Spicy Dinners And Sweet Dreams

The night is coming to an end and my niece truly runs the clock, as she gets ready for bed. Requesting for extras assistance in brushing her teeth and then asking if someone could help her with her prayers. She has every excuse mastered to help spread those last seconds before the lights go out…

I definitely can relate because I never wanted to sleep when I was a kid. All the best shows and entertainment was on late. At night the work of day rests and allows the playful to play, I mean you make it through a long day and you still have energy for the dark. Of course we need our sleep, but I’m still awake with the best potential for the moon.

My brother was on the verge of making spaghetti for the dinner and I convinced him to make sloppy enchiladas instead. We had not cooked enchiladas in awhile, all the ingredients were there. I told him that it would be easier and that it was different. Spaghetti was too safe this night. He listened and I pulled out everything we needed. Taco shells, enchilada sauce, and all the cheeses.

It looked so good when he placed it on the table. Slicing cake size pieces and dishing the enchiladas out, my brother places a small slice for E-girl. We start to dig in. It was still warm from the oven so I thought that the heat was ok for me to scarf down. Three bites in I start to notice that these enchiladas are not only delicious, their also freakin’ hot. My tongue and lips are in flames.

E-girl tries to enjoy the meal yet the burning flavors cause her to breathe fast. It’s too hot. We are baffled by this heated flavor. You know they say that if your cooking when your mad then the food will come out hot. So they say…

I question my brother’s feelings when he was preparing the meal. Although my brother looks for the enchilada sauce can and it says Super Hot. The case was solved and I feel responsible for the mix up. I didn’t even look at the can and just assumed it to be the right one. I’m a mild guy.

Spicy yet funny at the end.


Elexis is about to goto sleep but is fishing for the right question. Uncle where did you come from? I’ m from here. You just came here? Your dad is my little brother so we just got placed together. But when did you get here? I’ve been here. Where was I? I think it’s time for bed…


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

2 thoughts on “Spicy Dinners And Sweet Dreams”

  1. A question you couldn’t answer!? I’d have to think about it too, I am not sure how I got where I am.

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