Food Talk 1

We’ll who will they look at when you cook?

The shy chef giggles a little when her manger gets heated up with the suggestion of putting up a wall between where she cooks and the customers waits for their food. I always think of my Grandma’s cooking, she made the best chilli, still does. She’s open to teaching us the recipe and we have requested this workshop many times. The day comes and she’s already finished, or already has it on the stove. She moves quick. Don’t get me wrong, the chillin is the but I never really saw her do anything. I don’t even know if she washed her hands, well I know she did but I’m just trying to bring up the concept of having the option to see your food maker, make the food right in front of your eyes.

I mean do you like the see the cook, cook? 

My grandma is amazing at what she does, and I know she’s not hiding any secret ingredient from us. I think it comes down to trust when you get older and have more options on what’s for dinner. I just have trust that my Grandma will deliver, but when it comes to eating at some unknown places, restaurants, food trucks. Where ever it may be, watching the chef prepare the meal is pretty cool. 

I may never see that person again in my life and other great meals will be had in life, yet in that moment of exchange, the customer and cook connect. And that is just fucken beautiful. Sorry Grandma.


Facebook Is A Cockblocker…

There was a beautiful student worker at the front desk of the Latino center at the university. I was attending the free tutoring and had spoken to her a few times when signing in to the building. I identified myself with being “Native American” my whole life, my friend John was the tutor and he would have sessions available. But seeing her up front was a gift for the day, a moment to exchange ideas with a pretty girl. It was my excuse for making chit chat about things happening on campus, that accent she had, I wanted to record her reading from the bulliten. 

I had talked to her so much that she wanted to hear more of what I had to say:

What is your Facebook?

I don’t have a Facebook, I have not jumped on the bandwagon yet, not into that.

So, your anti-social?

I’m social, I’m talking to you and in-person, not through a screen or app.

But everybody is on Facebook, it’s the current way we communicate. It’s what keeps me connected to my friends, family, school. 

I’m connected to my friends and family. Plus I have email already. Isn’t Facebook just a fancy email account.

Your weird.

If you want to find me or poke me, come do that in person. It’s more meaningful.

I Carried It Home…

The things we dream can come true and depending if I am awake still dreaming freely then the actual reality of our existence can be amazing. The things I want to happen, I can make happen, if I believe strongly and am willing to put in the efforts when creating this vision. There can be so many outside obligations or distractions that keep you from creating this dream. Appreciate the reasons why the creation is beneficial for all those around you. Construct a great future and take it one day at a time. 

When Did August Get Here?

I need to come back to my thoughts, I need to find out what it was I was looking for. In the wild world of love and destiny, I can fall apart or even feel fear. Summer can be so cliche for this nostalgic space in time and maybe I was caught up in just the thrill of experiencing Summer again. Or do I just feel a doom of another season approaching. It felt like I blinked my eyes in a flash, and now the moment was over for the July nights taking shots outside with family and friends. Was it worth my time, did I live up to the theory of what Summer means. What determines a decision even years later when we have a change of heart. Are we doing everything wrong only because we know no better?