Popovers And Frybread Beef… Part Three

(Everyone is sitting around the table)

Clayton: Hey Jess can you make popovers? 

Jess: Put right on the spot like that, uh. Yes I do, I may not be the best at it, but I know how to whip up a batch if that’s requested of me.

Rob: Why the robotic answer? Don’t you like popovers?

Jess: My bad, I guess growing up I was always told to that my popover skills would land me a great husband. Ha all my frybread does is attract bugs. Big bugs.

Felix: Maybe your skills aren’t that great.

Jess: And I bet everyone is just dying to have a popovers at your imaginary frybread stand.

Clayton: Are we starting to plan a frybread making contest?

Rob: No! We are planning a popover making contest!

Clayton: I Like the sound of that. I’ll be a judge of course. 

Felix: No, we are not having a contest. Jess would win.

Jess: You have no faith in any of your culinary skills?

Felix: Your a girl, your good at that stuff.

Grandma/Aunty: How are your popovers Jess?

Jess: I still need to master the dough part but I have everything else covered. Their nowhere near as good as yours, thats for sure.

Grandma/Aunty: I have my off days, but today wasn’t too bad.

Clayton: Hey Grandma, I have a question for you,  well it’s more of a brain teaser, if you will.

Grandma/Aunty: Hit me.

Clayton: We been discussing the terms popover and frybread to describe the fluffy bread we eat. The round fried out dough has a name, what do you call it? Is it a popover? Is it a frybread? You have the floor.

Grandma/Aunty: You know it’s funny because I just got off the phone with my dear old friend I use to work with. She was from a different tribe and she had invited me to her house to have frybread. Although at the time I did not know they were preparing frybread. When I got to the house, they invited me in and we started to eat. Somewhere in-between the meal I say something like “these popovers are delicious.” The mother of my friend gets offended because it was a recipe that her mother had passed on to her. Majority of the people at the house did not know what popovers was. I had to explain myself to the mother, and that I meant no harm to her recipe or family.  We had a good laugh after the miscommunication was cleared up. I told them about the similarities between our family and theirs. It was a memorable time in my life because I connected to another family being away working and yet I was comfortable being me, the me my family sees. So after when we start to get ready to leave the house, my friend’s mother gives me a piece of paper. I thought she was giving me her address or contact information. It’s folded and she tells me to look at it later.

It was the frybread recipe. I was honored and even to this day I still have that recipe she wrote down from that one night. 

Rob: So your saying that we ate frybread tonight? Not popovers?

Grandma/Aunty: I’m saying the recipe has frybread written on it, yes, but I don’t stick to the recipe that was written down. I have made my tweaks and changes over time to get the taste you taste today. It may resemble a frybread to others, not me. I see a popover, a damn good one. 

Clayton: I think that’s the end of our investigation Grandma. 

Felix: Well what’s the conclusion?

Clayton: It all ends up meaning the same thing and nothing can really ever compare the two meanings.


One thought on “Popovers And Frybread Beef… Part Three

  1. All my frybread does it attract bugs, big bugs! Hahahaha! Can’t wait for the contest, if it happens! Haha

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