We Crack Like Stones…

The day felt like any other day and yet it was one that I would always remember. I was actually early for work this Thursday, drinking my coffee, I scrolled through my instgram timeline. Always random commentary on bullshit, and then I see a picture of Chris Cornell, the caption said “Rest in Piece.” I saw the post and I ignore it completely because this is instgram, people post fuckery all the time. I continue to scroll and I’m seeing other pictures of Cornell, all the captions are either saying “goodbye” or “that he was dead.” I had to believe that maybe he did die.

I thought about him all that day, finding all my favorite tracks on YouTube, remembering his music playing in the background of my life. Growing up I always said I wish I was in my lately twenties during the early nineties, only because that’s when bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains were creating this new music and representing the underrepresented. I wanted to see that as a young adult and to be in the heart of what they called grunge. 

Chris was like the uncle I never met, or had,  he was a lead singer that played guitar. The total package, he could rock arenas with a band, he could play a room with only his acoustic and still touch your soul. I’ve never seen him or heard him play live and yet I know this is true, he had something to share. His voice had a rasp and it made the music fell hauntingly familiar. Cornell’s sound made me feel reminiscent and nostalgic, and the truth was I never gave that much attention to his life in depth. I only knew him through his craft.

It caught me off guard, his time was up and yet he had done so much music wise, but he was only a man writing songs. He lived through some tough times and even I have seen friends pass in my days, yet Cornell was always around. I got into grunge late and his life was power for me, he had such an amazing presence outside of the grunge boundaries. I always remember him on the movie Singles, I don’t even think he had any lines either, besides him screaming on a microphone. Chris passing only reminds me to be thankful, and to honor your friends and to be yourself.


Pray For Us

The day starts, and then the day ends, days get swept onto the porch of yesterday’s stream. And if I’m lucky or blessed, I can breath in the air of tomorrow. The different entities, and forgien energies forming waves, coming in our direction rapidly. Voice; the sweet vergbage we can pass onto each other is beauty. What grows from what we say or do?

The RBL Press Room part 1…

KJ Hoops

Reporter 1: Mr. Kool Jack, impressive game the way, but was there any hesitation or second guessing your ability to score against a Gila Monster defense going into the game?

KJ Hoops: Hell nah, I come to play. Wither that be at home or away, Coach at half time told me to turn on the boostersSo, thats what I did. You can watch the video to see what went down when it came to that so called defense in my way. 

Reporter 1: Is that a normal thing for the coach to say to you?

KJ Hoops: We got this agreement, coach and I, I won’t turn on the boosters until he tells me “its time.” He gave me the go and I think I went on to score quite a few, I don’t check the stat sheet until tomorrow when I’m drinking my tea in the morning.

Reporter 1: You give your coach full trust when it comes to to turning on the boosters?

KJ Hoops: Yes I trust my coach, but if I had the choice, I would always have them on. From beginning to the end, hell I would want to wear them answering these questions. Make it more exciting for the viewers, but yes back to your question. It’s trust, there is some trust involved, but really it’s mainly having to do with safety.   

Reporter 1: no more questions.

Reporter 2: Mr. Kool Jack, how did you prepare for this type of game?

KJ Hoops: I meditate, I get in my zone, I have my tea. And then I get lit. I’m with the stars and embracing the universe, I know my actions and well being is in the hand of the basketball gods. They will show me the way to the promise land and the even darker places that none of you all ever want to see. I light a candle and pray. I ask for a great game to be waiting for me. 

Mantras Are Cute….

Grabbing the bull by the horns is what I’m feeling, maybe because it’s May (Taurus Season). Nearly the middle of the year and the change is coming. New energy is on the way, the assertiveness of my soul and the willingness of the moment will be bliss. We have a narrative in this vehement experience called life. The lights come and go, we fall at different times only to know we must rise and be happy to see again. The light, the movement of the universe carrying the time is all we could ever want. Be bold to everything that will come and create a great story…