Good Trash Talk

I have been obsessed with basketball as of late. If I’m not playing it, then I’m talking about playing, or watching it, reading about it. It’s just this crazy circus planted in my world. You know I always said that music was a kind of therapy and it is, but basketball is medicine for the soul too. I respect the grounds of the game and when I’m on the court, I’m healing baby. I’m healing oh so good.

Taking the shot is what matters because that’s how you make points. If your trying to win then points are a big deal. Although things like good defense and boxing out will help keep you in possession of the ball. So I’m saying the points matter but not to the same degree as playing great defense. Whatever is brought to the table, can you handle it?

There is the element of the game that really isn’t apart of the playing at all and yet it works, that is the banter and comical dialogue in-between plays. Even the talks that happen before and after. It does give color to the game always. Even to break tension, it will always help. Communication is key because even If it’s nonsense there is still creativity being passed back and forth.


You coming to class today?
I’m coming to teach class today, so yes I’ll be there.
I’m talking about the course I’m teaching, you should come, I think you’ll benefit from the content.
Oh, I tested out of that class but your more than welcome to audit the course I’m teaching. I got guest lectures scheduled. All my students really have a fun time but it’s tough.
You did not pass kid.
Yeah at eleven.

Monty Jones

Are your gracing us with your presence today?
Yeah, did you let the boys know?
That’s why I’m contacting you sir.
Give word
I’ll do the birdcall
Put out the bat signal
At eleven

Ben Bob Won

Hit me up when you ready to play
Any time boy
Alright when I get back
Make sure you bring your A game
Aw, you want that A1 Steaksauce
Yeah and go ahead and add a baked potato to that order
Might as well just order the Enchilada because I serve that whole
This guy.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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