Wisdom 101: Discussion Question

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can take control of your own destiny?

I was thinking about this on the way home from work, trying to figure out the simplist way of answering the question. You know the future is a dark and exciting place, yet getting there is another story. 

I think we have opportunities to experience fate and then there are times when you can take control of your destiny with ease. Yet ultimately our decisions determine the value of the outcome. I believe my efforts are reflected in the outcome of my day to day. I do what is naturally inside of how I feel, and things happen the way they are suppose to happen. I am aware of my future and forever will be out of control.

I guess I’ll answer your question with a question, could you believe that you could believe in something that could not be true?

Maybe the way, or how we attain success and status is the real topic being asked in the question. Is it something that we should rely on? Or is it something we can take as much as we need in order to be satisfied?

There is energy naturaly here and then there is energy you need to chase. Knowing the difference between the two energies is a big deal. Believe that.


Hungover From The Weekend… Part Three…

(The gang is still sitting at the table getting a second round of coffee)

Rob: I am going throw this out there and you guys can take it or leave it, but I already mentioned that the element of the calendar was a distraction for me, and that I needed to get it out of my life. I still roam it’s hallways but I am not a member. 

And I never wanted to be the super intelligent one of the group giving you guys advice on living and telling you how to be a better person with yoga, but the simple fact that Monday is the same as Friday depending on your mindset.

Therefore the Monday blues are only optional for people to have. The misery is an illusion and the Friday hype is just a hype, not always real. 

Clayton: I may not have the brain capacity of Rob but I do know that majority of the people are on a Monday through Friday schedule. Regardless if we want to be included or not, we just have it in our lives. It almost connects me to every stranger and celebrity. 

You do make valid points and having each day be almost the same is cool too. Yet Saturday and Sunday are just different. The feel of the weekend days are a mental power break. We shut down, we refresh. So even though ideally treating each day like it is the same day works, communativley it is not true. We are experiencing a space of rest from the Monday to Friday run. 

Jess: So what your saying is that I can make a Monday a Friday and turn a Friday into a Monday all in one week. I do love a long Saturday morning.

Felix: Yes, the weekend is the greatest thing in my life but maybe the fact that Monday is leaving the weekend and Friday is entering the two day adventure, yeah Friday will always be the more favorable day. 

Jess: Yeah Friday is the preview for the weekend and Monday is like the ending credits of the movie. No one wants to read all that.

Rob: So maybe I can treat all my days the same and distinguish nothing between them to have me dislike one day more than the other. I might have the ability to do that, but the way you guys talk about the weekend is like a paradise I know nothing about?

Felix: Imagine a long road, a highway to the heavens, I don’t know a freeway that is just running forever. Your going to come across these rest areas, rest stops. You don’t need to stop, but you been driving for a while. Why not take a break and maybe get a snack, see the lay of the land. Rest. 

The weekend is society’s rest stop. 

Clayton: Amen Brother. 

Jess: Okay, the weekend is wonderful but I could make a similar argument that the feel of a Thursday or a Monday can surpass the joy of the weekend.

Clayton: Keep going.

Jess: Having that information, any day can be a weekend, so why not treat everyday the same if that excitement is possible?

Clayton: Almost like even the names of the days have certain powers. Well, powers that you could give them.

Felix: All I know is that none of this conversation helps the fact that Mondays suck. 

Hungover From The Weekend… Part Two… 

(Clayton, Rob, Jess, and Felix sit around the table drinking coffee.)

Clayton: Hey Felix, how did your weekend go?

Felix: I was with family and we hung out in the city. My phone was whacked, it went out so I couldn’t get any messages. But it was good, didn’t want it to end. 

Clayton: Earlier this morning we were talking about the dreaded Monday feeling. You know the feeling? 

Felix: Are you kidding, I get the pre-Monday blues on Sunday evening. I know it’s coming so it is on the brain. It’s like the hourglass is ending and I know something is around the corner.

Jess: But, Rob made a valid point about Friday being the more scary day.

Rob: Yeah, well it’s like any other day. So why should it be treated like the worst thing in the world. Fridays too, can be flawed, they can have not so great outcomes.  

Clayton: There might be some truth to that but the dreaded Monday feeling is waiting for you right when you wake up. If I have a bad Friday, which I hardly ever, then it’s out weighted by good times.

Jess: I can’t recall being excited for a Monday, maybe Thursday when The Office was still on the air. But Monday has always been the one to get me complaining. 

Clayton: Wow, maybe as a society we use Monday as a martyr. Everyone places their discomfort on the day and Monday gets the blame for the troubles in the world.

Rob: Sounds like someone needs to get Monday a beer.

Jess: Pour out a little liquor.

Felix: I must make an observation, and I would have never thought that we’d be putting down Friday and having sympathy for Monday. Yes, my days are consistently placed and there is a pattern I go by because of the calendar, like it should.

I’m just putting my two cents to what was already said by everyone about the one day that was more dreaded or critical. And I think Wednesday is where the problem/awesome determination  begins. I mean you are dead in the center of the week cycle. It has momentum to push you towards Friday and has the knowledge of Monday. 

Clayton: So if you have a good Wednesday then that will trickle down to having a good Friday, probably even a good Monday.

Jess: Have a good hump day is right way. 

Clayton: What you think about that Rob? What’s your verdict for Wednesday?

Rob: I thought it was beautifully explained. But I also thought it was bull. 

Serving To The Helpless

I think there are these negative feelings the come to surface Iike weeds in fresh garden of thought. I know I’m not perfect, I get down, I get tired of not getting the things I want. Maybe it’s the growth or the progress that I can’t see and that ultimately bothers me. Yet, I can honestly say that there are road blocks and perception changes along the way and I am only human. I can only take this opportunity day by day.

If I’m not seeing the growth then I’m missing the big picture. Of course I’m growing, I am thriving because I have an idea and I am going to follow through on it. I want the things I want. Their only already where I placed them. Even though the progress isn’t visible, the energy is in the possibility.

We need help and there is always something someone else can teach us. The concept of learning is constant, I can only be open to what energy comes my way.  I must remember that I have the resources within that will never fail to be present in this adventure brewing. I have to make big decisions and do research about what is out there for me to try. I know this is cliche but you only live once. Do something that will make a difference. No matter how insane or tremendous, it is what we can learn from and use to progress. The stress of life is only the time before you can articulate the right motion in the world. Everything else pretty much falls into place. Not really, we take on the next challenge and decide if we want to grow from it.

Be great in the time you are blessed with.

Hungover From The Weekend… Part One…

(Clayton, Jess, and Rob are drinking coffee in the kitchen.) 

Clayton: I have had my fair of weekend adventures and I’ve recupirated from those times but this Monday is going to be the worst. 

Jess: I just wanted to stay in bed this morning. Why is that Monday is just one big slap in the face?

Rob: Hey, speak for yourself. My Monday is going to rock. I see this day as only a new window to which I can open. I mean why be miserable for something that is invitable. Take your best shot Monday, I will be ready to play.

Clayton: Maybe I did party a little too much this weekend, I’m not my usual chipper self. But I do always feel like it is a drag only because it is a Monday. We build momentum and use strong energy for the weekend, yet Monday has more force and majority of the time it is a much heavier dose of reality.

Rob: You know, I’ve tried to symbolically cut ties with the calendar over the years and so I know that Monday is like any other day. Heck, I could argue that Friday is more threatening than Monday.

Jess: Friday? What could you have bad to say about Friday? I love me a Friday. 


Rob: Chanting it, won’t make it come any quicker. And plus not every Friday is a homerun. Fridays have not always ended well. I mean just this past Friday, I got stuck playing taxi for my cousin. Driving around all hours of the night, I end up sleeping late Saturday morning, same for Sunday. It just seems like Friday determines how things can go.

Clayton: Damn you, Rob you make a good point. I think Friday can be so epic and exciting that it does tire you out. And then your trying to catch up all weekend. No wonder why I’m exhausted.

Jess: Fridays are like an appetizer to me. I enjoy my snack but I’m ready for Saturday. I want my burger. I don’t know what the hell you guys are doing with your Friday night?

Something About Nothing… Part Three…

(Jess and Felix are getting tea)

Jess: So, what’s new with you? Clayton mentioned something about you being some wellness guru now? 

Felix: I had some weird breakthrough, I’m seeing things totally different. I mean, I’m still me but I want to be better, know what I mean…

Jess: I see you in a new light, but what triggered this change, because I’m also accustomed to the grinch you give us. 

Felix: I read an article that just got me thinking about the state of my life. It seemed that maybe I could be doing more with my time. So I had to just try and get to the core of existence. I mean I know I’m breathing, but am I really living life?

Jess: I totally get you what your asking, and maybe life itself can be a representation of that question, because once it’s over, the time matters. Our time matters regardless but appreciating the opportunity to live life, almost matters more. If that makes any sense…

Felix: So before it was being happy only because I was stimulating myself with possessions, but now, I want to be happy in it’s highest form. I want to be happy off my own resources. 

Jess: You want to be an organic Felix. I support that homeboy. 

(Rob and Clayton join the two at the table.)

Jess: Hey guys! Sit, sit. Felix is just talking about his enlightened transition to manhood. What are you guys up too?

Rob: We came to rock the tea party. 

Clayton: Yeah, what’s all this fuss about, tea. But I do like cinnamon tea, so I guess tea is cool. I have your back on whatever journey to happiness your on. Safe travels brother. Send me a post card when you get there. 

Felix: I’m already there my friend. 

Clayton: Then don’t forget my postcard.

Rob: Hey Felix, your going to need to send me the link to that article, or the name of the journal?

Jess: Yeah where did you find this article? I might want to read it as well. 
Felix: I got it in Cosmo

Rob: Cosmo Science?

Jess: Cosmopolitan! The magazine for women! 

Rob: All this persuit to happiness is because of an article you read in a female geared magazine called Cosmopolitan?  

Clayton: All this truly happy talk is really gossip and fashion. You had the nerve to question my own state of wellness. You truly are an idiot. 

Jess: Who was on the cover?

Goodnight Soon

My worst enemy is sleep and even though I need it, I don’t want to embrace the calm before the dream, storming over my mental habitat. It was suddenly dark and the moments that were, are now the last memories before I was out. Gone with the sheep and left out to roam the pasture of doom. I see nothing and everything, all in all, those seconds of my life are unexplained.

The stars are in the neighborhood, I can see them through the window in my room.