New Seats, Same Lights…

The world is turning, spinning out of control, so it seems with everything I got going in my life. I’m talking about my relationship with family, my job, my career, all the goals I set, my writing, all this energy needing to be put in its place and then there’s time. The other day I was saying that maturity is a guy that creeps up on you now and then and says Hey, I know more than you…

The stage is as big you want it to be, and maybe it’s not even the stage. The responsibilities of the role or person you’ve become, give you that that purpose. That great feeling of loving the moment and loving everything else the universe throws at you is an art. There are unexpected turns, long detours leading nowhere, someone gives you bad directions. And we can only continue to move, to be that self driven person with a passion.

The speed of time is not written in stone, we almost need to see time as a hummingbird floating above our head watching our every movement.


The Day I Tried To Give…

When life hands you lemons… you make lemonade. 

What if life hands you nothing? I think at times we can feel like we got nothing or the short end of the stick, maybe because there is so much not visible to justify the ideal. The goal might be so huge that you might not see the expected succes instantly, the work must continue and the unexpected must be expected.

The day separates 

Compassion runs to the moon

Return to the night.