Some Kind Of Legume (Food I Bought)

One of my resolutions for the longest time has been to cook more. And even though I talk a lot of food, my cooking game has been lacking.

I try.

You know being very close to my family there is almost a unwritten law when it comes with having dinner. Everyone takes a turn and if your not cooking then your contributing in a another way. It’s like the person eating is just as significant to meal as the person cooking and preparing the meal.

So I understand that if I’m not cooking my presence is helping in another form. Although the cooking and creating is what motivates me to put my kitchen skills to use. I want to be the cook. And I want to be great at it.

Easier said than done.

Not everything goes your way but for reasons unexplained the best things still happen. Being in control and not in control is an art.

I speak in contradictions.

I had a urge to cook a meal last week. At least once in the week I was going to make dinner. And it was going to be an easy meal, something that wouldn’t take me long to prepare. Something good. The most easiest tool by my opinion for making an excellent meal would be a crock pot. Super simple all you do is pop in a bean and some veggies. Any kind of meat turn the knob and it pretty much serves it self. That was my idea for this dinner last week.

Garbanzo beans and stew meat.

I need to be finding peace in the moment. The energy I’m creating needs to be the energy I want in return. But I cannot control how and when I will receive anything because so much that energy I’m getting back is on me.

I’m the time. I’m the dream. Everything is happening and my imprint counts for the outcome. The worth be more than gold, food for thought.

Blessed nonetheless.

The thing with using a crock pot is that the meal will cook slowly. Meaning you need to actually start the meal earlier in the day. So on the day of this dinner that I’m going to cook I forgot and go straight to work.

I didn’t do the garbanzo beans.

I finally realize it once I get to work. But what was I going to do?

I need to be always learning and allowing myself to grow. My actions and words determine so much of what’s going on. I have to believe in the things I want to achieve. And of course that’s accepting the challenges and the day to day tasks that can get the best of you.

No expectations, only sincere efforts for the moment. Having negative thoughts or even expectations can be like putting salt it the reality you see. For example the day can be so horrible only off of my own perception. The positivity I harness can come loose and the mind can become lost and gone.

Long story short.

I get an hour off for lunch. So I run to the house for my lunch and get dinner ready for the night. With ten minuets to spare I actually dinner done.

The garbanzo bean were so good and I made so much that, guess what I had for lunch the next day?

All beaned up.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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