Storiesfrommystomach: Presents 2015 Horoscopes

This amateur astrology hour here on the blog. I have always been a curious cat when it comes to astrology. Not always believing and maybe not always listening. Yet I still got respect for the art. I love astrology.

I’ve have always had a connection to the radio growing up. The radio world has personalities to engage with you on a regular basis. You have your favorite dj on the mic, maybe it’s the type of music they play on the channel. Then there’s the conversation being brought to the table. There are some many ways to pull listeners in to the sounds of the radio. Segments testing people’s trust. Maybe it’s a hot topic that people feel compelled to call in and voice their opinion. Love and happiness.

Back in the middle school days they had this boisterous guy get on the mic and he would give daily horoscopes to the listeners. I would always be laughing because it seemed that he was trying to convey the truth although when it came to a sign he was having a personal problem with he would say something like: Virgo you make me so mad and you don’t deserve a horoscope this week!

This is my attempt to dabble in the horoscope game. Enjoy.

Keep an eye on the prize my balanced friend. I know you are known for your well thought out idea and ways of thinking but this year it’s about finding new balances within. It’s more about reaching a bigger nirvana of thought. All in all never losing sight of what you’ve always had to look forward too.

Nothing can ever put you in a place but with the new year among us cooperation and teamwork is always a great bet. With positivity in the heart the road can always be met. Always counting on yourself is not a bad idea but the benefits of reaching out to the other signs can actually provide new insights about the big picture for 2015.

On top of your game this year Sagittarius, but please recognize the progression won’t always sit well with others. Peers and friends could see these successes as drastic changes for you. Overall your efforts do provide a new light, and only more fuel for the road you are taking this year.

You can only progress within this year. The balances of life are always adjusting and being open to your perspectives can provide a greater appreciation for what is inside. The fine wine must not be wasted on any negativity this year. Nothing good can come from beef this year, so don’t make any.

Remembering the fundamentals is the key to surviving the year. You have issues! Deal with them! It’s more than dealing with them, it’s more about knowing your own strengths in the grand scheme of things. Last year was checkers, so in 2015 let’s play some chess!

When you work hard, you play hard. This year your channeling a greater younger you. It’s the old you in a brand new kind of way. This experience can kick your ass so be ready to deal with what you have be storing in all these years. Try to have some fun though at least anything.

Doing big things this year. With the speed of two spirits the outside world may not actually know what you got cooking. Make the time to paint a clearer picture for loved ones,and friends what you scheming up in life. If anything is done this year make sure you put the finishing touches on these older projects that need to be completed already.

This will be a busy year Cancer, so make sure you put some pleasure on business status. Be smooth in judgement when planning some free time, they say business before pleasure and I say Cancer can handle to have a great time relaxing producing art or meditating. You know what you deserve so make it a great one this year for real.

Last year’s plate is finished and this year you need to find out what you want on your next plate for 2015. What is the direction you want to be taking? Recognize and appreciate the help available when examining “the way” you are headed in life. The best resources are sometimes right underneath the nose.

The year will giving you different energies and it can be overwhelming. This year is about you progressing, so be ready to learn more about what is within. The experience will be worth it when you finish strong. Keep positivity on your side and the challenges will be great lessons to learn from this year.

There is many aspects of your living that are popping. Meaning that you have a lot going on and your presence can be near to drama this year. Stay celebrating life and don’t let the stressors get the best of you. Be cool about everything you do this year and you’ll be fine in 2015.

A great thinker, Taurus you will be doing some heavy reflecting this year and readjusting the mind frame for the sake of seeking what you truly want out of life. The energy of the bull will be tested, if the Taurus is willing and aware of their surroundings then they will come on top like they usual do. Positivity and higher ways of thinking will take you where you need to be in the New Year. Believe that.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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