I Wonder If Heaven Has A Starbucks…

The Death waits for no man saying brings comfort to me because in life, the journey itself can seem unfair or feel like we got a bad deal. The cards dealt don’t determine anything and we’re so possessive of things abstract, “a good life,” or “success.” Things that have nothing to do with death, we feel entitled to an ideal that is just a temporary situation.

I lost a close friend of mine a couple of years back, this person’s passing had to show me how close we really were. I think for me, I can be so wrapped up in my own existence and not recognize these human connections that matter. I don’t know what happens when the lights go off, I just know that I can’t be regretting anytime spent on earth when I’m gone. if possible.
Pour out some liquor

Our memories bring comfort

Homies forever


To Old Flames Still Burning…

Lately I’ve been feeling like no matter how I prepare for the day to day, the day itself is nothing I can be ready to experience. I just need to be open to the invitation it brings; consume and influence the best energies to better comprehend the long haul. I don’t know where I’m going exactly, although I am destined for great things in the unpredictable world.

I always think about the saying You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, and maybe I’m the stubborn horse at times. 

What Is In Your Future…

The purple scarf danced around her neck and shoulders as she patiently waited for someone to become curious, along the street where the neon “fortune teller” sign dangled for the people to gaze as they walked by. Most wouldn’t want to believe that a person could read a hand or palm and pull out a storyline. What would a fortune teller tell me?

Is it cheating to know the actual future?

It’s like when there is a puzzle in a magazine of some sort and they have a quiz, in the back upside down the answers are provided. That’s what seeing a fortune teller seems like, reading the answers on the back as I am trying to figure out the quiz. The information is unable to be unheard, regardless if you try to change or enhance the outcome, the experience was altered.