What Is A Even Keel?

A prompt question was given to me and I had no clue to what was being asked. An “even keel” is referencing a ship that is balanced with the motions of the sea. I just goggled it, so I could be semi-wrong. The balance of your life, how do you maintain that ship sailing with the unknown currents always crashing into your direction?

I’ve never been at sea but things on land can be hectic or difficult as well. We take on challenges and go after new territory within the sea of the mind. I noticed about a year and half ago that basketball was this missing piece to my peace of mind. I enjoy the comoradrie and friendly competiiton; the fundamentals that make you a great player are always going to be there. Practice makes perfect and nothing is perfect, so take the shot and play good defense.

I try to at least play three times a week. Basketball is the help to my maintaining an even keel. I can sweat out my stress and put in my two cents to the game. I also feel that the individuals around me playing are rejuvenating my energy. They are challenging me, at the same time encouraging me to get better. I need to have postive teammates and determined defenders. 

An even keel to me is a day-to-day process and having basketball in my schedule makes the balance worth it. I can see myself working through the chaos, and I know there is support from people who have their own even keel to deal with. No matter how difficult life can be, I see the game as a key element to preserving a steady ship.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

4 thoughts on “What Is A Even Keel?”

  1. I rather enjoyed this writing piece of yours. “WHAT IS A EVEN KEEL.” Balancing day to day currents; continuously leveling my posture to keep from falling – maintaining all balance. The motions of the sea are equivalent to the energy that surrounds me, that are inside me, good and bad…energy that I was born with. What do you think about energy? I cannot describe in words that are suitable or worthy to describe what that energy feels like. It is only understood when people alike feel the same energy; the same people that practice this balancing act. It’s not easy. “Even keel.” I believe this is the closest in words I can relate. Awesome.

  2. Yeah I feel what you mean about energy! I always think about the example of a team. If you have negativity that’s being passed around it slows down the momentum and can create a low feeling for everyone. Now on the other hand a team that is supporting and encouraging each other, has a better chance of holding that positive energy. Basketball is play by play. Keeping that good energy is worth preserving. I think this negative/positive energy scenario can apply to life situations. Although working on team is not always easy. I just think that the planet is filled with potential energy and individually we have the right to decide what we want to do with out own. I guess going back to the post, the sea is energy, forceful or weak, it’s energy that we have to embrace. Thanks for reading, Marion.

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