Drive Safe

There are mile markers along the highway of life. Important decisions that continue to expand and take shape. We must make those choices, do as we thought, turn nothing into something. There are obstacles, tons of challenges that will be in the way, but the road still exists.

The trails we create are endless depending on how much we pursue, the possibility meets you there. There is an internal force already flickering inside in the mind. Keep focus on the path, accept the challenges that come into life’s way.

Remember the roads not there, are only not there because you haven’t made the time to put them there.


Age Is The Issue

I went to Tucson this afternoon to eat pizza in celebration of my cousin Zachary’s birthday. I remember the time when he was just born and Zack’s mom, my aunty Dee was undecided about a name. He was just baby boy, I was ten probably at the time. I suggested the name Zack think I always thought that was a cool names to have, my aunty Dee liked it too. Then there was Zachary. 

He was turning twenty, my mom had suggested we have his party next year at the casino. My uncles response was why not a strip club, they have food there too, food so good that you don’t even notice half naked ladies dancing because the food is so damn good. 

There are these limitations to a person, and age somehow gets you closer to certain things. Good or bad.

It’s like when someone says act your age, I’m like when we’re we given a policy booklet on age behavior, how do you know if saying ‘act your age’ is something appropriate to be saying for your age. How old are you?

I ate so much pizza and hot wings, it could have been my birthday.

Good Guys End Up In The Middle….

What a time to be alive in 2016, I am reaching the end of my twenties and I’m trying to figure out if I justified the time of a wild twenty-something me. And maybe I have lived up to an expectation of the timeframe but now that chapter is ending, so now what? 

It is election time and we are on the verge of having the first female American President run the country. Depending on the vote, it could go the other way around. Our new leader could be an obnoxious entertainer that is all about self promotion and engaging in controversy. You would think that in this day and age a women running for president would have a more honorable candidate to go up against. 

If nice guys finish last, then do mean guys come in first? I think there are people that will take advantage of your niceness, even try to manipulate a situation. Yet I know there are those times when we must be stern and take control of the matter. We are capable of being both the hero and the villain. So what are you?

Note To Self

Outside sipping coffee with the dog, it’s only noon,  I am off today. So, kinda just soaking in the afternoon fall space. I have been distracted as of lately from the blog, feels like months, but there has been a lot going on (in my head) in this time of my life. I finished my undergrade years in 2013 and went into the job world, never looked back. It’s been four long/short years, time has become more abstract and for that reason I’m wrestling with the idea of going back to college, finishing the other degree. I have done okay in the job world, I have survived and created some benfical moments to ponder over for decades. Maybe I should take on a new adventure for the beneficial of my overall experience called life.