Outside Writing My Last Haiku In May

I was an asshole

Not trying to break away

Men are mean kind fools.


Childhood Revisited 

No one is perfect and time is inevitable, that is how I want to start this post. I grew up to be an “okay ” guy. I survived my childhood, I can live to tell the story, so it was a cold dark night…

One day off from my birthdate being on Friday the thirthteen. I knew I caused my parents a lot of stress when I was born. I was pretty small and I never ate or slept. Actually only way I could catch a snooze was on my dad’s belly, at least that’s what they tell me.

The reason for this post was to examine my childhood and see if there was something I would do different. And also now “me” as an adult how would I influence childhood around me?

I think this topic can go many ways, but I don’t know if changing things would make it better. One of the hardest things to deal with being young was losing my father. My dad passed away when I was twelve and it woke me up. Even to this day things aren’t the same without him here. But regardless of his passing, he’s still teaching me things about life and myself. 

You know the saying It takes a village to raise a child, It’s true…

I watched a lot of TV in my younger years. Of course they had these picture perfect family structures but ideally weren’t real. It’s just TV, yet the reason why I bring up the It takes a village to raise a child saying because in reality, anyone willing to support you, can fall into what it means to be family. 

There is no one right way to get things done and everyone that is here to help  you is someone that cares. The world is not always a kind place, although if I’m connected to these individuals looking out for my best interest then things will eventually work out. 

I always say this but I get so much enjoyment watching my niece take on the world. Almost five and she’s ready for what the day will bring. She identifies me as “Uncle,” so I’m linked to her childhood already. 

I’m very blessed to be included in her adventures and anything she wants to know about my childhood, I can share. 

Ain’t No Telling

There was a time when I was younger and everything was smaller but I still felt old enough to have some wisdom to survive. The complexities of time leads us to unknown territory, waiting for glory, or god, or godot. The joy of being acknowledged will comfort me in this dark room.

In the current times I’m focused on what currency will get for me, but nothing is everything in this smoke of approval. Property and possessions will never be truly mine, so are they worth attaining?

Regardless of time, I’m only here for the experience. Any kind of connection to space and breath I must respect. Although I too need that certain kind of tone, please recognize the changes.

Not knowing is actually knowing more than enough to know you need to pay attention. In the madness of darkness there is the most brightest opportunity.

My Thoughts On The Year So Far

The Year So Far:
I didn’t make any tragic resolutions this past year, I think I was approaching it on a simplistic level. Not so sure, now that were nearly half way complete with the actual year. It will be resolution season before you know it, I honestly can say I’m happy with the any progress I’ve made. It’s not so much, but it’s enough to fuel the direction I’m desiring for myself in this moment, year or whatever.

The biggest goal I set myself was to be doing a consistent amount of blog posts. And yes of course I could be doing way more, yet I’ve stayed on track with the doing more post, kinda peeling the onion some more. There are layers to this blogging stuff and there will be always topics and situations to discuss. I thought the challenge for me was going to be me being distracted from the blog.

I guess the real challenge is that I’m not trying to find the biggest challenge for myself. I have the blog to keep me stimulated, although I need to be finding other ways to test myself. Growing is tough and this year is almost understanding that to the fullest, we fall down, and it’s embarrassing and humiliating, it’s also beautiful because the self is experiencing this wonderful universe. And that is fuckin’ awesome….

A Letter To My Readers…

This was something I knew nothing about, there was a few celebrity blogs I checked out but I never really saw the depth of what a blog could mean to me. I wanted to continue the blog because it was this resource for discussion in my day to day interactions.  

When I first started storiesfrommystomach I was in college and it was something to share with friends and classmates. Of course asking my mom to read particular ones, the ones about family. 

Now in the present moment I’m still at with the blog, It seems I do only poetry post these days but I know their waiting to come out. This blog is for me and it lifts me up to know someone wants and will read what I post. It is my therapy and when you read something that resonates, I am floating on cloud nine.

I can read these post alone forever and everything is fine but it is nothing compared to the connection I feel when a reader is able to add their own insights and have a new revelation about a topic I’m talking about. I think the readers make everything work. 

A million thank yous to anyone willing to take time out of their day to read something I wrote. I’ve made some great friends through the blog and what always makes me happy is that it leads to other discussions. And that’s what it’s all about. Preserving the quest for knowledge and wisdom, getting these treasures with some good people. 

One of my favorite comedians/writers is Jerry Sienfeld. He’s brilliant. So Sienfeld disagrees with the phrase life is short, he says it’s the opposite, life is too long. Jerry was referencing this statement because he was saying we need things to occupy us. Explaining why we have worshiped celebrities that really have no artistic skill that would make them great. 

Regardless if I’m what you use to kill time or you find some higher power in the words I put down, you are loved and highly regarded in my eyes.

I am in good company with all who supports this endeavor.