It Was Just A Mission Statement 

There are choices an individual must make when transforming into who they truly are in the world. The richest elements of life isn’t alway gold, a man could have enough gold to last a lifetime but that doesn’t mean he’s rich. There are challenges and disputes, within and with everyone around you because that’s life. With all that being said I need to make my point be known that there are bumps on the road and change of plans will occur too but none of that prevents you from being whole hearted.

No heart, I’m all motherfucker…


Human Ideals And Expectations Examined…

I will do my best to voice my point of view but I also must admit that there is uncertainty everywhere on  the scale. I know I am man, I am human, yet as a member of society, a guy in his late twenties, I don’t exactly know if I am where I should be. I say this with full confidence because I know you can’t rush art and these things take time, the process of life is tedious. Yes, I can spit up lines all day to define this imiganary pickle I am in; the way things work out eventually help me better understand this book that has a thousand chapters in it.

The two questions I get asked that make me feel weird Are you married? Do you have any kids? And it’s common too, I still feel young enough to be unsure about those things is what I say, but unconsciously do I want those things?

So this is my observation and possible hypothesis to the dilemma in my head. I’m trying the see us as a species and a element in nature needing to survive. Even though we are a advanced creature, there are simple ways of living that boil down to reproducing and finding companionship. I can take a selfie and tweet about my day while I order coffee, although how can you measure that to bringing a new life into the world and finding someone to settle down with forever. 

Maybe I’m just weirded-out because I’m at that age when I should be settling down. I don’t know, that’s the confusing part, there is no real right time. Do I just look like a guy that should be married with children or is because that’s what men do my age? 

A Good Friend Passed…

I found out he died via text message.

Deleting the message won’t hinder the missed conversations.

The things we never discussed because we had all the time in the world.

If I am alive please take me to a good memory, sitting on the side of the house. 

Smoking stories and listening to the radio, I know your strong enough for what’s next.

It is myself that is reminded of mortality, the way things turn out and how life is always renewing by ending. 

I wonder if you believe, something in the way.

Night Owls Roaming

I don’t think I got the blood to be an “early bird,” I’m not alway the quickest to greet the morning. It feels like I’m giving a Seinfield routine, there is day guy and night guy, day guy has to be up and dealing with day, while night guy is full of energy, he wants to go out. So night eventually will over and day guy has to face the morning. Night guy sees the day and says not my problem, that’s day guy’s route, I’m only in charge of the night time activities. 

The night is always inspiring, I am driven to create and be up with the moon and darkness. Wild thoughts after midnight; maybe the silence of knowing that majority of everyone is asleep gives me room to breath and think about everything on the brain. I enjoy my time up, tip toeing around dreams in between writing poems and posts, fighting sleep to be more alert. I envy the early bird, the nights of mystery, I envy those a bit more.

Outside, falling star

A billion Suns far away

Hopeful, wishful stare.