21 TIPS Part 8

The aftermath of when we play. I’m tired on the verge of taking a nap for lunch. Staying active but my body is having a hard time keeping up. I wanted the wellness but I didn’t expect it to drain me completely. I think it’s just me adjusting to play at the certain pace. Even though we go to play basketball at the rec, we don’t always get to play.

The summer drum roll is filling the space. The kids are out from school and the rec center is filled with little ones. That energy is just contagious. So they have activities planned for the young ones and the courts were taken. The coordinator saw us and said we were welcome to join in. They kids were playing hockey. But they didn’t have quite enough players so Leo and I would be helping the guys out. And it seemed like a lot of fun. We join in.

It is very funny because I’m always defending my age. I’m not a child but something about being serious and gets me feeling like the oldest adult ever. Like I’m focusing all my energy on this determined look. Something about seeing these kids focused but not sincerely serious. They seem more open for what the moment will bring instead of having specific intentions. Young at heart but I got an old soul.

We play hockey and it rocks.

Giving high fives to my young teammates every time I get a chance. We laugh about how hard it is to be goalie. That young heart gets me well. Knowing that we could still relate on a game even though we are at different stages in our lives. It’s just a score.


21 TIPS Part 7

Basketball is gold. I’m not becoming obsessed but I am starting to make it fun and energetic. I mean the energy level is always up but I noticed that it was taking a while to amp our spirit once we got on the court. I suggest to Leo that we should do some cardio (treadmill bikes) because it’s kind of sluggish if we go straight into 21. Leo agreed and we started to work up a sweat before we get to balling it up.

The constant moving around will get us energized for that prolific game of 21 I thought. I do twenty minutes on the bike before we hit the gym. And by luck of the draw there is another group of comrades that play for their wellness hour. We get invited to play in on a 3-on-3 game and I don’t know if the pre-21 workout helped or not. Although it was fun to be playing on those guidelines. Teams. Being able to set screens or to have a guy to dish it to down low. Skip passing the ball across the court. But it is more running, and looking for the open man. Who’s open?

Although what 21 philosophy still offers to playing on teams is that at any time I can take ownership of the play. Going for the basket, overthinking the pass and you feel the defender is someone you can out win. Get your Jordan on. If the ball is in your hands. Go for it.

The Summer is mine because my shirt is drenched in sweat. Like even if our team didn’t win because this t-shirt is soaked in my own juices, I can still wear my efforts like a gold star for the day. Gross or Poetic.

I’m in it.

Toy Stories From My Stomach: Hot Potato Head Needs His Niece

It’s a becoming tradition, I sit outside in the back of our house to write while my niece plays with her toys. Summer is pretty much here and the evenings have a cool presence for us to be out and about. Bouncing ideas and philosophies off of each other. Like I’m Duncan and she’s Parker or Woody and Buzz.

Family is an awesome force to deal with and my four year old niece has a vision for the world. She picks my brain as well. I’m hoping at least there is some kind of influence happening that she can use in her future. A friend in me feeling when she can’t truly express what she wants to say and I can just relate because I feel that way too. Flustered due to my inaccurate translations coming out through my words.

We stay in our worlds. Writing in a journal while she plays with her dinosaurs and the rocks. Every once in a while I advise her to watch out for bugs or not to go too far. I mention Duncan and Parker because the San Antonio Spurs are a consistent team in the running. The two players seem to be focused on their own individual game but all in all it’s for the team.


What is the difference between a team and a family?

I guess what I’m saying is that if the time is going to be great and memorable then there needs to be great teamwork involved. With family definitely but also with everyone you connect to. With a grain of salt take these words because there sweet to spice up the meals.

My niece includes me in on her toy adventures or make–believe scenarios. Mainly the ones she knows I can keep up in. She hands me the pink candy-filled cell phone, “here it’s grandma, she wants to talk to you.” I get the phone. This actually does happen on a regular basis my Grandma calling me about the mail or something on TV. So I play the role good. Really sell that make-believe conversation to my Grandma on the other end. When I hand it back, Elexis finishes the discussion with my Grandma. They too have a mini talk.

She hangs up.

I ask her shortly after, “what did Grandma say?”

She said to BE listen to your Uncle and don’t fight.

That sounds like what my Grandma would say.

Stories From My Stomach

What is authenticity?

What determines good food from bad food? Or shall I say whom?

Like something so good and it was that good that you just assumed it was homemade rather than in a commercial kitchen. There’s a slight difference, has to be. So I just assumed it was homemade. Is there a difference? Like if a fast food employee loved his job that much could he make the food taste homemade?

What is homemade?

From scratch is always good but most of the times it seems I’m eating processed food. Scratch cooking is tough! Ingredients and processing? The seasons and spices are all what you must consider. In the kitchen you must decide because people around you need to get feed. So why not just order in? If the food is great, the service is good, and the moment you create is fun then why not consider it homegrown?

The relations you keep near are golden so please don’t judge the kitchen if the people around get feed. Satisfied much.

If you get food and it’s not good, does that mean you don’t get feed?

Hunger for life but it is sometimes truly starving for you want in your belly. Knowing that the taste of something spectacular is coming up but we do have plenty of this processed slop here for you to eat. If your belly is fool then why does it matter where the location is? Or who helped bring it to the table? There will always be decisions about what is good from bad, but if your taste buds need that special flavor then why not starve. If even the idea of the special taste can make the hunger worth feeling then why not suffer?

Food for blog.

Digesting It All

Still trying to figure this life thing out. How do you measure progress? What is even progress when you achieve success. At times it’s difficult to make sense of what’s happening. Often things unexpectedly occur and it’s
my word choice that can ruin things forever. Dramatic much.

There are consequences for my actions of course, but what are the consequences of my negative thinking? The butterflies in my gut. The anxious need for approval from others and the need to be in control. I guess there will always be a constant balance within. The movement of our words and the message inside our actions we give to the world.

Love is photosynthesis.

We give the energy to produce flowers for fruit. Food for thought is what I eat for breakfast, although it is myself in the moment that will satisfy the true hunger I feel.

I don’t know what any of this means.

21 TIPS Part 6

Basketball brings on a new day meaning each time we play the rules never change and yet the outcome is always up in the air. The rules bound us to what’s familiar and at the same time we experience something different every time. Anyone or thing can make the game that more interesting. At least for me it is. I always had studied my favorite ball players style. Actually recognize what they brought to the game. Not so much copy their style but see what can I take away from their approach to game and apply it to my own vision of how to play. I’m embellishing a little but only because I’m trying to make a point about how each player in the game offers something to anyone paying attention.

Me and Leo had already started a game of 21. Usually we do our chit chat before the game starts. Once the game starts there is a more serious feel. It’s fun but it’s also competition. So any kind of words exchanged is usually regarding the score. “How much you got?”

But today our friend Matt came in to play a couple of games. We had already started, Matt jumped in mid-session. It changes the dynamic instantly. From being a one-on-one game to three-for-all. To each is own but still the same concepts.

Matt had a certain kind of style that was very calming but yet effective. The first time he gets the ball he shoots a three. Sinks it. After you score in 21 you get to go the free throw line and shoot till you miss. Some games there will be a limit to how many time you can score at the free throw line but we have no limit. You can be there all night. If you want.

Matt very nonchalant about his approach he tells miniature stories as he dribbles the ball. Having individual conversations with the defender. Matt could not miss a free throw. Greeting people as they walked into the gym, while we were playing. Very unlike the serious-not-speaking-just-playing attitude we usually go for.

A great player can play without the ball. To influence the game not just by scoring points but by getting other players to shift their style of play by just being present.

Matt leaves once the game ends. Leo and I head out soon after. Good games with good friends. This wellness is contagious. Nothing but net.