Grains Of Salt; Symbolic Credit

So fascinated with everything occurring in life and the future looks so bight, yet not quite as radiant as the present. The moment you can’t escape because your still in it. That’s the thing about living in the moment, it’s about having appreciation for yourself, and sharing that worth with all that surrounds you.

Prior to graduating it was easy for me to assume how things would be once I was finished with school. Like I would have this significant since of accomplishment on my shoulders and be able to use this new understanding for the world. And college did provide that for me in full but it wasn’t any different than myself validating that inner greatness. That truth.

A degree marks those efforts. I can place it on my resume; it will really lighten the place up.  But in reality of things when the resume isn’t needed and I am just me, the kid from South Komelic representing his family. That honor surpasses any kind of award and no type of success could top having that. Although I’ve held that up since birth, some how my baby hands could hold something that noble.

I always was aware of my potential and I choose to go to school to acquire new knowledge and have a degree to represent that experience. Having a degree would enhance my job opportunities for my future. School opened all that up for me. I got all I wanted but it was nothing like how I assumed it would be. It never is. I mean there is a celebration to mark the ending of the duration. The learning still continues though. And I remain accountable for actions, still alert for everything happening including the unexpected.

I must not get wrapped up in what my successes materialize. I need to stay focus on being great for the future semesters. The Universe is the university I attend and I am ongoing student working on something grand. I guess what I’m saying is that success comes and goes but greatness will last forever.

Audit the world and be your best self. Easy as Pie.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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