Basketball Religion: All Ballers Go To Game Seven

lately it’s been a blast getting to get these three on three games going on. Basketball was designed to be a team sport so instead of only thinking about myself, I also have these other individuals working with me. It’s a great feeling when the offense starts clicking and you find a groove with your teammates.

It’s silent music, the rattling of the rim, the screeching of the sneakers. A random beat of the hardwood as the ball touches, embracing drums, the bounce, after bounce, after bounce is leading you to destiny. Freedom. Hope.

We didn’t need to communicate before we ran the ball that time. That time or any other time, the ball moves us in that direction. Nothing is like the experience of finding that sweet sound of soundless communication. 

The dialogue between the motions of our energy is spoken scripture. We pass and screen, wait for the right moment to release. The ball moves closer to the rim and point. 


It’s the playoffs for the NBA, Bulls and Cavs are matched up in the second round. The regular season is over and the best record teams are all after one thing, a championship ring to mark the great accomplishment of being the last one standing.

The Cavs and Bulls series is my favorite in the tournament; I watch the match but I also follow the discussions with the announcers throughout the game. It was odd to see, this being Lebron’s comeback to the playoffs as a Cavalier. He knows what he did in Miami and it’s almost like seeing if he could do it again. The Cavaliers are a young team and Lerbon has developed enough wisdom to get them this far, can he do it with his home team a second time?

Now the Bulls are my hope in this series. It’s been a while and a small ounce of me wanted to just no longer root for Derrick Rose. I had his back this entire time and it’s not that I gave up on Rose, but if he ain’t playing then he ain’t playing. And yet I know he can run with every championship team in his injured timeline.

I had to really think about it because I know he has the potential to be one of the greats. I guess with any kind of pain or ache, there needs to be that time to heal. Rose is incredible to watch, he does the impossible out there. Dodging defenders inside the paint, moving his hold on the ball, avoiding hands and bodies, pump faking his way to the hoop. If the Bulls win the series, I might shed a tear to the wait and the return of Derrick Rose.

Two separate forces, powerful forces going at it, and we are not even close to the finals. There is more basketball to come and even though it’s a important series, we still have three other basketball debates happening in other locations. James and Rose both got their goal for the year and now it’s actually about following through on finishing strong. Each of these guys are team players but also can be determined to have that ball in those crucial moments. The championship title opportunity is on the line and it will take some great teamwork to gain the dub.

They say there is no “I” in team, and yes there are facts to justify that statement. Although Jordan responded to that declaration of truth by saying that there was an “I” in “win,” and Jordan has a few rings under his belt already. So he knows a few things but James and Rose should utilize the team dynamic to their best advantage, and know when to step in be the”I” in win.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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