Guitar Heros… Part 2…

(The gang is still discussing music.)

Felix: What about you guys? Who is your favorite guitar player and why we should nominated them for this imaginary award shindig?

Clayton: Where is the ceremony being held this year Felix?

Felix: Reno! But let’s not get off topic.

Jess: I would have to say Dimebag Darrell. He was like the John Lennon  of my generation. I mean he was fucken amazing at soloing, and he was always representing metal.

You know like John Lennon was taken from life when he still had much to give and I think the same way for Dimebag. The world lost a something special, it wasn’t the same when they left.

Felix: I can’t argue that answer and I had seen him play with Damageplan that same tour when he got shot. You know it’s so hard to see these guitar gods do things outside of what we know they’re great at, side projects or solo stuff, these individuals needs other outlets. 

I was freaked out seeing him play not Pantera songs and he was having a fun time. There was rejuvination in the air and like you said he was always holding it down for the heaviness. Great guitar player. Rob?

Rob: Jimmy Page, easily is just a guitar guru. I mean there is so many riffs and solos this guy has written, the solos and riffs in stairway to heaven are out of this world. That tone or sound Page crafted with his guitar, it was like my soul was being lifted by the strings.

The thing about the guitar solo is that it’s like a song within a song, the guitar solo just transforms a song. Jimmy Page was like communicating with the noises and his axe was preaching in the sounds.

Felix: Jimmy Page lost me when he did that song with Puff Daddy for the Gozilla soundtrack. They just ruined that Zepplin tune for me, I was not impressed.

Clayton: Hey the dude has to feed his family. Let P Diddy dance to that riff all he wants. Atleast he’s getting paid brother.

Jess: Damn Diddy did the silly dance on some classic jams. I can’t decide if I’m ok with that but do your thing too Puff.

Felix: Puffy ain’t play guitar so why we talking about him. 

Jess: I think that can be another topic. Which hip-hop pop artist/song has the best guitars or guitar players?

Felix: Not Puff Daddy.

Rob: The Michael Jackson song Beat It has Eddie Van Halen playing the iconic guitar lick. That little cool solo at the end. Man, they mixed that track superb.  

Jess: You know I think Lauryn Hill is my choice, just because she held it down with the Fuggee’s being a singer/rapper. But she also can rock the guitar. How many rappers able to just breakout a classical guitar and own it? She is a guitar player.

Clayton: The Aerosmith and Run DMC song Walk This Way comes to mind first. But I always thought the Beastie Boys used the guitar to give them a alternative sound.

Felix: He played guitars on the track but  he did the vocals as well. Lil’ Wayne On Fire is just an awesome track. He samples the song from Scarface but he turns it into this guitar universe. I know it’s not just Wayne but he has great producers and they killed that track.

Clayton: I propose we take a shot to anyone that has ever picked up a guitar and made it their own. 

Rob: I’ll drink to that. 

Clayton: Hey Felix you think any of our Guitar Heros will show up to the showcase.
Felix: If we book them they will come.

Jess: Ok we’re cutting off Felix.


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