Come Find Me In The Future

I thought it was a scam, I had money to blow, I didn’t care. I thought it was some amusement park. I never thought this was possible, but fuck, here I am on earth centuries after the millennium.

I am in the year 2208, on the planet earth. Do they still consider this earth, eventhough half the planet is gone.  And cement debri is holding our weight as we lose touch with the Sun. It’s a more darker time, most rarely sleep and if they do its just for a few minutes. 

The people have computers installed into them once they are ready to enter the job force. As infants the have chips planted in their head. They are just cameras that can be manipulated at anytime. 

When the planet exploded, a group of Aliens helped stabilize the Earth’s orbit. We are drifting from the sun but the spacecraft the Aliens engineered keeps Earth semi intact. In return the Aliens demanded that they also help govern the humans. This only meant that they could turn us to slaves if pervoked. They dump their old robots and strange creatures on earth to deal with. It’s not what it was.

Time travel is possible but this isn’t our future, this is our demise.

I need to get back to the present and warn somebody. I need to warn everyone. How the hell do I get back. I know I’m on a time limit but how will I get back in contact with the machine. 

They told me that they would contact me in the future. I didn’t want to see earth like this, an aliens dumpster, pretty much. If I’m able to get to the present can I do anything to stop this from happening. 

This time traveling business is no joke, so because I’ve seen my future, does that now mean I’m bound to it. Can it be fixed or improved, what could have prevented this state. Is it invitable, these things I see and know. Was I better off in the dark because this is something I feel is my problem.

I just need to stay quiet and not bring any attention my way. They give the people updates every month like a check up and if they find out I’m not in the system, there might be trouble. 

To be continued…


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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