A Summer Wonder

The mountains are held by dinosaurs far into the ground, holding everything in place for now they stand still. The clouds pass through carrying precious information.  The air fluff is new stories to keep us sound and alert. Our souls are warm in this needy weather although the sweat melts right off to soak the full fabric I place over my flesh. We call it summer and yet it’s more like appreciation for the phase of the earth brewing great things to come. Each one fruits and how you work and live shows in the times of that particular summer.

I want to write short stories and talk with close friends about nothing and be contributing to my place on this planet at the highest potential possible. The adventures and discussions is always a must.

I believe if I put out good energy then I could possibly see it returned back in what I may not even notice yet if I stay postive hearted then ultimately I’m good. Nothing’s perfect and if I have negativity weighing me down that will only make it harder for me to get to where I need to be. We all have the journey and the road to conquer. I’m trying to dream the right way and stay humbled with my people in my time.

Life is a bowl of olives…


10 Haiku Post

Young spirits run this
Found glitches in the system 
Am I in control?

Accidents happen 
Influence is a weapon 
Decisions work out.

Trust will always be
Optimistic feelings here

Beauty is truth 
Seek and you shall find nothing 
The future is bright.

Bad notes still sound 
Off key, my delivery
A star will blow up.

Keep good company
Prepare for playoff season
Work on getting great.

Haikus, how I vent
Reminiscing and writing
Paint a special picture.

Stand strong broken head
Justice will be served with glue
Real recognize real.

Smarter than average
Foolishly talking, I know
Wish I could figure?

Chilling by the house
So thankful for memories
Strong hearted survive.

Polite Company: Bad Vs Good

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

I think this statement holds up pretty well but their are some truths that may get missed that proves this proposition wrong. I think if there is sincere care for the person on the other end of the discussion then there is really no negativity that can escalate. 

Now if there is no connection with the people you’re talking with, then things may get heated and even cause conflict. It almost seems like if there is a deep connection with your argument buddy then your also more open to hearing things they say. Opposed to a stranger that will say things you disagree with when discussing religion or politics, even music. The art of discussion is endless, and if you have no bond with the other person you are talking with, fighting is an option.

Friends fight but enemies goto war. I think there is always conflict but necessary discussions resolve the matters, kinda. That’s what makes the statement sound silly, even though their is someone I don’t know that doesn’t mean that I can’t talk about important topics I feel strongly about with them. It might be a bad idea but my point of view is too important to me and if I’m holding back then ultimately I’m losing out.

I guess we truly don’t know the future, we don’t know who will come into our lives. Sometimes people need to just be heard, and even once in awhile there will be someone that can make you change your view on life just by something they say. If you close yourself off from conflict or discussion then your not testing the philosophies you’ve developed in your head. We all have something to offer the world, so don’t suppress honest expression from within.

And always agree to disagree.