Full Court Discussion: Honorable Mentions

What is a winner to a legend? What is a legend to a ring? This basketball game has been a learning experience for me and it continues to teach me brand new things about myself. Watching the professionals play and what the season comes down to is the finals. From their a champion is named and put in the record books for all eternity, sorta. You know I wanted to do something different with these list-post, keep it funky but also the winner/loser line is so definite. And I always had much love for the player that still gave a great effort. So this post is a top 5 list of my favorite players that never won a championship. These player are still great in my eye and this is my blog homage to these basketball players that were runner ups.

The game is rough and not everyone can take home a ring. I really don’t know what the NBA gives to the second place team. What ever the outcome is these players were still ring worthy. Win or lose there are great players on both ends. Let’s get started with the list.

5.Patrick Ewing-I was a little young watching Ewing. I remember watching him play before he actually retired and he was just this big guy that knew how to play the post. He was the big post man dominating the paint in New York. The Knicks would make the playoffs and Ewing was a monster giving his defender something to go up against. All the great teams have that one post player and Ewing was one of those great post players never to reach the title. When he hung up the jersey it was a bittersweet moment only because his efforts made all these other players great and yet he wasn’t able to carry that prestige stake in time. A timeless player to say the least.

4.Karl Malone/John Stockton-These guy come as a pair, the duo just worked super well with each other. Basketball is a team sport and that means team work. Karl Malone and John Stockton portrayed teamwork in their pick and roll. The Postman would set a screen just below the the three point line. Stockton would use the screen just as Malone opened up and went in  for the basket, Stockton was an amazing passer and he would bounce pass it to Malone for an easy lay up. So simple and so classy the Utah Jazz was the team that gave Jordan a challenge. Time is an odd contraption but these guys were championship material. I remember rooting for these guys during the playoffs and their might have been frustration in the loss but now looking back the Jazz duo made the game exciting. They were the best contenders.

3.Anfernee Hardaway-Penny was slick and cool,I wanted to be Penny. He had great potential both for the Magics and the Suns. You know I wonder if he would have won a ring if Shaq had stayed in Orlando? There are so many players that can make that list and Hardaway was just an all-star. Penny could defend, he could dunk the ball and play the point.  You know a lot of the players get older and can no longer play at that caliber they once did. Surgeries and injuries are something that players go through. Anfernee went through his basketball battles and he did retire eventually. I remember being all excited when he got traded to the Phoenix Suns. Having one of my all-time favorite players come to Arizona was music for my soul. Great player to have on your team.

2.Allen Iverson-The “Answer” was the name and this guy made the crowd go crazy. You know Iverson made an impact on the world. He was such a great player and was able to represent his brand. On and off the court Iverson had the attention of the people. Iverson was a superstar energizing the game, jersey number 3. He never won the championship but he did win several other prestigious awards in the NBA. What I remember most of Iverson was his ability to steal the ball. A great defender, the Answer would steal the ball and take off to the other end for the easy basket. He played the point and definitely was a player that needed to be watched. Bringing so much to the game I had to put him on the list. He is the Answer.

1.Reggie Miller-And last but not least. Watching Reggie Miller growing up I always saw him as the bad guy. He was always in the playoffs, a great defender and a even greater three point shooter. He was the ultimate opponent. Getting in the face of his defender, talking trash. He was such a bad ass. You know season after season Reggie was in the playoff causing a ruckus. With his skill and attitude Miller made the game exciting. When it came down to crunch time he was a player that could turn the game upside down. He hardly missed that three pointer of his and even with the defender all up in his face. All players must go up against the time, fourth quarter with just seconds left. The pressure builds and Reggie Miller could play excellent in that state of time. You know the determiner of the game is time, each one of these players deserves to hold their head up high. Win or lose the game always gives the players a great time to shine. Miller and the rest of the squad really brought that enthusiasm for the game.  I mean everyone can be driven to win but these players just had a talent for the game. And it is the love for the game that keeps everything moving. Win or lose the next game will make everything better.




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I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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