Waiting For A Flight…

Great things are coming, beyond patient, the wait is immaculate as I embrace the prime, climbing and climbing. I want that primetime love… 

I waited at the airport for a flight to Cleveland, attending a conference for store managers, it was my big assignment. I’m pretty sure it was going to be three days of monotone lectures about inventory and customer attention. I’ve had this job for over a decade, of course I do gain new information about the industry I work in, blah blah blah.

I bought a magazine to read for the flight. There is hardly anyone on this side of the airport, I sit where I can see the entrance, wing a flight 152. I’m early by accident, I had misread the email, so funny how the unconscious mind works for you. 
*a women approaches 

Excuse me, Cameron. 

How do you know my name? Are you going to conference, do I know you?

You do, but it’s only in a alternate universe. It’s complicated and I need you to bend your idea of reality to understand what I’m asking you. 

What are you asking me? This is a prank, who set this up? Was it Kevin?

No one set this up? This is my own doings, I came for you. Here. *hands him a plane ticket

Are you an alien?

I live on another planet, if this qualifies me as an Alien then yes, but that’s only going to be you if you come with me. The words are just words. Love is love.

We will live together, we will have a family business to run. And there are our other interests that we attend to. Inspiring philanthropist as you put it. We have a life and there are others things we can do, if you board that flight. 

Flight 151, what happens if I don’t go, because this doesn’t sound right, what about my life here, I can’t just leave.

Yes you can! This only a opportunity for happiness, if you take that flight. I will pick you up at a airport that looks exactly like this airport. We live happily ever after. Come on the plane. 

You make it sound so easy, will you be angry if I don’t come?

I have a good feeling that you’ll make the right decision. 

What’s your name?

Bridgette. Bye I’ll see you in the future.

*she disappears 
It was like for that moment Bridgette and I were the only ones in lobby of the airport. I held the ticket, I opened it and all my information was already printed. This wasn’t a dream, or was it? Through the intercom I hear a operating voice speak We are now boarding flights 151 and 152…


Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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