Mixtape For The Summer Youth

You know it’s time that we

Grow old and do some shit

Cursive – The Great Decay

In Pieces – A Miracle

Scarface/2 pac – Smile

Lil Wayne – Nightmares of the Bottom

Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit

The summer days are among us and the youngsters are all out of school. I kept busy during the summer as a kid, I think this post is more about the music and what I jammed during the school days. This is a short playlist of the music I rocked in middle school, high school, and even in college. Not all the music I had in my earbuds, but a good way to kickoff a series of mixtapes for the blog. I have survived quite a few summers in my life. It’s weird though maybe because I’m not in school and I have a open schedule but the summer became this abstract sense of time, when school was done. I want to enjoy it but I also don’t want to be careless with it. You know making that transition of going back to school from vacation and then back to school was easy because I had the music.

I discovered the band Cursive in high school, they had a few great albums that I rocked. The song great decay was on the Burst and Bloom ep, the electric guitars and screaming made Cursive raw sounding. It wasn’t too heavy and yet the lyrics were still striking your soul. The back up vocals gave the lead singer a storyteller depth on that tracks. It was during this time when they were calling bands “emo,” but this was the sound I needed for my heart-on-my-sleeve attitude.

The Lions Write History album had come out, and it was a new sounding In Pieces. This album came out right after I graduated High School, so I remember having it on repeat the summer before I moved to Tempe for college. I had a job at the gas station and could listen to this album from start to end. The track a miracle was the intro song to the album and this was the music for this new chapter in my life(adulthood.)

Going back to the middle school days, I was always into hip-hop and 2 pac was just inspiring to hear. He was talking tough but their was sincere content about actual struggles people were dealing with. You know the time from when 2 pac was in jail to time he passed away, pac was working like crazy. His work ethic gave him a living legacy, he made music and movies, wrote poetry. He just was an amazing individual and definitely made me alert and aware of my surroundings. In middle school I was bumping a lot of rap and r & b.

Lil’ Wayne came in handy for me, during this haitus I took from college. You know Wayne was doing some cool stuff that I had never seen before. The self proclaimed Greatest Rapper Alive, he was making tons of music. A new age when everything was on the Internet and at the touch of your finger tips. Wayne just utilized these resources to his best advantage. One of the more memorable reads in college was The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz was giving me a clearer way of seeing life and  showing me techniques to better handling my day-to-day experiences. The fourth agreement in the book is to always do your best. You may not be the most qualified in every situation, although if I apply my best efforts then I’m not leaving anything for second guessing or debate afterwards. Bringing that back to hip-hop, you have several individuals trying to prove they the best. I felt Wayne was living that one agreement, by him saying, and showing that confidence, it just intrigued me to hear this guy rap. Nightmares of the bottom was released after Wayne was in prison and there are references to that situation in the verses.

Lover’s Spit was this slow anthem on my iPod. Broken Social Scene was a band that I heard in High School, yet it pretty muched kept me grounded during the college years. I would get complaints from my neighbors because I had that album blasting every morning. The sounds that they were using transcended me to an electronic fairy tale with delay and reverb filling the forest of music. Broken Social Scene got me through some tough times and I wanted them to end the tape.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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