Popovers And Frybread Beef… Part Three

(Everyone is sitting around the table)

Clayton: Hey Jess can you make popovers? 

Jess: Put right on the spot like that, uh. Yes I do, I may not be the best at it, but I know how to whip up a batch if that’s requested of me.

Rob: Why the robotic answer? Don’t you like popovers?

Jess: My bad, I guess growing up I was always told to that my popover skills would land me a great husband. Ha all my frybread does is attract bugs. Big bugs.

Felix: Maybe your skills aren’t that great.

Jess: And I bet everyone is just dying to have a popovers at your imaginary frybread stand.

Clayton: Are we starting to plan a frybread making contest?

Rob: No! We are planning a popover making contest!

Clayton: I Like the sound of that. I’ll be a judge of course. 

Felix: No, we are not having a contest. Jess would win.

Jess: You have no faith in any of your culinary skills?

Felix: Your a girl, your good at that stuff.

Grandma/Aunty: How are your popovers Jess?

Jess: I still need to master the dough part but I have everything else covered. Their nowhere near as good as yours, thats for sure.

Grandma/Aunty: I have my off days, but today wasn’t too bad.

Clayton: Hey Grandma, I have a question for you,  well it’s more of a brain teaser, if you will.

Grandma/Aunty: Hit me.

Clayton: We been discussing the terms popover and frybread to describe the fluffy bread we eat. The round fried out dough has a name, what do you call it? Is it a popover? Is it a frybread? You have the floor.

Grandma/Aunty: You know it’s funny because I just got off the phone with my dear old friend I use to work with. She was from a different tribe and she had invited me to her house to have frybread. Although at the time I did not know they were preparing frybread. When I got to the house, they invited me in and we started to eat. Somewhere in-between the meal I say something like “these popovers are delicious.” The mother of my friend gets offended because it was a recipe that her mother had passed on to her. Majority of the people at the house did not know what popovers was. I had to explain myself to the mother, and that I meant no harm to her recipe or family.  We had a good laugh after the miscommunication was cleared up. I told them about the similarities between our family and theirs. It was a memorable time in my life because I connected to another family being away working and yet I was comfortable being me, the me my family sees. So after when we start to get ready to leave the house, my friend’s mother gives me a piece of paper. I thought she was giving me her address or contact information. It’s folded and she tells me to look at it later.

It was the frybread recipe. I was honored and even to this day I still have that recipe she wrote down from that one night. 

Rob: So your saying that we ate frybread tonight? Not popovers?

Grandma/Aunty: I’m saying the recipe has frybread written on it, yes, but I don’t stick to the recipe that was written down. I have made my tweaks and changes over time to get the taste you taste today. It may resemble a frybread to others, not me. I see a popover, a damn good one. 

Clayton: I think that’s the end of our investigation Grandma. 

Felix: Well what’s the conclusion?

Clayton: It all ends up meaning the same thing and nothing can really ever compare the two meanings.


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

One thought on “Popovers And Frybread Beef… Part Three”

  1. All my frybread does it attract bugs, big bugs! Hahahaha! Can’t wait for the contest, if it happens! Haha

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