A Winter Cumbia Christmas Part Three…

While Franky, Jerome, and Tyrone practice their cumbia moves, Preston is already at the dance waiting.

Preston: Hey has anybody seen Franky? I knew he would be a no-show. 

Ruby: He could still make it.

Preston: The contest is going to start any minute now. I got this cumbia contest in the bag.

Ruby: am I invisible? Hello Preston, your going to have to beat me first, I want to win too. In fact I want to win that trophy, more than you. So I just want to apologize in advance because you been a pain in my side all day, and now I just want that trophy to make you sad.

Preston: That’s my trophy. You would take my trophy away from me?

Ruby: I am not taking anything away from you. Although I am earning myself a nice shiny dancing figurine screwed on to a wooden slab that says best cumbia dancer of all time. That’s my trophy Preston!


(Franky, Jerome, and Tyrone hear the band warming up in the distance)

Jerome: It’s show time Franky, we need to head to the Piast. I heard the saxophone playing some of the jingle bells tune. We need to go.

Franky: I don’t know if I’ll even make the first round of the contest.

Tyrone: Remember it’s not always the best choice to think and dance. You just need to feel and not worry about what anybody else is thinking. Forget the contest and just have fun expressing your inner you on the dance floor. 

Franky: It’s all in the hips, I need to strut, I need to shake my butt. I need to make love to the air and hop to the cowbell. Glide with the accordion, and swing with the guitar. I just need to be one with the music.

Jerome: I think he’s ready.

Tyrone: I think so too, but before you guys go I have something to give you Franky. *pulls out blue hat and gives it to Franky

Franky: Wow, thanks but I’m not really a hat guy, I’m more of bandanna man. 

Tyrone: It was the hat I was wearing when I won the Christmas Cumbia Contest many moons ago. I want you to have it, maybe it will bring you luck like it did me.

Jerome: Oig, lets go. We gotta go cuz.

(Franky and Jerome run off to the dance contest)

Cumbia MC: Alright we are about get kick off this cumbia contest, I think everyone is all warmed up. The band is definitely ready to get things going! Give it up for the band, man I love the Wilia versions of the christmas jams. I love the holidays, I love to cumbia, and I can’t wait to see what these young ones got to show.

Remember you need to cumbia for the whole song and for a moment within the song you will be in front of the judges. Everyone give around of applause for the judges, and when I say judges, I really mean you the audience, so after everyone dances we will have the audience applause for their favorite dancer. The dancer who gets the loudest applause is the winner and cumbia champion.

It’s pretty simple. No complicated ballots or numbers you need to text. Just clap loud for who you want to win.

Alright, alright, no more talking, lets get this party stated.

(Franky and Jerome arrive just in time for the contest)

The band starts to plays and the cumbia contestants begin to dance…..







Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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