Rap Gossip: Extra Extra Respect For Me Playboy…

If I can kind of give you a update/background to this post, Birdman the artist/businessman got real on air. Once things go on air there is certain awareness that the audience in tuned in to a professional radio station. You know off air you can say whatever you want and put in place what can’t be talked about on air. So there were boundaries that got crossed I thought when he told the radio crew to be more respectful when they discussed him. Off air he gave them a warning about the usage of his name.

Birdman has provided the world with decades of music, he helped Lil Wayne get his bling bling. And yet Stunna has been sued by numerous individuals, usually other artist. His lawsuits often get publicized, so we talk about it and I think he gets portrayed as a crook. So this particular radio show is known for questioning his success and motives without him present. 

I always remember my college professor saying that if the person being discussed isn’t in the room then that was gossip. Very true, yet we thrive on entertainment and it’s entertaining to talk abut these rappers.

Once they went on air, the djs asked about his remarks off air. The interview never really started, Birdman said what he had to say and left the station. He definitely got his message across. 

Was Birdman pulling a stunt, you know summer is around the corner and this would be perfect publicity for an album or record?

I think with anybody and it’s hard to pull off because we talk shit, but if someone’s name other than our own comes out of our mouth then we should treat that name with respect. I would want the same if my name was being discussed. Easier said than done, believe that.


Baldwin Flow

I stay up

Because they say 

Sleep is for the wicked

And I ain’t no sucka 

About to lay down and give in

Heart of a champion

My soul born to win 

I’m so smooth 


Just press go

With the flow 

I get my inspiration from the Sun

Photosynthesis on synthesizers 

Chilling out in the Red Room

With my affiliates Visual Doom

They’s my brothers for life

And fuck what you assume 

We riding a wave 

 A sonic boom

to the tomb 

that says RIP negativity 

And all of my loved ones 

Passed on

I pass the mic to great energies 

Above and beyond

How far will you go, 

To really get what you want?


In these dark days, my wicked ways just keep me smooth.

Home Court Advantage

They playoffs have begun, well they started about two weeks ago but I’ve been unable to write about how I feel this year around. You know I really don’t have a favorite NBA team, I mean I’m from Arizona so it should be the Suns. The professional leagues are entertaining yes, they have some great players, yet I’m more about the energy of the game. I think that is why the playoffs are different from college tournaments. It’s a best of seven series, the winning team must win four games before they advance. It’s not just a single win, it requires multiple victories, and weeks of intensity. 

It’s been nice these past couple of weeks because my cousin Calvin has been staying with us. He too is watching the playoffs religiously, we make our observations and predictions about the different series, not ever really going for one certain team. We watch and commentate about the refs calls, even flipping channels because there’s 2 different games on. It’s still the first round, teams are slowly falling into that Gone Fishing category. Remember not every team is going to walk away the champs, most won’t and maybe that is why we keep watching. We want to see who actually pulls it off, we want to see which team has what it takes to be considered great.

We all have the potential to do tremendous things in life; there is a set of rules, a coach to guide you, and a full-court that needs you to justify game time. Play your heart out, don’t be afraid to experience loss.

Go home and regroup

No need to dwell on bad games 

I have another shot.