I Got You On Three-Way

I wanted a beverage for the ride home, maybe a soda that could become an ingredient for a mixed drink I would make later that night at home. I don’t go home after work, instead I go to the gas station to buy a conversation. As I’m walking into the store I see my friend Jeanette, leaving the store she stops and we begin to talk about everything.

  • Time Travel
  • New Media
  • Technology Corrupted 
  • Aggressive Dancers
  • Making Friends As Adults
  • Social Media Complex
  • Gender Role Expectations
  • Student Loans 

You know with the right combination of individuals a conversation can go all over the grid. And maybe it does get more difficult to achieve, that same “all over the grid” type of conversation with more people added to the mix. They do say three is crowd, but I thought it was the more the merrier

Whatever floats your boat or stroke you prefer, at least recognize and appreciate those connections with those people in your life that can get you to talk and construct thoughts in discussion. We talk until the parking lot is empty and the daylight has dimmed greatly in the moment, trading stories for the ride home.  I get my vinalla Coke and head out.


    A Thin Line Between Bravery And Stupidity 

    I don’t want hope. Hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless. When you’re hopeless, you don’t care, that indifference makes you attractive.
    -George Costanza

    It gets dark from time to time, who cares? I want to care, but should I? The judgment of others can cause us to be embarrassed or maybe even feel ashamed for something we possess. Why do we want approval from our peers?

    It is confusing to be single and to have others place their expectations on you. Because there is that concept of being all alone, it feels like others are just rooting for you at the big game only because they don’t want you to be by yourself anymore. Sweet thought, but doesn’t really help in any way. Go fix your own problems…

    I love my issues, although not enough to be committed to anything long term. I’m just hopeless like that.