Grains Of Salt; Symbolic Credit

So fascinated with everything occurring in life and the future looks so bight, yet not quite as radiant as the present. The moment you can’t escape because your still in it. That’s the thing about living in the moment, it’s about having appreciation for yourself, and sharing that worth with all that surrounds you.

Prior to graduating it was easy for me to assume how things would be once I was finished with school. Like I would have this significant since of accomplishment on my shoulders and be able to use this new understanding for the world. And college did provide that for me in full but it wasn’t any different than myself validating that inner greatness. That truth.

A degree marks those efforts. I can place it on my resume; it will really lighten the place up.  But in reality of things when the resume isn’t needed and I am just me, the kid from South Komelic representing his family. That honor surpasses any kind of award and no type of success could top having that. Although I’ve held that up since birth, some how my baby hands could hold something that noble.

I always was aware of my potential and I choose to go to school to acquire new knowledge and have a degree to represent that experience. Having a degree would enhance my job opportunities for my future. School opened all that up for me. I got all I wanted but it was nothing like how I assumed it would be. It never is. I mean there is a celebration to mark the ending of the duration. The learning still continues though. And I remain accountable for actions, still alert for everything happening including the unexpected.

I must not get wrapped up in what my successes materialize. I need to stay focus on being great for the future semesters. The Universe is the university I attend and I am ongoing student working on something grand. I guess what I’m saying is that success comes and goes but greatness will last forever.

Audit the world and be your best self. Easy as Pie.


Maybe I Was A Gemini In Another Life

“I’ve always believed that you can think positive just as well as you can think negative.”

-James Baldwin

I babysit on my days off.

There are times in the day when I can see myself in this light like I have achieved something beyond myself. Although I can see myself in the present growing and it’s almost like past struggles and old negative ways of thinking have been conquered. In these times of reflection the mind frame depicts past experiences as lessons and if you can use language to understand these times then it almost gives you a certain kind of ownership of the present.

The inner quality shines through the language we play on earth. Words are power. Words are how we cooperate and communicate with one another.

I think in our day in age (21first century times) there are so many avenues and outlets for expression that maybe it can become more about doing than actually meaning or even feeling. The amounts of places I can place my language grows each year and I guess that’s what we want. But my deal with this situation is that maybe it can become mentally overbearing and it can put me out of touch with the real me.

The real me being the soul, the child, and the one who knows words are sacred. The one who knows that each word picked will be the paint to color the world. The words are the only fragments I can use get people to hear and feel me. Understand me. Words create a village of possibilities but it’s our actions that add spirit or soul to what I say and write. I guess where I’m going with this rant of a post is that words we use can be a reflection of the self and honesty.

If I am great then the language needs to be great. And if the language is great then my actions need to be great. I need to stand by my words and provide examples of the content I’m speaking in my actions.

I must live my own truth and be what I’m saying.

The world is big place and there are all these avenues for expression but I must not lose sight of where those words are coming from. The attitude of the way I see myself has to be positive and the words spoken actually need to be lived.

What is greatness?

Some Kind Of Legume (Food I Bought)

One of my resolutions for the longest time has been to cook more. And even though I talk a lot of food, my cooking game has been lacking.

I try.

You know being very close to my family there is almost a unwritten law when it comes with having dinner. Everyone takes a turn and if your not cooking then your contributing in a another way. It’s like the person eating is just as significant to meal as the person cooking and preparing the meal.

So I understand that if I’m not cooking my presence is helping in another form. Although the cooking and creating is what motivates me to put my kitchen skills to use. I want to be the cook. And I want to be great at it.

Easier said than done.

Not everything goes your way but for reasons unexplained the best things still happen. Being in control and not in control is an art.

I speak in contradictions.

I had a urge to cook a meal last week. At least once in the week I was going to make dinner. And it was going to be an easy meal, something that wouldn’t take me long to prepare. Something good. The most easiest tool by my opinion for making an excellent meal would be a crock pot. Super simple all you do is pop in a bean and some veggies. Any kind of meat turn the knob and it pretty much serves it self. That was my idea for this dinner last week.

Garbanzo beans and stew meat.

I need to be finding peace in the moment. The energy I’m creating needs to be the energy I want in return. But I cannot control how and when I will receive anything because so much that energy I’m getting back is on me.

I’m the time. I’m the dream. Everything is happening and my imprint counts for the outcome. The worth be more than gold, food for thought.

Blessed nonetheless.

The thing with using a crock pot is that the meal will cook slowly. Meaning you need to actually start the meal earlier in the day. So on the day of this dinner that I’m going to cook I forgot and go straight to work.

I didn’t do the garbanzo beans.

I finally realize it once I get to work. But what was I going to do?

I need to be always learning and allowing myself to grow. My actions and words determine so much of what’s going on. I have to believe in the things I want to achieve. And of course that’s accepting the challenges and the day to day tasks that can get the best of you.

No expectations, only sincere efforts for the moment. Having negative thoughts or even expectations can be like putting salt it the reality you see. For example the day can be so horrible only off of my own perception. The positivity I harness can come loose and the mind can become lost and gone.

Long story short.

I get an hour off for lunch. So I run to the house for my lunch and get dinner ready for the night. With ten minuets to spare I actually dinner done.

The garbanzo bean were so good and I made so much that, guess what I had for lunch the next day?

All beaned up.

Soundtrack To The Icing On The Cake

Design is not just what it looks like,
Design is how it works
Steve Jobs

The universe is a charismatic dj and I am just looking for the beat to dance to. I am wondering what it will do next. But oblivious to it all, all at the same time. Time-travel to present and love it . Knowing is not knowing; growing and understanding always that it was a gift. The record spins at different speeds and I will always be adjusting.

I keep myself busy.

As a kid it felt like music was some kind of distant relative. Like I felt comfortable when music was around. I dabbled in various instruments throughout the years. Even played in two metal bands in high school. So it seemed the more time I spent working on music the more I was learning about this relative. And to be able to cooperate with other individuals to create something new. The excitement was coming from nothing but just some people in a room scheming.


I play guitar and I understand the universe a little bit better.

But it wasn’t till recently an old drummer friend of mine who came to me asking about recording software.

Long story short.

I worked with my friend Matt’s hip hop group for two months to make a nine track mixtape. It was a inspiring experience for everyone involved and we all bonded working on this music.

I plan to keep collaborating with the group to produce music. It’s very exciting to see these young individuals putting effort and care into their craft. The spirit of music brings people together and having this organic element in the air was refreshing.

“We made this.”

My three year old niece see’s me in my room playing the keyboard and asks if she can play with me. Of course I agree and she runs to get her toys.

Elexis comes back with a small keyboard and lays it next to me. She then says, “look I have one like you and you have one like me.”

She hit it on the nose with a hammer.

We both have that option to create and say something through music.

I am very blessed to have E-girl in my life. And nothing better than having sudden bursts of clarity caused by your three year old niece. She paints another picture than mine but yet I can still feel truth in the brush strokes as she attempts to paint a masterpiece. She makes these bold statements from what she takes from a moment we are having and it’s with these peculiar truths my niece points out, I can only be envious of her wise approach to this life I still trip over. She is so open to experiencing things and this way of seeing the world helps.

We all have a thing or a gift. It’s something an individual needs to discover on their own. But regardless of the actual gift or talent, we as individuals need to take responsibility for what we do or don’t do with those particular things we are already lucky to have.

My niece taught me that.

Cool As A Cucumber With This Pickle I am In

You know with the blog I still have plenty of ideas and concepts for blog posts. Stories from my stomach. The creativity is still there but seriously whatever comes out as a end result is usually what seems like a accident. I read the blog myself and I always find myself leaving with a different interpretation, almost feeling not familiar with what I wrote in the beginning. Finding new sense in all the sense I am making.

Food is what connects us all. So I share these stories with food not always on the brain but the food is in my stomach fueling the pen. Charging the internet free life stories for food for thought.

Food for thought is what will feed us all.  Forever and a day,

And I am just commentating on it. Sharing my experiences.

For art’s sake I need to make this meal great.

Time is never late therefore I can only be great.

The attempt is half the battle

Arrive to the banquet on time

But have patients and let things naturally circulate

Create the dream with no expectations

Follow a recipe but don’t follow it blindly.

And the greatest ingredient is positivity,

Next to water.