An American Song…

We do a lot of driving on the Rez, I mean it’s the size of Connecticut and the roads are all spread out like vines in the desert. Thank god for satellite radio, they got it all, even got stations that are categorized by the decade. One night I was driving home and they were playing bands from the EMO genre on the alternative station. The dj was talking about the eras and what was going on at the time during the release of the tunes blasting in my blue car. I thought I knew a lot of EMO music, bands like Thursday and Taking Back Sunday, those were what I thought was EMO.

EMO meaning emotional, kinda funny because what music wasn’t striking on any emotions? I think it was making a point that emotions are felt but not always discussed. And this music was talking about love and death, heartbreak, suicide, relationships.
So this song comes on the radio and it just fit me. Some band called American Football.The guitars are noisey yet somber rocking the riffs, the drummer is playing heavy and groovey. The vocals are  what got me though, the lyrics are just hitting you in the chest. I could just forget, everything you said. Simple and elegant as the voice in the song ponders on a past relationship. The song was called Never Meant, and they have two guitarist, it was just an awesome combination for a rock band.



Author: storiesfrommystomach

I am from a Village called South Komelik on the Tohono O'odham Nation. I enjoy poetry and philosophy. Hope you enjoy the blog! :)

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