Soundtrack To The Icing On The Cake

Design is not just what it looks like,
Design is how it works
Steve Jobs

The universe is a charismatic dj and I am just looking for the beat to dance to. I am wondering what it will do next. But oblivious to it all, all at the same time. Time-travel to present and love it . Knowing is not knowing; growing and understanding always that it was a gift. The record spins at different speeds and I will always be adjusting.

I keep myself busy.

As a kid it felt like music was some kind of distant relative. Like I felt comfortable when music was around. I dabbled in various instruments throughout the years. Even played in two metal bands in high school. So it seemed the more time I spent working on music the more I was learning about this relative. And to be able to cooperate with other individuals to create something new. The excitement was coming from nothing but just some people in a room scheming.


I play guitar and I understand the universe a little bit better.

But it wasn’t till recently an old drummer friend of mine who came to me asking about recording software.

Long story short.

I worked with my friend Matt’s hip hop group for two months to make a nine track mixtape. It was a inspiring experience for everyone involved and we all bonded working on this music.

I plan to keep collaborating with the group to produce music. It’s very exciting to see these young individuals putting effort and care into their craft. The spirit of music brings people together and having this organic element in the air was refreshing.

“We made this.”

My three year old niece see’s me in my room playing the keyboard and asks if she can play with me. Of course I agree and she runs to get her toys.

Elexis comes back with a small keyboard and lays it next to me. She then says, “look I have one like you and you have one like me.”

She hit it on the nose with a hammer.

We both have that option to create and say something through music.

I am very blessed to have E-girl in my life. And nothing better than having sudden bursts of clarity caused by your three year old niece. She paints another picture than mine but yet I can still feel truth in the brush strokes as she attempts to paint a masterpiece. She makes these bold statements from what she takes from a moment we are having and it’s with these peculiar truths my niece points out, I can only be envious of her wise approach to this life I still trip over. She is so open to experiencing things and this way of seeing the world helps.

We all have a thing or a gift. It’s something an individual needs to discover on their own. But regardless of the actual gift or talent, we as individuals need to take responsibility for what we do or don’t do with those particular things we are already lucky to have.

My niece taught me that.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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