Something About Nothing… Part Three…

(Jess and Felix are getting tea)

Jess: So, what’s new with you? Clayton mentioned something about you being some wellness guru now? 

Felix: I had some weird breakthrough, I’m seeing things totally different. I mean, I’m still me but I want to be better, know what I mean…

Jess: I see you in a new light, but what triggered this change, because I’m also accustomed to the grinch you give us. 

Felix: I read an article that just got me thinking about the state of my life. It seemed that maybe I could be doing more with my time. So I had to just try and get to the core of existence. I mean I know I’m breathing, but am I really living life?

Jess: I totally get you what your asking, and maybe life itself can be a representation of that question, because once it’s over, the time matters. Our time matters regardless but appreciating the opportunity to live life, almost matters more. If that makes any sense…

Felix: So before it was being happy only because I was stimulating myself with possessions, but now, I want to be happy in it’s highest form. I want to be happy off my own resources. 

Jess: You want to be an organic Felix. I support that homeboy. 

(Rob and Clayton join the two at the table.)

Jess: Hey guys! Sit, sit. Felix is just talking about his enlightened transition to manhood. What are you guys up too?

Rob: We came to rock the tea party. 

Clayton: Yeah, what’s all this fuss about, tea. But I do like cinnamon tea, so I guess tea is cool. I have your back on whatever journey to happiness your on. Safe travels brother. Send me a post card when you get there. 

Felix: I’m already there my friend. 

Clayton: Then don’t forget my postcard.

Rob: Hey Felix, your going to need to send me the link to that article, or the name of the journal?

Jess: Yeah where did you find this article? I might want to read it as well. 
Felix: I got it in Cosmo

Rob: Cosmo Science?

Jess: Cosmopolitan! The magazine for women! 

Rob: All this persuit to happiness is because of an article you read in a female geared magazine called Cosmopolitan?  

Clayton: All this truly happy talk is really gossip and fashion. You had the nerve to question my own state of wellness. You truly are an idiot. 

Jess: Who was on the cover?


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

One thought on “Something About Nothing… Part Three…”

  1. Ah! Haha that ending, I love it. Who was on the cover. The things that matter to some people aren’t always what matters to others. All this something about nothing is turning into something for everyone!

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