Live Here In The Now

You don’t know the entire reality of the moment, it requires effort and respect. The overall action (what actually happens) is determined by the energy I put into my life and the impact of what could really be. It’s scary to think that I have so much power and influence on the planet, that my actions will create change. Fear is imaginary and I think that realizing you have motivation to do something grand, the excuse of not knowing the outcome prevents any movement. What’s worse? Being stuck or not knowing the future. If your able to move onward then you can improve your situation. Our limit of time should not be spent confined to another’s opinion or beliefs. True. We help design the moment but the secret ingredient is really being open to not knowing anything.


A Song Writer Next Door…

Have you ever heard the saying a good musician borrows but a great musician steals, there is a certain aspect of the statement that brings up this ideal of individualism. I’m butchering the actual word order I know, yet to me it is describing the process of observation.

We see things that inspire us and teach us something important, I must take ownership of what transpires, the life, the art that is reflected by my inspiration. I am greatful for that influence and those individuals explaining difficult concepts to me someway.

Although, what flows out of me is only my own property, the content formed is original and new. If my thinking is only concerned about thinking freely then I should be able to manage outside resources. The energy is so raw that it requires the mind to be raw, borrowing the good, returning it of course. Greatness is yours for the taking, if utilized correctly and executed in the best time, the impact will show you how great it really was…

This post was inspired by a discussion I heard online and felt conflicted on the subject. So the artist PARTYNEXTDOOR is a very talented songwriter besides being a performing musician, he wrote songs for Rihanna and Drake. But he almost seems to be envious of these other artist’s success with his written work, almost resenting the whole situation. His original ideas for the songs might even sound better, yet how is that related to someone else using the tune and gaining success from it? Art can not boughten, even if it is sold, it still belongs to the artist.