This Rock, Rocks!

Pride was what killed Beowulf…

Help or no help, you need help. There are many sayings to come to mind when asking about help, If you want something done right then do it yourself. Something along those lines, the statement is like reminding the self to rely on your own resources and that there will probably be a better outcome due to leaving out others perception of your own original vision. It seems the phrase gets used when the disappointment is present. It gets said as a lesson rather than a mantra.

The Do-It-Yourself energy is a plus because to be self-reliant is King. But Help is another story, Help can be many things. How would the world be if there was no help.  And maybe too much is help is actually damage, yet not all help is hurting the Do-It-Yourself energy. Does help empower you or does it weaken your strength to be self-reliant?

To know you need help for certain moments in life is actually realizing that the self is capable of doing the impossible and pushing those limits.

In my life their are levels to conversations, I feel I can get there easier with some than others. Maybe I feel close, or they know how my personality functions, or I just trust them with my thoughts about nothing. I appreciate those moments when there is sincere content to gain from, in just simple talks.

After a good game of 4-on4, C-Love asks me Did you watch the game last night? I had watch some of it that night. I changed it at fourth quarter because it seemed to be Golden State all the way. They had the momentum and the lead. I was upset. Lebron needs help. I guess through the media and just the traditional way of promoting a game, they put a spotlight on one particular player. He’s the best player on the team, he’s the one who wants the ball. The fans wear his jersey and buy his shoes because he’s the go-to guy.


They were announced as champions, yet they were exhausted. Pippen and Jordan are hugging it out as they stagger off the court. This connection is beyond the reason of victory, they are bonding over the acknowledgment of the battle. That’s just my interpretation of the picture. Jordan was the go-to-guy for the Bulls, yet he still needed his teammates for help. He needed them to step up and be working at his level. It’s more than cooperation to get the win, it’s like going above and beyond to make your team great. MJ needed help from Pippen, and Pippen was ready to play at Jordan’s level. I think the whole squad was trying to match that MJ effort.

Now to the present, Cavs are down 3-2. Golden State is one game away from getting their championship ring on. This was a big series and Lebron was under the spotlight majority of the time. He will continue to carry that spotlight, he’s just an amazing player that can’t be left out of the conversation when it comes to great basketball.

I think that was what C-Love was describing when he said Lebron needed help. His team needs to be playing at his level and stepping up their game, pushing their limits to get the win. And if we go by the logic of math, Cavs need to help themselves twice, in order to achieve that precious history and wear that ring of time.

The Golden State team on the other hand all seem to be coherently on the same level. They use “We” in their interview answers. Each player on the court can shine without any pressure of being expected to. I mean Stephen Curry is the go-to-guy, but he has a lot of help.

We shall see, in due time.

Ask for help and know when to give help.

My philosophy.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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