Uncle Buck Is Bringing Home Pizza!

I am not myself sometimes. It feels like that Alexisonfire song Boiled Frogs My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away. It can be like that at times when reality sets and I’m not linked to the younger me. I’m the responsible version of myself and he is not a kid, he is not 21 anymore. My biggest fear is to live a life not worth living and me recognizing this drastic change in age is scary. How can I accomplish everything before I can’t do anything? Does that even make any sense?

Poor little Tin man, still swinging his axe, even though even though his joint are clogged with rust.

I try my hardest to be positive and be a nice guy. At my finest of course but I need to get better at it. Channeling my positivity and staying levelheaded in the grand scheme of things.

As my youth dwendles in the wind of time, the rust spreads to my thoughts. This gloom I’m speaking with is how things can become in the dome. Negativity can knock on my door and life can freeze with difficulty.

There’s so much to dream about, There must be more to my life.

I think even the Greats have their bad days or even what I call funks. So I can get stuck or feel like I’m in this funk, yet there’s always that spark of energy fueling me to continue. Family, friends, the game.

I was in Tucson having some car issues  and was in this waiting room lobby. It was the second mechanic looking at my car. There was a couple cars ahead but the actual problem was me thinking negative about what was wrong with the ride.

I was also in Tucson grabbing a few groceries and some pizza for the UofA game. I didn’t know how long this wait in the mechanics den would be. They always have coffee in these rooms. That powered creamer and some kind of sweet and low. I’m never in the mood but sometimes I wish I was just to look like I don’t mind the taste.

I get a text…

You know that Tin man was rusted in the woods for a long time and it was Dorothy that gave him the oil for his joints. There is an exchange that gives the tin man a quench for life. He is mobile again and she gets him out of his funk.

It’s my brother and he sends a picture of Elexis rocking her UofA jersey holding up a number one so suavely. My niece is the Dorothy to my Tin man. My car is fine and I get the stuff. I head home because I told E-girl that I was bringing home some pizza for the game!




Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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