Judgement Be The Eighth Deadly Sin

The world is never figured out and each day is another opportunity to know more and approach the situations with a positive mind frame. Easier said than done because it is easier to blame others and find excuses to reasons why we are not satisfied then admit to something bothering us about life. 

    Don’t get caught up in the fuckery of others and focus on what really makes you happy in this world.  The business of others has nothing to do with our own individual journey to our own happiness. Storiesfrommystomach 1:2


    Lemons R’ Everything

    You make the best with what you got and turn the water into wine, pretty much is what the bitter-lemons represent. The things that we may not want to do are the things we need to have the most care for. So it seems at the times when I’m freaking out and losing my mind, that’s not true, I just need to make the lemonade, and turn the water into communion wine. I’m asumming they they used some of that wine for communion, right?

    Bad times are good times with the great mindset. Storiesfrmmystomach 1:1.

    Year Of The Jackass

    I think our friends are here to keep us in line with a common reality. Everyone has their unique view of the world but there is still this we’re looking out for each other type of exchange because we all know that there is this certain way of seeing things regardless of any weird views of this life we live.

    I know that there are these levels of conversation and display in any form. Publicly speaking, giving a sermon to a large crowd, you need to be able to reach everyone through your language. The words you use are reflective and can only be understood if you take the time to know why your using them. 

    Put your foot in your mouth or bite your tongue, do whatever you gotta do but don’t starve.

    My Time Is Edible

    A daily planner will not do justice to the ultimate dilemma of never having enough time in these days. And I know it comes down to myself deciding where I’ll be. I am greatful to have that challenge because I know there is something waiting to be felt and understood. 

    I think I’m sweet but I can become sour as well, if not feed the grinch is awoken. I must make sure to plan epic meals with my woes, so I will need to make sure I have all the right ingredients for that round table discussion. Food is helping with this time issue.

    Eat good, live good. 

    January Almost Gone, What Are You Waiting For….

    I have been busy and the longer posts are on the back burner, maybe I have so much built up, it’s taking me awhile to produce theses longer rants about life. The poetry is my second nature, I just make time for it, it’s my love. But I do the haikus because it’s simple and not needing hundreds of words to describe the inner beast breathing is fun. 

    This has been the longest winter I’ve ever had, there is just things keeping me occupied and projects to focus on everyday, extending the seconds in the coldness some how. I know they said our planet was out of whack, global warming causing the place to melt but this is ridiculous. Long winters was not mentioned in the pamphlet. 

    I have started my basketball adventure with a close friend, we are building an after school program that revolves around the teachings of basketball. We are having our second practice/clinic this week and I am pumped to see the kids again balling it up. We had about 16 youth show up last week and it was inspiring to see how our program can look. I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile now and you just have to be open to the responsibilities that come with the vision. These young kids are amazing and to be apart of their journey, I am excited to see where this all goes. 

    February here we come…

    If you build it, they will come…