First thing we do when we get back home from our walk is drink a cup of water.

E-girl wants apple juice.

We are all on different paths and sometimes our paths cross or run parallel with other individuals striving towards greatness. Those connections and relationships must be appreciated and fully embraced. We must learn to understand that we can’t always understand everything. Nonetheless our daily efforts and positive attitude gets us closer and closer, one day at a time earning a better kind of understanding.


Every day is an opportunity to grow and learn. A new day for you to chase a memorable experience and develop new recipes to try at home.