New Mindframe

The mind collects information daily (thought provoking ideas/natural data) and internally we must make decisions about the outside world that makes us an individual. The way we view things will change only because it must in order to comphrend the place we want to thrive in.

Old Ways Of Seeing Things

There will be change and it does influence the realities but what is it crucial is what never changes. The beginning, our beliefs and understandings of being something real. There can be so much data to process that the original image is not ever considered. The way time works is complex and holding that original concept near will always keep you grounded to life.

Continue Building A Great Story

We each have a great story to tell, an epic tale that is our own life we must live. The creation of life is already a mystery and our accounts of it are determined by our individual actions and challenges. You must continue building on that story as the days unfold, meaning you must live it to the fullest. And maybe the whole story is about trying to get as much done in the time we do get. Speak it, live it, get it.

Shut Down The Computer

Take breaks, rest well, and meditated with tea in the grand scheme of things. Make time to vacation from this working process, it helps clear up ideas and ways of viewing things in the world. Get enough sleep and don’t cheat yourself out a much needed breather.

Respect The Process

There are things only we can understand and things only we see occurring in our existence. There is a method to the chaos we give ourself and always having appreciation for the system helps us develop. There are challenges and obstacles to face yet I must not lose sight of my  way of overcoming these moments. 

Continue To Learn

If I always let my mind grow then I must not forget to stay in tune with the knowledge coming. Taking it in with positive energy and making sure it gets utilized in its highest potential. Being not afraid to make mistakes and testing these new ideas to see if they actually work. Stay open to what surrounds you and always remember you don’t truly know anything.



Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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