Swimming Through Memories

Biting of more than you can chew is knowing how much to chew. So I choose to be taking all that is on my plate. Food for thought is what I eat for breakfast every day.

I been trying to keep the blog extra spicy these days. And that kind of means frequently. I think there was a time when a post before it got posted was this complex idea that just floated in my head for weeks. I had to gain courage about a strong idea storyline that would make a good post.

Now, I’m more open to what I post or say. Not so much brainstorming before I write. Maybe now it’s more about trying to catch the inspiration when it’s hot. And before when it got it hot, I would be “how do I really feel about this?” It would cool down and I could start to draft a post but this momentum was held back because I wanted to produce an artistic meaningful blog at the end of the day.

Still do…

I wanted to share a memory about a time when I was just a youngster and we were visiting my Uncle “gin-gin.” There was a pool at the apartment complex where he was living at the time. And we were outside talking and I was just learning how to swim. I begged my Mom to let me play in the pool. She didn’t want me to and I eventually got her to let me sit on the steps.

We loved to go swimming growing up. It’s the water’s cool embrace. It was an expedition always. Although at this time I was not an expert swimmer, and I made my Mom give her permission. So I’m playing on the steps and playing on the steps became trying to see how far I could walk in only holding the walls. In an instant I lost grip off the wall and couldn’t grasp the stairs with my toes. I was drowning.

 My uncle who was on the other side of the pool dove in with his cloths to save me. I wasn’t under water that long enough to be drowning. It was a split second before he could come to my rescue. I fell into the water like it could do me no harm. So grateful that my Uncle saved me so that I could tell this tale.

I did learn how to swim after that.

You know at the beginning of the blog I had my best friend/tutor John edit the posts and we would have discussions about the ideas and sentence structures for what I was truly trying to say. He was someone I felt comfortable explaining these complex ideas to, he enjoyed the fruit for thought as well.

I recently found out he is now retired and is playing music, writing poetry. Tutoring of course but not as often. I talk about this tale of my uncle saving me and it is just as significant to how I felt John tutoring me during the college years. I did need that help and being able to keep the blog going this long I feel I owe him credit for helping me start everything up.

John really liked the informalness of the posts. But we edited the big papers first. The blog was just a fun assignment for him to look at. You know life happens so fast that you are blessed to have these people in your life to keep you swimming or creating. At least you know they have hope that you continue to swim even after you almost drown.

These posts are bites at understanding what it means to swim.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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