Don’t Forget To Make That Birthday Wish

March Madness is among us and Aquarius season has ended in a blaze. Some what wiser than I was before Aquarius season started. I can never measure the times and I just know that in the present moment I’m still figuring things out, reflecting on how I understand it all. 

 The philosopher takes on a life of questions, finding those answers and applying them to a ongoing discussion about preserving the greater good of living. 

 I think my connection to my niece is what helps me stay grounded with the realities about what is at stake. Life choices and making something out of nothing for the sake of inner glory. Elexis is going to be five in a few months, she has had a couple birthdays under her belt and she knows the birthday routine. She is a fan of cake and knows the birthday song, my niece has the knowledge to hold her own at the table. If I eat all my food then I can have cake? 

 I’m not just talking about table manners, I mean once your at the table your apart of the cast of the play in a funny way. And Elexis can act circles around us all. She has jokes and interesting stories (not always true). I remember when I was a kid they called me “radar ears” because I was always listening to what the adults were saying. Fast forward to now and I’m the adult my niece is watching, listening to and following around for inspiration. I hope at least I teach her enough to be a good person at the table. 

So this past month my birthday was on the calendar and my brother made a cake for me. I was very grateful and of course we had a wonderful dinner but the icing on the cake was actually the moment right before we cut cake that night. Elexis sat right next to me as we lit the candles and started to sing. This is the moment E-girl has been anticipating, CAKE!!! 

I thought maybe she just wanted to help blow out the candles as we sing the first line of the song, Elexis gets close to me and starts talking in this serious tone. I lean in closer to hear what she is saying. She is in this serious place with her words and it almost felt like a counselor was talking to me. I look to her and then I look at the cake, look back at her. You need to make a wish…


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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