Hungover From The Weekend… Part Three…

(The gang is still sitting at the table getting a second round of coffee)

Rob: I am going throw this out there and you guys can take it or leave it, but I already mentioned that the element of the calendar was a distraction for me, and that I needed to get it out of my life. I still roam it’s hallways but I am not a member. 

And I never wanted to be the super intelligent one of the group giving you guys advice on living and telling you how to be a better person with yoga, but the simple fact that Monday is the same as Friday depending on your mindset.

Therefore the Monday blues are only optional for people to have. The misery is an illusion and the Friday hype is just a hype, not always real. 

Clayton: I may not have the brain capacity of Rob but I do know that majority of the people are on a Monday through Friday schedule. Regardless if we want to be included or not, we just have it in our lives. It almost connects me to every stranger and celebrity. 

You do make valid points and having each day be almost the same is cool too. Yet Saturday and Sunday are just different. The feel of the weekend days are a mental power break. We shut down, we refresh. So even though ideally treating each day like it is the same day works, communativley it is not true. We are experiencing a space of rest from the Monday to Friday run. 

Jess: So what your saying is that I can make a Monday a Friday and turn a Friday into a Monday all in one week. I do love a long Saturday morning.

Felix: Yes, the weekend is the greatest thing in my life but maybe the fact that Monday is leaving the weekend and Friday is entering the two day adventure, yeah Friday will always be the more favorable day. 

Jess: Yeah Friday is the preview for the weekend and Monday is like the ending credits of the movie. No one wants to read all that.

Rob: So maybe I can treat all my days the same and distinguish nothing between them to have me dislike one day more than the other. I might have the ability to do that, but the way you guys talk about the weekend is like a paradise I know nothing about?

Felix: Imagine a long road, a highway to the heavens, I don’t know a freeway that is just running forever. Your going to come across these rest areas, rest stops. You don’t need to stop, but you been driving for a while. Why not take a break and maybe get a snack, see the lay of the land. Rest. 

The weekend is society’s rest stop. 

Clayton: Amen Brother. 

Jess: Okay, the weekend is wonderful but I could make a similar argument that the feel of a Thursday or a Monday can surpass the joy of the weekend.

Clayton: Keep going.

Jess: Having that information, any day can be a weekend, so why not treat everyday the same if that excitement is possible?

Clayton: Almost like even the names of the days have certain powers. Well, powers that you could give them.

Felix: All I know is that none of this conversation helps the fact that Mondays suck. 


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

2 thoughts on “Hungover From The Weekend… Part Three…”

  1. Felix nailed it at the end! Hahaha I agree with the group, Friday or Monday, each is up to the individual and how they pursue the day. Everyday is a holiday for me!

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