End Notes On The Year…

I find myself sinking deeper into an abyss of darkness. Things are clicking and I know I have a voice, yet what should this voice be saying in this time of confusion. Torn by the perception of the masses and the inner tongue speaking a language only the soul knows.

The other day someone was saying that the universe was in some awkward twist causing the days to be longer. I felt the last couple months of the year, it got more difficult to compose posts that I thought were interesting. Quality and quantity never did get along. I wanted to share my top three things I’ve learned and will take with me into 2017.

Top Three Things 2016 Taught Me:

3. Eggs All In One Basket Might Be A Thing.

The time we have is limited and this year was the start of something wonderful for me. I have a team of willing players that want to play and have proven to me that they are spectacular. Our first practice was in January and we stayed consistent focusing on the game, talking about the possibilities in this world. Coaching has been a very rewarding experience for me this year and it really has shown me that everything I put in, I get right back. The greater the effort the bigger the reward,  you get back something more. I try to teach and instill meaningful lessons to the player. And it is the same content these player have given me this whole year, they been schooling  me on being open to it all. 

2. The Cookie Crumbles Regardless.

I think the cookie crumbling describing this unpredictable verdict was not applying to all cookies. I mean what about the crusty cookie that is a couple of years old, apposed to freshly baked cookie that has fresh indigence and time to be whole on the shelf.  Does any cookie feel longevity? Maybe in a perfect world we don’t want the cookie to crash and burn, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. You can’t be so naive to this inevitable demise of a cookies diving into a liquid. Shit happens. It’s more than a demise, it’s recovering from a tough situation, it’s seeing a greater picture outside of a sweet cookie dissolving into crumbs. We all can fall apart, we do dive into deep waters, yet that obstacle is only apart of the story being told.

1. Soul Food For Thought On The Menu.

Food is good, yet food is also bad. You can have too much, or you can not have enough. There are these multiple levels and balances, we have for measuring the things we put in our body. I’m not only talking about the perishables, I’m talking about the nonperishable as well (The songs, the scriptures, the sitcoms, the advice from strangers, the advice from preachers, the TV, the required readings, the newspaper, the text messages, the blog posts, the YouTube videos, everything we put in our precious bodies.) The things we consume, are they what we should be feeding ourselves in this day and age?  However, they do say if it doesn’t kill you, then it makes you stronger.   

In the New Year stay hungry and be open that what you can actually swallow….


A Cold World; Trying 2 Catch Up…

I’ve been slacking with my craft, something’s have changed and maybe I’m unconsciously avoiding to discuss these matters by not posting anything really for the past couple of months. And even during these moments of greatness, we can still be unsure of who we are in comparison to another’s opinion. I am thankful for family and friends that can explain to me, my place in this world. Life is unpredictable and yet also in waves, I know the direction I have chosen will bring insightful lessons to enchance the future.

I relate my experiences to my favorite hip-hop artist in these times, artist like J.Cole, 2 pac, Erykah Badu. It was the music I admired, the words and thoughts behind the music, that creativity making this music magical for me. I could always relate to Cole because he talked about going through college and having relationships as young adults. Recently J.Cole released a track, it wasn’t a diss record like what you would expect from one rapper to another. Although he didn’t drop names, it was clear to be for Wale and Kanye. The song is called False Prophets, and the interesting thing about it is that Wale answered the song but the two artist were together watching a basketball game all buddy buddy. You know there are levels to life and the growth of individuals around us make change possible. In the song Cole questions one of his favorite rappers (Wale) for second guessing his image for the hopes of recognition that may never come. I also felt that  Cole was expressing the power of the people you get involved with and the critiques from the masses not giving you your props for the gift you already posses.

Wale starts the Groundhogs Day track saying, I know since I got my deal and shit got real, I haven’t been the easiest nigga to deal with, I’m heavily flawed But far from a false prophet… The rapper singed to Rick Ross’s label MMG, has been known to question the media’s opinion of his place in music. But he straight up was talking to what Cole was questioning in the song and it seemed to be more of a inspiration to Wale. I started to listen to Wale around the same time I started bumping Cole. Wale reminds me of when I was in college, he would sampled Seinfeld dialogue, lines of Jerry sarcastically expressing how much his good friend George needing extensive therapy before the song starts. Before his deal, he had an audience, he had good quality music to share. I guess the challenges of success are really mental road blocks we must get passed.