Love is a sickness,

We are all capable fools

I hope you find me.


Basketball Gossip

Professional basketball is such a big world and the players get treated like movie stars. Not every player is highly monitored but in this social media era we have players openly sharing themselves with anyone following. So last week everyone was freaking out because LeBron James unfollewed the Cleveland Cavaliers on Instagram. King James did not want to discuss his reasoning for the unfollow, yet this only leaves us to imagine the worst.

Is LeBron planning to leave the Cavs again?

Maybe because we have access to his social media acounts we feel somewhat entitled to his motives. Who cares if he unfollowed the Cavs, maybe the Cavs posted too much content and James needed to get away from that relationship. How will this behavior interfere with his game in the playoffs? 

Will the Cavs go all the way? 

The Last Of The Grunge

Before the iTunes era us youth were still buying hard copies of music, I collected CDs and cassettes of the best artist. 2pac, Bone, Pearl Jam, TLC, I had enough to fill my growth. It’s strange because music is so constant now, the access to the music is nothing like when Nirvana was trying to get out there and make it. There wasn’t a soundcloud or a YouTube to upload music and visuals. The state of music was different compared to how it is now, the listener never has to leave their house and be set musically. Although a decade or two ago, we actually went to the record store to find music. The internet changed it all. 

My friend Gabriel and I were both really were into Nirvana. He read more about them than I did but what stood out to me about Nirvana was the acoustic guitar. I think Kurt just inspired me to pick up the guitar and play. So we always bonded over the music of Nirvana back in our high school years. Gabriel probably liked them more than me. 

I remember when Nirvana was releasing a greatest hits album, and there was going to be a unreleased song on the cd. You Know You’re Right was the last recorded song Nirvana did and it was going to be up for purchase. It was intriguing because Kurt had been gone for awhile and suddenly you could hear a new song by the group. 

Me and Gabriel were just some kids on Rez and the nearest mall or record store was in Tucson. The release date of the album was during the week and I couldn’t buy it till I went to town. But Gabriel for some reason was missing school that day and could buy the album. I gave him my cash and had the album the next day. You know Gabriel was a pretty cool dude and he knew I wanted the cd just as bad. Looking back the music mattered that much to us, even if it was just one song. We got the cd and studied it’s content.

The cover was all black with a shiny silver font in the center Nirvana. The best friends are the ones you share music with, I’ll always remember that day in school I’m handed a Nirvana album like a homework assignment. Gabriel was already jamming it in his CD player.